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  • RE: Imperial Palace Briefing Room - Press Releases from Inimicus

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    Imperial Foreign Officer Sarah Gladwell, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade (Bundesaußenbeauftragte/Dışişleri Bakanlığı) Arnum Blauberg


    Re: Reitzmic Invasion of Istkalen

    "The Imperial Government of Inimicus and the Confederal Government of North Diessen, bound together in friendship and need, recognising the right of all nations of self-defence and territorial integrity, yet further recognising that unilateral occupation of territory of sovereign states shall always be condemned, make the following announcement.

    Our governments utterly and completely condemn the disgraceful aggression originating from the Federation of Istkalen, and support the European Commission and Council taking appropriate Sanctions action against it. We support the Reitzmic Government's actions of territorial defence and maintenance of its own stately integrity, and send our condolences to those Reitzmic families whose members will never come home again.

    Nevertheless, our governments cannot, do not, and will never support the unilateral annexation of territory of the Federation of Istkalen by the Kingdom of Reitzmag. Simon Bridges and his government are well-known aggressors, imperialists, and conquerors. The recent Caspian crisis is evidence of this. Our governments will stand resolutely against any attempt by Reitzmag to unilaterally annex parts of Istkalen's territory, which belongs first and foremost to the Istkalen people.

    Our governments call upon European institutions and nations in the region to intervene. The Archrepublic of Vayinaod is a true friend of the peoples of Inimicus and North Diessen, and would no doubt conduct itself wisely and with the wishes of other nations in mind. The European Commission, meanwhile, must facilitate inter-governmental dialogue, and must call upon Reitzmag to abdicate the responsibility of transitioning Istkalen to their form of democracy.

    The Empire of Inimicus and the Confederacy of North Diessen have purposefully been reluctant to intervene in the current crisis, and continue to be hesitant to resort to arms. However, we will use all diplomatic and economic means at our disposal to convince Simon Bridges and the warmongering government of the Kingdom of Reitzmag to abandon its occupation-centered, ruthless policy. To Mr Bridges, we say: you have defended your homeland, now act with respect for those you defeated."

    Signed, on behalf of:
    ARTABANOS: of the Centurians, Legatians, Quaestorians, Imperatorians, Rosarians, Praestorians, and Diutians Supreme Emperor; Our Lord, Ruler of all Inimicians, Supreme Autocrat; Defender of the Inimician Faith; Duke of the District of Telum; Commander of the Inimician Armed Forces; Grand Cross in the Imperial Order of Inimicus; Lord of the Supreme Ordene of Icholasen; PRAISE!

    The Government of the Confederacy of North Diessen, Het Goor

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  • RE: The Banishment of the Barringtons

    Commander Albert Rosenfield listened intently to the Leagoians' briefing, attempting to pick out any details that could lead to the conviction of the Barringtons and their associates. He was slightly shaken up by Cruz finishing his talk -- after a few moments, he managed to stumble: "All clear, Director Cruz, thank you. I'm sure the Imperial Government wishes to convey its thanks to you and all Leagoian authorities for their arduous intelligence work on this Black Organisation. The fact one of these captured individuals is a subject of His Imperial Majesty is indeed concerning. Would you send this person's details over to Imperial authorities so we can conduct a proper background check on them?" The phrase background check, in the Imperial Guard Investigation Unit's terminology, had become synonymous with a full, semi-torturous interview, a complete ravaging of a person's financial, medical, movement, and travel records, as well as substantial blackmail. But this was not something Commander Rosenfield felt Director Cruz had to know.

    "I will ensure the Imperial Government's statements are run by your office before they are released to the press, Director. I must ask you though, where does this leave us? How will we get to the bottom of this organisation, and, perhaps more pertinently to the Imperial Government, how will this lead us to Sir Augustus?"

    "Would you allow me to speak to the Inimician directly, Director?"

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  • RE: [COMMISSION-ONLY] Sanction Request Discussions

    Colleagues ( @Alkharya @Duxburian-Union ),

    As you will have seen, more than four member states have lodged a Sanction Request against the Federation of Istkalen, which, especially given the current situation there, appears to me both timely and necessary. The next stage in the Sanctioning process is a five-day Commission discussion on what sanctions package to introduce to the Council, if any. For this, I require your input. I propose a highly similar Sanctions package to the one proposed for the UNSR, explicitly excluding food and nutritional resources from Sanctions, as stressed by Sarah Gladwell.

