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  • RE: Spain News Media

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    Alfonso Dastis, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, has been asked today by one of our journalists about the current happenings taking place at Czech Slavia. At first, he smiled as if he didn't know what to say, but immediately after that, we answered: "Well, Czech Slavia is always concerning, even if we have good relationships, we knew they are not the home for Freedom or Democracy, but if the opposition parties and the media are saying the truth, then we have no choice but sanction Czech Slavia with the measures being proportional to the happenings."

    Dastis also wanted to remark the International Agenda of the Spanish Government: "We are planning a summit with Prime Minister Bridges of Reitzmag by the end of 2020 and in the next days, we will be calling Sauli Niniisto, the Prime Minister of Mennrimiak, to finally end the bad relationships and start a new era of cooperation with them. And finally, we plan to meet with other leaders on the proposed Eurorail summit."

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  • RE: Spanish Goverment

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    Statement - Maneuvers Over Adventuranza Strait

    The Spanish Army wants to advice the bordering nations about expected maneuvers over the Strait of Adventuranza and the Cantabric Sea. These maneuvers will last for, at least, one week, with the only purpose of training. The Spanish Air Traffic Control Service has issued a restriction of air traffic between Flight Levels 020 and 040, this being between 2,000 and 4,000 metres.

    D. Pedro Baños
    Minister of Defence

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  • RE: Internal Affairs Commissioner - Angleter Sumit

    "Well, even thought I don't agree with Angleter leaving the European Union, I can understand why you are setting this referedum. As you know, I have nothing to do with the European Council, nor I can tell them how they have to do their job or what should they pass or not. I think, and this is just a personal advice, you should try to push forward a repeal of the Elected and Accountable Council Act, maybe it succeeds.

    *Now, I want to hear about the 'other problems' with the European Union. This is very interesting and important for me and the Commission itself, because we will be able to fix the mistakes. I know it's late, but like I have always said, it's better to solve things later than never solve them. The EACA is obviously a stone in the middle of the way, but I guess there are some other things that disturb you and the Angleteric society. Could you tell me about them and explain them too?

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    On behalf of the United Kingdoms of Mennrimiak, I vote AGAINST this act.

    Adam Karlssen
    Councillor for Mennrimiak

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    On behalf of the Commonwealth of Leagio, I vote FOR this Act.

    Francis Plessis
    EU Councilor for Leagio

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  • RE: Court Circular || The Kingdom of Montenbourg

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    01 December 2020
    Bourgeon Palace

    Friends of Europe, sons of Montenbourg! Today, we heard a clear commitment and purpose to end child marriage in Europe. Thank you distinguished Councillors for coming together to date and end, once and for all, the harmful practice of child marriage across this beautiful region.

    Let me emphasize that we cannot eliminate discriminatory cultural norms and attitudes that deny girls’ rights without the voices of young women, traditional leaders, faith-based organizations and the all sectors involved. On my name and on my Government's name I wish to extend a personal thank you to two young men and women who had this battle won the Councillor of @Inquista Edward Firoux and our Councillor Emma Granger.

    "As 'fountain of honour' , I have the sole right of conferring titles of honour on deserving people from all walks of life, in public recognition of their merit, service or bravery. We have witness this honor in both of you, that's why I have now the honor to propose to you the following distinguishmen of the Most Excellent Order of the Montenbourg Empire in the name of this Kingdom:

    • KBE Edward Firoux of Inquista, Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the Montenbourg Empire.
    • DBE Emma Granger, Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the Montenbourg Empire.

    May we walk on the path of strenght and committment of better days,

    Victoria R
    Queen of Montenbourg

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  • RE: Montenbourg | Papal Tour 2020-2021

    "Our people does the very best, they are unique in our own ways." She smiled. As they proceeded presenting the Supreme Pontiff to the invitees; most of them members of the Montenbourgian Nobility. Present was Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger-Bourgeon; who was next to the Queen.

    As they finished saluting the presentThe Queen and the Pope entered a State Room where they started a dialogue.
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    "What a day in the history of Montenbourg recieving the Vicar of Christ in our lands! an honor, please be seated." Said The Queen to the Pontiff. "I must ask Your Holiness, what good news you bring into our lands. Must say that the current developing situations of extremism in some parts of Europe are of very concearn to my heart."

