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  • RE: The Kingdom of Montenbourg- Factbook

    (( @montenbourg You also need to change the reference to Edward VIII in the OP. I've also noticed that you also copied @the-united-kingdom's section about the terrorist attack on 21st July 2011 (which, if you're not aware, UK actually RPed back in 2011), pretty much verbatim except for changing 'Miliband' to 'Johnson', 'British' to Montenbourg', and 'London' to 'Montague'. Once again, plagiarism is not acceptable. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if someone else came along and started appropriating chunks of Montenbourg's history and even your past RPs as their own. I really, really do not want to see another case of you lifting another player's work. ))

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  • RE: The Kingdom of Montenbourg- Factbook

    (( @Montenbourg Your section on Edward VIII is quite obviously lifted from @the-united-kingdom's history - not just the story itself, but the wording of it in his factbook. Please don't do this. ))

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  • Statement Regarding Vladimir Rhaegar and Omnibus

    My fellow Europeans:

    In Omnibus, we are seeing a crisis of unimaginable proportion. It is becoming increasingly clear that our Union must act and ensure that the rule of law and democracy is upheld. As it is a requirement that proper representative democracy is instituted to be a member of our European Union, the clear reaching steps of Omnibus to pay of Senators, propose suspending the rule of law, calls of revolution, and chaos through illness are threatening that very tenet for our brothers in Omnibus. I call on the people of Omnibus to remain calm, for the Senate of Omnibus to remember that they are representatives by the will of the people, and for Vladimir Rhaegar to stop his acts of disregard for democracy. Europe is watching, and she will not sit idly by.

    Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky

    Commissioner for Internal Affairs

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  • RE: Australian News Media

    Leigh Sales: Good evening, I'm Leigh Sales and this is the 7.30 programme. The Prime Minister looks primed and ready to go to the President and ask for a snap general election to be held in May, trying to hit a timetable of a 5 May election day. The reason behind the Government's want of a federal election looks like it would be a way to catch the National Party, struggling to get their support higher than 30%, off guard. The Government, sitting ahead of the National Party with a combined 27 point lead, now looks to see who will win the majority of the left if the election were to be held. Joining us tonight is the Deputy Leader of the Progressive Alliance and Cabinet minister Tanya Plibersek, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd from Labor, and the Shadow Treasurer of the National Party Scott Morrison. First, we dive into the psyche of Kevin Rudd.

    Rudd was Australia's Prime Minister from 2008-2010 before being deposed by Julia Gillard, who in the face of dismal numbers during the general election potentially losing to Tony Abbott at the next federal election, only for the Labor Government to be defeated by Abbott under the rule of Julia Gillard, opening the door for the Progressive Alliance to start to pick off key Labor seats at the 2012 federal election, setting them up to challenge Labor as the party of the left. Labor under Rudd again came in third at the 2016 election and formed part of the coalition government as of now. Foreign Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, welcome.

    Kevin Rudd: Quite an auspicious welcome, Leigh. Thank you for having me.

    LS: Let's begin with Labor's third place currently in the polls, and their status as the third party, swapped with the Progressive Alliance since 2016. You are currently sitting at 12% of the Government's 57% polling. Is Labor at risk of being put permanently in third place?

    KR: Oh, Leigh, what a question to lead out on. I think that we should instead be talking about Labor's contribution to the government. When the Prime Minister wanted to form a formal coalition with us for the Parliament, she had to incorporate Labor's key issues into the Government's agenda. Hillary had to compromise and bring forward Labor's proposal for increasing the rights of workers and unions in pay and workplace disputes, she's had to compromise and give the Fair Work Commission more powers to settle disputes and enforce them. She's had to compromise and not pursue the privatisation of the investment bank, but instead use it as a way to get the Federal Government to contribute to state and regional projects. Remember, her idea for the investment bank was to make it a private entity that took more into account the profitability of the project, not if it contributes to the greater good. Labor has done a good job in moderating some of the more economically conservative elements of the Progressive Alliance and gave Australia a true centre-left, economically and socially progressive government that it needed.

    LS: I'm going to have to challenge you on that. I have the manifestos right here from the last election, and Mrs. Clinton clearly promised that she wanted an investment bank backed by the Treasury. It says it right here, and Labor called for the same thing. You weren't the one who changed her mind. She made that up herself.

    KR: But Leigh, you fail to realise that I'm the Deputy Prime Minister, sitting at the Cabinet table and hearing these things. She maybe posed as a champion of the left, but she took a hard turn to the right initially once she got into Government, and it is only with Labor's Cabinet members and support that she backed down and delivered her own manifesto promise. That is something that we did for the people of Australia. 

    LS: Yes, but how is that Labor's contribution. Again, it's in the Progressive's manifesto in 2016, it's even in their manifesto in 2012 but not in the Labor one that you took to the 2012 election that you lost. So, how can you claim to be helping the Progressives stay on the left if they had one of the most progressive ideas before you did?

    KR: Leigh, we can go back and forth all night. I promise you, when I was leading the Labor Party...

    LS: You're leading it now!

    KR: ...We were putting it to the party; we have a different mechanism to the Progressives. They can just put whatever they want in; we have to put it past the unions and the party membership before it is officially in our manifesto.

    LS: Let's move on to another topic: the Government has taken Australia out of neutrality. This was a proposal that was pushed heavily by you and Malcolm Turnbull onto Hillary Clinton, have you decided that you got it wrong?

    KR: No, but times change. Europe is dangerous and we are looking to bring ourselves closer to our allies and contribute to the efforts in Dromund Kaas. As the Foreign Minister, I've been happy to work with the Prime Minister on our foreign policy, with our Civil Service, and with DFAT specifically to maximise Australia's reach.

    LS: Is that why we have been so slow to move on the Omnibus situation or invite new EU members to Canberra or Sydney? 