    My proposal is thus:

    Economic Sanctions

    1. Member states shall cease the export to and import from the Federation of Istkalen of the following materials:
      Aluminium oxide; Antimony; Beryllium; Borates; Carbon fibre; Chlorosulfonated polyethylene; Chromium; Cobalt; Coking; Europium; Fluorspar; Gallium; Germanium; Indium; Lanthanum; Magnesite; Magnesium; Natural graphite; Niobium; Platinum group metals; Phosphate rock; Rare earth elements; Silicon metal; Tungsten
    2. Member states shall cease the export to and import from the Federation of Istkalen of any and all weaponry, ammunition, military-grade equipment, or any associated products or materials.

    Diplomatic Sanctions

    1. Member states are encouraged to suspend the extension of visas to any citizens of the Federation of Istkalen, except in the case of refugee applications.
    2. Member states are encouraged to suspend any remaining diplomatic representation of the Federation of Istkalen in their countries.
    3. Any further representation of the Federation of Istkalen in the European Union is hereby suspended.

    Individual Sanctions

    1. These sanctions apply to any and all government officials of the Federation of Istkalen, its former and future iterations, as well as breakaway governments or authorities forming from the same.
    2. These sanctions shall not apply to government officials from any interim government of the territory of the Federation of Istkalen formed by agreement between several member states or European authorities.
    3. All assets held by sanctioned individuals in member states shall be seized as soon as practicable. Monetary assets are to be held by the European Central Bank until further notice.
    4. Visas, travel permits, laissez-faires, or other state-issued documents, excepting refugee applications, shall not be extended to sanctioned individuals.
    5. If found in the territory of any member state, sanctioned individuals are to be arrested and questioned -- member states shall be free to try these individuals in accordance with their own customs.

    I will close discussion on this Sanctions Package on 26th April, 9am BST

    Premier Commissioner Dr Walter Cocx

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  • RE: Sanction Requests

    I thank representatives from Inimicus, Ruthund, the United Duchies, Fremet, and Nofoaga for their Sanction Requests. I hereby inform you that the required number of Sanction Requests under the European Commission (Sanctioning Powers) Act 2021 has been met, and consequently the Commission will deliberate on appropriate sanctions packages against Istkalen, before proposing said package to the European Council.

    Premier Commissioner Dr Walter Cocx

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  • RE: Office of Premier Commissioner Cocx

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    20th April 2021
    RE: Failure of UNSR Sanction Motion,


    Before I was elected to the high and exalted office of Premier Commissioner, I ran on a platform of being tough on rogue states. On standing up for the values of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law. The Peoples of Europe directly elected me with the mandate to act against those forces that seek to destabilise and threaten our way of life. From my first days in office, I acted. Together with several co-operative European Councillors, I drafted and consequently amended the Sanction Act, a critical, unified way for the European Union to come to measures that have a real impact on rogue regimes' capability.

    Far more nations than strictly necessary then filed a request for this Act to be applied to the UNSR, perhaps the most salient of the rogue regimes present in our region today, and certainly the one that has caused the Union the most grief over the year of its existence. I thank the governments of Montenbourg, Inimicus, the United Duchies, Nofoaga, and Leagio for engaging constructively with the Act.

    Rather than issuing diktats or predetermining member states' diplomatic rights regarding the UNSR, the Commission discussed and deliberated on the appropriate course of action to take; indeed, Commissioner Birdane was instrumental in ensuring the proposed sanctions package would not target civilian populations, and would instead focus more on sanctioning powerful communist individuals in the USNR. Through this process, the Commission demonstrated a constructive attitude, which it hoped the Council would co-adopt.

    Unfortunately, the Council, which I conceded should be involved in the process of sanctioning, proceeded to strike down the entire sanctions package, partially through shameful obtrusion and obfuscation of Council processes. Rather than proposing constructive, workable amendments, Councillors proceeded to introduce dozens of semi-serious nonce alterations, resulting in the Sanction Motion being put to a vote unamended, and consequently being struck down.

