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  • RE: Spanish - Malboryan Summit - Malbory City, Malborya

    Mr. Clarviu: My pleasure! I was born and raised here. I know these roads like the back of my hand!

    The motorcade ends after half an hour. Mr Clarviu opens the door for the Spanish President, as well as Mr Dastis.

    Mr. Clarviu: That way, sir. We're going to enter through the guest entrance to not disturb the MPs.

    The two Spanish men enter through the guest entrance. The corridor is speckled with statues and portraits of Malboryan leaders. The distant sound of MP's shouting and arguing can be heard through.

    After a while of walking, Mr Clarviu knocks the door of the guest room.

    Mr. Eusebiu: (muffled) Entranze!

    The door opens and all three men enter through.

    Mr. Eusebiu: Ah! I have been waiting in this room for hours! Clarviu, potande, sei?

    Mr. Clarviu leaves the room after Mr Eusebiu's demand.

    Mr. Eusebiu: Volla, Jesus and Alfonso!.. Hmm... That must have been a long flight. Want anything before we start talking about... anything?

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  • RE: Spanish - Malboryan Summit - Malbory City, Malborya

    Mr. Clarviu: Bellacha! Very good! Currently, we are passing through Grenno Boulevard. In Malboryan, Grenno means evergreen. Here, you can see many buildings from the Dark Days period, most of them built by Inquistans when we were under their control. It is one of Malbory's landmarks that shows the city's diversity.
    Mr. Clarviu: Now, we are entering the Vernetti Park, a 100 km² of delicious Malboryan greenness. Many forests and grasslands. Many rabbits that roam freely. Many lakes, and there is a waterfall, even! Most of these are protected and you cannot access freely, as we don't want to disturb the wildlife too much.
    Mr. Clarviu: We should be at the Parlamenta by half an hour or so. It is on a special district of Malbory, called Malbory Capital. It is quite far away from the rest of Malbory, but it still holds 1/3 of the entire city's population!

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  • RE: Spanish - Malboryan Summit - Malbory City, Malborya

    Mr Clarviu: Sei, Mr Dastis! I will be your driver for this trip. Let's not waste much time, as Malbory's traffic is quite bad at these hours. You know, people going back to their homes and all.

    Mr Clarviu, Mr Aguilar and Mr Dastis go onto their car. The motorcade starts.

    Mr Clarviu: So, if my calculations are correct, this trip will last around one and a half hour.

    15 minutes later...

    Mr Clarviu: So, how's Malbory so far? I know this is a limited experience from a car window, but we will get to see more of the city later on.

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  • Nicoleizian Council Election 2020 - NBC Coverage

    alt text
    Stephanie DeVey

    Stephanie DeVey: Eilidh Whiteford announced in the Senate today that 'as per the Elected and Accountable Council Act, Icholasen will, as soon as possible, have an election for our member of the European Council'. The voting system will be 2 part, with the whole of Icholasen voting in the first round which will eliminate all but 2 candidates. In the second round there will be an Electoral College to make sure all the Dominions' interests are represented and this final phase will decide who Icholasen's European Councillor is.

    NBC will be covering the Parties' Primaries, the candidates, their policies, and any drama that happens along the way. As well as this, we will be holding a debate between the final two candidates, whoever they may be. It really is all to play for in this election's early stages.

    The incumbent, Duchess Poppy Carlton-Romanov, has not yet announced whether she will be standing. If she runs for the Party of June this could be good news for Eilidh Whiteford as PCR (Poppy Carlton-Romanov) is relatively popular, but this choice of candidate would alienate people in New Nicolezia and the French South who have reservations about the institution of the monarchy. PCR could be a double edged sword for the Party of June and will have an enormous impact on the election if she decides to run or not. People are going to listen to PCR whatever she decides, and we hope to have her on the show in the future.

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  • RE: Spanish - Malboryan Summit - Malbory City, Malborya

    Mr. Eusebiu: Hello, Mr. Aguilar and Mr. Dastis! I am assuming both of you have landed on Malbory City.
    Mr. Eusebiu: So, a motorcade will be on your way in about twenty minutes. I now want you to go to the third exit of the airport. Mr. Clarviu will take you over from there. I have already ordered the airport staff to clear and secure the exit, so both of you should arrive on the Parlamenta safely. If any of you have any questions, feel free to ask right now!