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    On behalf of the Kingdom of Montenbourg, I vote FOR this Act.

    Emma Granger
    Councillor for Montenbourg

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  • RE: 2nd European Leaders Summit

    Juncker had taken notes of everbody's comments and when Kenith finished talking, he stood up once again to deliver a new speech. Beofre that, he had eaten a mint and drank some water, so he had a fresh throat by the time the new speech had to be delivered.

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    "Thank you for all your comments. Before moving on, I'll add some comments to yours so I will be able to justify or thank you for them. I'll start with you, Simon. I know Reitzmag is one of the most technologically advanced countries in Europe, I think everyone in this room knows about the other countries. But I don't think Eurorail is unuseful to your country. Reitzmag might be turning to MonoRail, I have no problem with that if Reitzmag doesn't want to join, but it would be really sad to leave behind a very important and appreciatted county like yours. I disagree it is a waste of funds, as the European Union is getting the money back in some time and those companies will have to pay the European Union for the subsides. This is not going to be a free ticket for the private sector. A waste of funds, and I think you agree with me, would be building a whole new rail, with new tracks and new trains.

    Now, on the comments on the Green Deal or the or Waters, I have to say Mennrimiak is making great progress as many others seated here today. I'm very pleased to see that Pier E is carbon free and aims to be self-sustainable. That is something we should commend. And about your proposal to host the Climate Summit on Mennrimiak, the European Commission and myself will study it and give you an answer as soon as possible. Ms. Namatatiki has mentined their ban on cruises, which is obviously a slap on Tourism's face, but I have to say that if we all want to save our planet, we need to force business to evolve with us. I will always consider the European Waters and Oceans Agency, but I need to see how many would be up to approve its existance. The proposals made by Mr. Key will be studied on the proposed Climate Summit and I hope you all here bring a list of proposals into it.

    On Alkharya's amazing data, I can't do anything but congratulate you Ms. Elçi and your citizens for the huge effort you are making. Those numbers are amazing and thanks to efforts like yours, we will be able to stop climate change together. About the Waters, what you mentioned is also a think to take into a close looking. We obviously need to mark a minimum coastline's size, to avoid cases like those you mentioned. I am pretty confident that nobody here would annex others' waters and head into a ridicolous conflict, but I hope to push forward a minimum act or regulation to set a minimum area. On Spain, I have to congratulate the Government for their achievements in the islands Mr. Aguilar has mentioned and on the waters topic, I'm not pretending to push forward regulations with an authoritarian attitude, I want to agree the terms and policies before writing any single word that could be taken to the Council. If I write something, it would be just some proposals or guidelines.

    I want to thank Mikaela for her support and also for telling us about her custom discount code. I have written it so I can buy something to my wife for Christmas. And finally, I think that you shouldn't thank me but I should thank you, Mr. Lifejumper, for your effort to get more green energy sources in Leagio, as also for the given data on the waters and the proposals made by the members of the National Congress. I never look bad at water expansions as far as it doesn't involve other countries' waters."

    Juncker drank some water and then went on again:

    "Now, we are heading onto the Security topic and also the European Union's status. The first topic is very concerning, looking at how our current security works. I have been talking with the security guys during the last months and all said exactly the same: 'We need more equipment, we need more resources and we need more personnel.' This is concerning, and it becomes even more concerning when you think that someone could enter this room right now and kill us all. That's why I wanted to ask you about your impressions on the European Union's security and if you think more funds should be given to the security guys.

    I also want to add something else concerning the Security topic. Despite right now we haven't seen a massive terrorist attack in a while, and the risk of one of those happenings is low and I pray for it staying low and not happening anymore, we need to get advantage of this conditions and introduce new measures. That's why I want to propose the creation of EUROPOL. This is not a common police force for every European Union member state, nor it will substitute your current police forces; it is a police force formed by officers from every country to enhance co-operation and to protect the Europeans even more. Imagine someone living in Ruthund is searched in Leagio, and the suspect is dangerous to the Europeans or has done lots of crimes. The Ruthenish Police Force could arrest him and send him to Leagio, where he would pay for his behaviour.