    This is, put plainly, a failure of the Council to work at all constructively. To act against threats that affect all of us. The Commission understands there were serious, worthwhile concerns from Councillors (I note the objections raised by Cllrs Tusk and Odhinazen especially) - which, had these been translated into actual amendments, would have been thoroughly addressed. However, neither Cllr Tusk nor Cllr Odhinazen proposed such amendments, and as such, the Motion was doomed. I will not even mention Cllr Bauer's utterly disgusting conduct in the Council chamber, except by way of complete and total condemnation.

    The Sanctioning Act cannot work if Councillors do not engage constructively with it, and treat any Sanction Motion as a proposed Act. Motions can be amended, parts removed, or even parts added, to make the Motion more passable. This is the way of politics. When the Act was passed, I conceded that the Council should play a large role in how region-wide sanctions should be -- this role, however, does not comprise of the Council simply uttering a Yes or No. Councillors should take responsibility regarding this Act and the Motions that flow from it, and work with the Commission to achieve a more peaceful Europe for all.

    The government of the Empire of Inimicus recently lodged a Sanction Request against Istkalen, a new rogue force on the European theatre. This motion has so far received the support of two other member states. Should the prerequisites be met, I expect the Council to behave with decorum, constructively, to work for peace and stability in Europe."

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  • RE: Repeal of the Condemnation of the Coup in Icholasen

    Naturally, the Empire of Inimicus votes AGAINST this Repeal.

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  • RE: Act for the Condemnation of Capitalism

    Naturally, the Empire of Inimicus votes AGAINST this motion.

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  • RE: Sanction Requests

    Nation Name: The Empire of Inimicus
    Representative responsible for Request: Imperial Foreign Officer Sarah Gladwell
    Request made against: Istkalen
    Additional Sanction Sponsors (if applicable): None at this time
    Detailed grounds for Sanction Request (minimum 100 words if first request, no limit if supporting): The Federation of Istkalen has descended into violence, turmoil, and bloodshed well beyond anything hitherto seen even inside its own borders. Cannibalism and other unprecedented atrocities have taken hold of the entire nation, which recently declared open war against every European nation. It is rumoured Istkalen's military is currently engaging in offensive operations against Reitzmag, which, though not a friend of His Imperial Majesty, deserves European nations' full support. It is the opinion of His Imperial Majesty's Government that there has never been, and possibly never will be, a more appropriate subject for the Premier Commissioner's Sanctioning Act than Istkalen at the present time. The Imperial Government fully supports suspension of Istkalen's European membership, but feels appropriate actions must also be taken against the Istkalen regime. Through region-wide sanctions, applied and enforced on an international, European scale, the Federation of Istkalen may be liberated from its successive, corrupt, and plainly dangerous governments.
    Other details/comments (optional): The Empire of Inimicus specifically requests that humanitarian aid and supplies of food, fresh water, and other basic necessities, are not included in any region-wide sanctions packages against Istkalen

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  • RE: Office of Internal Affairs Commissioner Münevver Birdane

    Press Statement - April 16th, 2021

    Dear Europeans,

    I express the strongest of my condemnations against the nation of Istkalen and its hostility against Reitzmag, Vayinaod and the European Union. The coup d'etat happening there is nothing but radical extremism that aims to bring the nation back to primitivism. Due to the turmoil, I fully support Istkalen being expelled from the Union until this mess is resolved and Reitzmag and Vayinaod defending themselves against this craze by any means. I hope that other nations in the Union support Reitzmag and Vayinaod so both nations can avoid further tragedies. My heart goes out to those who are the victims of these events they did not ask for.

    Take care,

    Münevver Birdane
    Internal Affairs Commissioner of the European Union

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  • RE: Discussion on banning Istkalen European Councillour from the Council and suspension of from the EU of Istkalen

    The Empire of Inimicus supports Speaker Michel's proposal for the Premier Commissioner to file a formal petition calling for membership suspension of Istkalen from the European Union, this being the only correct and legal, as well as consequential, approach to this critical issue.

    Nicholas Benfield
    Empire of Inimicus

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