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  • Spanish - Malboryan Summit - Malbory City, Malborya

    January 23, 2020.

    This is a summit between Spain in The South and The Malboryan Republic.
    Countries Involved: Spain, Malborya
    Host City: Malbory City, Malborya
    People Involved: D. Jesús Aguilar, President of Spain; Mr. Lacu Eusebiu, Prime Minister of Malborya

    Prime Minister of Malborya is currently waiting for Mr. Aguilar to land on Malbory International Airport. Once he lands on the airport, he will be escorted with a motorcade to The Parlamenta in Malbory City, Malborya.

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  • RE: Malboryan News Media

    The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Upcoming Malboryan Elections: Who Are The Political Parties? (Part 2)

    A guide for you to survive through all this madness.

    alt text

    (Rosa, Gello o Blu)

    Hello, and welcome to another chapter of The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Upcoming Malboryan Elections. In this part, we will talk about the political parties that will enter the Malboryan elections.

    A - Malborya First Party - Prima Malborya
    Established: 1985
    Ideology: Centre, Centre-right

    Ruling party since 2008, MFP is a secular centrist party that isn't well known for its radical policies. Many left-leaning people criticize them for this and say they are not efficient enough. MFP, unfortunately, struggles with attracting the new generation of voters that are coming through, and experts say this will be the reason for MFP's loss.

    B - Alternative for Malborya - Alternativ vor Malborya
    Established: 1989
    Ideology: Centre-left, social democrat

    Speaking of young voters, AFM manages to attract them better than MFP does, as they are more vocal on social issues, as well as economic issues. AFM takes examples from other social-democratic countries in the European Union. Their main goals are: reducing poverty, reducing discrimination, extending the rights of the LGBT+ community, and raise the minimum wage.

    C - Workers Party - Parteschiv
    Established: 1997 (unofficial), 2011 (official)
    Ideology: Left, far-left, communist

    Parteschiv was created as an activist group in 1997, under the name of "The One-Eyed Eagle". During this time, they were known for their protests and influential activism. After 2010, Malborya abolished the two-party system and replaced it for a multi-party system. This is when the group renamed itself to Parteschiv in 2011.

    Parteschiv supports the idea of putting the lower middle class and peasants into higher positions, as well as total government control of the economy. It is semi-popular among young adults, who think AFM is "too centrist"

    D - Green Party - Parte Gren
    Established: 2015
    Ideology: Left, far-left (at times)

    One of the newest parties that will enter the election, Green Party aims to reduce the significance of agriculture and mining in the Malboryan economy. The party gets more and more popular, especially among the youth, as climate change becomes a trending issue for the world, as well as Malborya.

    E - Party for Our Mother - Parta vor Mama Anna
    Established: 2007 (unofficial), 2010 (official)
    Ideology: Far-right

    A right-wing party created solely around Catholicism. They are the most controversial party in the nation, due to their anti-EU stance, their xenophobic statements against non-Catholics and Inko-Malboryans and their repeated support for extremist groups and policies.

    F - Party for The Truth - Parta vor Trutt
    Established: 2011
    Ideology: Centre, centre-left

    PVT was created solely around Lutheranism and as a response to repeated slander from PFOM, though they are not as extremist as PFOM. They hold some centre-left views and support many AFM policies.

    F - The Party of Klokism - Parte'o Klokism
    Established: 2017
    Ideology: Centre

    Like PVT and PFOM, TPOK is also a religious party, created around a religion that is only in Malborya, Klokism. TPOK doesn't have a political stance, and they tend to support whoever supports or speaks positively about Klokism.

    And these are the parties Malboryans will vote for the upcoming election! See you next time.

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  • RE: Elected and Accountable Council Act, 2020

    On behalf of the Nine Dominions of Icholasen, I vote FOR this act.

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  • RE: Elected and Accountable Council Act, 2020

    On behalf of The Malboryan Republic, I, Ectsi Ioneli, vote FOR this act.

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  • RE: The EU's Latest Tweets

    alt text
    alt text

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