    And now, the European Union's status. Before I comment anything, I wanted to announce my intention to attend to the European Council and give a report of the European Union's status on the 2nd week of 2021, before I leave Commission. But I have to say the status is concerning. The happenings in Eastern Haane, the Union of Nicoleizian Soviet Republics or even the bad relationships between member states are concerning, and I think we should work together to give a common response only to those problems that involves us all. I want to offer myself again for anything you need.

    That's all by now. Again, any questions or comments are welcomed. Thank you.

    Juncker then seated and drank water.

    OCC: Deadline set on December 4th, 20:00 GMT.

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  • RE: UNSR - Czech Slavia Military Parade in Prague

    Communist Taylor Swift then went to the central offices of the Czech Communist Party in order to plan the parade. In the office Taylor saw what the Czech had already planned. 'No, no no. This isn't gay enough. Parades need to be very gay. Very. I want shirtless men standing on the tanks doing press-ups -- and flexing !'

    A Czech minister said; 'but that's so bizarre - that would never happen.'

    'Well sweaty,' Communist Taylor Swift said, 'it's what I want to happen. And Jirluchuz wants it to happen too so...'

    There was a pause.

    'Okay, and for the music I'm thinking the classics. Like some songs from my Album, Red. You know because it's like communist themed or whatever. I also have the Moranbong Band on speed-dial. I know those ladies would be more than happy to come over and perform in this little country of yours.'

    There was another pause.

    'Also my good friend Mireille Mathieu will of course be singing 'Quand fera-t-il jour camarade - the anthem of the UNSR. I don't know who will be singing the Czech Slavia anthem, but I hope they're good. Oh, and also, while I still remember, there's going to be a parade of sportsmen.... into my dressing room.' Communist Taylor Swift laughed at her joke, but there was no laughter from the Czechs. 'But anyway yes, there will be sportsmen and women and we want the iconic song Pochod Rudých Sportovců to be played if you can arrange that, gorg.' The 60 year old, weathered man did not flinch at being called 'gorg'.

    Jirluchuz boarded a sightseeing bus which would take him around Prague. He saw that famous bridge, that famous window, and that famous.... arthouse film studio. Jirluchuz was pleased.

    Bernie Sanders, Imelda Wuaulsh and Zamolodchikova went to the HQ to be briefed by security ministers. The UNSR would be keeping the military it was sending for the parade in Czech Slavia after it happened. He wanted to ensure that there had been enough care to ensure they would have logements and soldiers to train.

    The Presidents of the AEN-led republics found a little BoHo bar downtown, with some far-out people, like Ondřej. Ondřej was around 29 and he enjoyed coming to this little bar, and smoking w**d in the basement. When he saw Elisabeth Avril and Anne-Marie David, he was instantly entranced.

    'Ahoj, ladies.' He said, his dark blonde beard catching some of the light from the outside.

    'Hey' they said at around the same time. Elisabeth Avril smelled the weed in the air, and asked 'hey, do you have a grinder we could use ?'

    'Honey, I have much more than that.' Ondřej replied. He took the ladies down to the basement of this bar, where he presented them with bongs, grinders, and more types of weed than a Fremetian allotment. One of the bongs was Eilidh Whiteford shaped, and had been made most likely in her 2016 run for Commission. It was less than flattering, much to the approval of both the ladies...

    Some time passed in this little boho basement, and the conversation moved over to the political situation.

    'So, you're like, Presidents of some socialist republics. That's cool I guess.' Ondřej said.

    'Yeah pretty umm... lowkey.' Elisabeth Avril said.

    'Wild, man.' Ondřej said, taking a toke of marihaña from Eilidh Whiteford's ass.

    'You know, sometimes, man' Anne-Marie David said, 'implementing Marx's ideas is a real drag.'

    'Yeah....' Avril said, agreeing.

    'Like, you try and give the workers the means of production... And they're like woah. And you're like woah. And then you just sort of vibe owning the means of production. But then, people are like.... The state should own the means of production - THE MAN should own the means of production and I'm like,' Anne-Marie David paused to also take a toke from the Eilidh Whiteford bong's ass, 'stop trying to take the means of production away, gorg.'

    'Wow that's so profound.' Ondřej said, gesturing for Anne-Marie to pass him the Whiteford bong.

    Forin, Devitov, and Jo-Jung attended meetings with low-level party officials to establish ties with their homologue party members.

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