    KR: Leigh, you're only focusing on the negatives and not the achievements of the coalition.

    LS: Because the achievements aren't the only thing the public deserves to know about Labor's record in the coalition. The Prime Minister has put her credentials forward as a trading, economically sound leader of a competent government, but as you are the nation's chief diplomat, you are responsible for the fact that aside from meetings with Theresa May and Sam Courtenay, Australia has done nothing on the international scene. 

    KR: I do not agree with that. The Prime Minister reached out to Turkmenbaijan and responded to that crisis much to the leadership that I and DFAT put forward to her. As a coalition, cabinet government, each minister has to fight for their department's agenda with the Prime Minister and the Cabinet and then we take some collective decision making with relevant ministers and the PM. 

    LS: So it's even more important that you, the Foreign Minister, are fighting for Australia's voice to be magnified on the world stage. We're a large economy, a nation of riches from its culture and people to its minerals and resource wealth. You are also the leading minister in the Department. Why aren't you getting on the Trade Minister to get more business to Australia?

    KR: The Government has made trade deals with Angleter, the Duxburian Union, and the United Kingdom, 3 of the 4 largest economies in Europe, and we are ready to get a deal in place with Inquista, the largest economy in Europe. We are the fifth largest economy in Europe, we are doing well. Why don't we look at the economic growth, the strongest of the developed economies in Europe, in part due to our good trade arrangements. Leigh, this is the kind of talking down of Australia that the people are tired of...

    LS: With all due respect, Deputy Prime Minister, if I am talking down anyone, I'm talking down you and the fact that you are not holding up your part of the deal as the Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Australia. Anyway, we have to come back after the break. Tanya Plibersek, the Deputy Leader of the Progressive Alliance and Scott Morrison, Shadow Treasurer up next.

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  • RE: Membership Applications


    Nation Name in RO: The most serene Republic of Fieldneria
    Nation name on Nation States: Fieldneria
    Vassal of Poland (Haven´t met the guy yet but I am sure he will come around one day)
    Map plot requested: The size does´t matter, more interested for it to be located and look like Kaliningrad oblast in former East Prussia. I give the map maker the power to judge how much plots it will be. I trust he will be righteous and just in my case.
    Capital City: Amorrex
    National language: Latin (have yet to learn it, it´s a struggle) but, for the time being governmental structures are using English, Polish and Norwegian. As I am competent in those languages to help out those who need help or advice.
    Head of state: Co-leader Michael Grunwald
    Government: Haven´t elected one yet, need a lot of work to organize elections you know. Also I am not sure how many citizens Fieldneria has either, mostly random journalists asking me strange questions about issues. I just got in to the European union! :) I need a place first.
    Political parties so far in Fieldneria: Libertarian Catholic party (membership 1)
    I have yet to find and read the constitution of the European Union, I am trying to find home and I did´t meet any lawyers when invited here. Only a diplomat. He seemed welcoming and I was interested so I joined.
    Your sincerest servant co-leader Michael Grunwald


    A few points:

    First of all, it'd be great if you could create an account instead of posting as a guest - I can only allow you to post in our RP forums if you've got an account.

    As for your application, please select a plot from the map (link here: - we don't carve out custom plots, but instead give you a selection of existing free plots to choose from. To find out which plots are free and which aren't, go here:

    The 'puppet' question is entirely out-of-character - it's just asking you whether you have an older nation already on NationStates.

    Language is no problem at all. You don't have to post in the language of your nation.

    Similarly, though your nation was founded on NationStates very recently, don't feel like you have to roleplay your nation as being that young. In fact, all of us here have backstories for our nations - it's generally assumed that your nation existed long before a few days ago, and already has a government, citizens (your population on here is 5% of your NS population until you hit 400 million on NS, at which point it grows slower), and political parties with more than one member.

    You can take a look at the Constitution here:

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  • RE: Montenbourg - United Kingdom Summit in London

    ((OOC: @Montenbourg Just to say, it would have been best if you had checked with UK privately before posting this. Claiming RL William's aunt as one of your characters and then claiming that your queen is the British king's cousin is something that could affect the UK's own internal RP, so it would've been good if you'd ran the idea by him to make sure he was OK with it before going ahead. In any case, the UK is free to ignore this if he so wishes. 

    Also, there is no such thing as Italy in the RP. It's fine to refer to RL countries in the distant past (for instance, Angleter was founded by 13th century English crusaders, and Omnibus was ruled by the Romans), but not in the modern day. If you've got any questions, then don't hesitate to ask.))

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  • RE: Australian News Media

    12 March 2018

    Kia Ora, good morning. Here's the top news stories across Australia:

    • The Government's polling has put the Progressive Alliance within the window of governing alone, causing the minor parties and National Party to try and mitigate fears that Prime Minister Hillary Clinton will call an early election earlier than the predicted April window.
    • Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has asked for a European-level investigation into the Omnibus election and the actions of former President Shane Raimi and current President Vlaidimir Rhaegar. 
    • A Sydney man has been charged with the murder of three people, including one child, in an overnight robbery turned deadly. Sydney Police have arraigned John Ferrante, age 47, and he is currently being held on bail.
    • Autumn flooding in Queensland could cost the Queensland Government up to $1.1 billion in damages as Ipswich, regional Queensland starts to see floodwaters recede.
    • AFL season is days away, with Melbourne and Geelong set to open in prime time Sunday, 25 March. The Saturday blockbuster pits Hawthorn against Collingwood.

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  • RE: Eurovoice XXXII: Saint Regina, Icholasen

    A reminder to VOTE!

    To help, @Inquista has made this handy playlist of all the songs

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  • RE: Refugee Protection Act

    I would like to move for an extension of debate.

    Judith Gibbon

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