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  • RE: Membership Applications

    Guest said:

    Nation Name in RP: Constitutional Monarchy of the Grand Duchy of Luxemlandberg and the City of Dârtagnon

    Nation Name on NS (short): Luxemlandberg
    Puppet (if so, of whom?): Red Fox

    Map plot requested: 32
    Capital city: Dârtagnon
    Currency: € EURO
    National language(s): German, French, English as official minority language with special rights, Dutch as common official minority language

    Head of State: Her Majesty Sir Hénri Jean-Luc Hubertus Alois von und zu Brichéric-Saalfugger, Count of Luxemlandberg, Duke of Dârtagnon, Earl of Schexbourg
    Head of Government: Prime Minister Angelika Le Krem-Norcam
    Governing party: CLU+SPL
    European Councillor: Mr Daniel Blancfête
    Political group (if any): Green Liberals

    Player history on NationStates:
    My country accepts the Constitution of the European Union (Y/N): Y

    Added, and welcome! A few points:

    Please create an account, partly so people know who you are, and more importantly since you won't be able to post anywhere else as a guest.

    Also, like with Thrynia, it'd be great if we could find out more about your player history on NS as Red Fox (or any other previous nations). Also, is Red Fox the exact name of your main nation on NS? Only, I can't seem to find it.

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  • RE: Membership Applications

    @Thrynia said:

    Nation Name in RP (full, with short name bolded): Halyrdom of Thrynia
    Nation Name on NS (short): Thrynia
    Puppet (if so, of whom?): Yes, of Ichoria
    Map plot requested: 40
    Capital city: Lura
    Currency: Crown
    National language(s): Thrynian (Þrýnuan)
    Head of State: Halyress Miral Kai-Lugandar ka Nyn
    Head of Government: Premier Doran Sarnak
    Governing party: Liberal Equitist League
    Player history on NationStates: Ichoria
    My country accepts the Constitution of the European Union (Y/N): Y

     @Thrynia added, and welcome!

    A few points:

    If you could let me know who your European Councillor is, and what Doran Sarnak's gender is, that'd be great.

    Also if you could fill us in a little about your player history on NationStates as Ichoria (what regions you've been in, any positions you've held, &c.), then that'd also be brilliant.

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  • RE: Regarding the Marriage Recognition Act

    I agree with Cllr Mountain's position. This legislation must be replaced, but in its current form it is basically unsalvageable.

    On behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, I vote AGAINST this legislation.

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  • RE: A Bold, New Vision: United Kingdom - Omnibus Visit in Cheles

    "It is a pleasure, Mr. Raimi," Mrs. May said to the President. "Ms. Petit, it will be good doing business with you Yes, I would love to see what Omnibus has become. The civil war you had was quite a frightful thing to watch from London those years ago, but I am glad it is over." Theresa looked over to the vehicles and followed the President and Executive Chief Consul. She looked around. It was a very beautiful country, reminded her a lot of Ireland and rural England, with a few more snow-capped mountains in the distance reminding her that someone thought it was smart to visit a Scandinavian country in February.

    "Fiona, we probably should have saved this for February. It's bloody cold out here," Theresa said to her aide. Fiona smiled at the Prime Minister.

    "A little birdie on my shoulder said that the UK should look for a bold new vision and set out new partnerships as well as cement our old relationships. I told you it'd be better to go to the DU at this time of year, but NO," Fiona chuckled. 

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  • A Bold, New Vision: United Kingdom - Omnibus Visit in Cheles

    19 February 2018

    Skies above Cheles, Omnibus

    "Do we have much information on Omnibus?" asked Theresa May, the Prime Minister reading her dossier one more time. She was shocked to see it surprisingly light considering she was going to a country as the first British Prime Minister visiting it. She was expecting more information.

    "Well, Prime Minister," said Fiona Hill, a trusted aide to the PM, "Omnibus is going through an election process, so there may or may not be enough people by. It's also a smaller nation, probably no more than 500,000 in total live there. Tumultuous history as well."

    "Omnibus...I remember hearing that Irish rebels and English explorers landed there and caused quite a bit of a stir," Theresa said to Fiona. She said nothing but sipped her water. She didn't want to tell the Prime Minister that the English born King of Omnibus had been a fairly brutal ruler. The plane touched done at the Cheles Airport, and Mrs. May remarked at how wonderfully rolling the landscape was. She could see a man in front of her.

    "Fiona, that must be him, right?" the Prime Minister whispered. Fiona nodded discreetly. Mrs. May extended her hand to the President of Omnibus. 

    "Good morning, Mr. President. I am Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain."

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  • RE: Regarding the Marriage Recognition Act

    With 0 votes FOR and 2 votes AGAINTST, Councillor Granger's amendments have been defeated. I thank Councillor Granger for her proposed amendments and encourage her to remain active in the European Council.

    With 1 vote FOR and 1 vote AGAINST, the Marriage Recognition Act is tied. Considering that there are only two votes, including my own, I will extend the voting period by 48 hours. Voting on affirming the Marriage Recognition Act will end at 15:30 GMT on February 21.

    Sir Edward Mountain

    Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain

    Speaker of the European Council

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  • RE: The United Kingdom - The Royal Household

    18 February 2018

    The Royal Household of the United Kingdom of Great Britain is pleased to announce the official engagement of Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Kent and Ms. Emily Blunt. The two have been dating for a number of months, and will be joining in matrimony 18 August 2018. The Royal Household is proud to stand with the happy couple on their engagement day and celebrate their union not only as important as people but important for all youth in the United Kingdom. Here is to love!

    William V Rex

    William the Fifth, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and of His other Realms and Territories King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith

    Catherine Regina

    Catherine, Queen of the United Kingdom

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  • RE: The Government and the Sovereign

    18 February 2018

    Windsor Castle, Berkshire

    William was wandering throughout the State Apartments and St. George's Hall waiting for the visitor to arrive. He seemed tense at first, and as Kate moved through to where William was walking he stopped and turned to her.

    "I can't believe she's going to do this," William groaned. He looked about as furious as his calm demeanour could muster at that point. "How could my sister do this?!"

    "It's her decision. It's 2018, and we've gone through this dialogue as a country. How are we supposed to keep her from this?" Catherine pleaded with her husband. The staff in Windsor, though sworn to stoic responsibility started to look in the direction of the Sovereign. "Look, if you really want advice, call Theresa. She'd tell you how to play this out, but you know my opinion."

    The Private Secretary walked into the State Apartments and waited for the Sovereign to link eyes with his.

    "Your Majesties, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Kent and guest have arrived," the Private Secretary said. 

    "Have her come through the Guest Entrance," William replied. Catherine gasped.

    "No, let her come through the Official Entrance. We're literally standing in front of it," Catherine said. "Thank you." The Private Secretary bowed before making his way to the Official Entrance of Windsor Castle.He returned not long after with Renata and acclaimed British actress Emily Blunt. 

    "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Kent," the Private Secretary announced before pausing, looking at Ms. Blunt, "and Guest."

    The actress looked at the Private Secretary before Renata reached for her hand.

    "Renata..." the Sovereign began, taking a deep breath. "When were you going to tell us?"

    "It's my life," Renata responded. "You didn't care when Harry was caught ass and cock out on a balcony in St. Dominico..." 

    It was at that point that William began to round on her.

    "This is LITERALLY a crisis the likes of which the Royal Family has never seen. I am the ceremonial head of the Anglican Church, and you decide that you are potentially going to go public with this relationship between you and Emily without even notifying us. Every tabloid is literally chomping at the bit right now and all you can think of is the fact that it's your life?!" the Sovereign responded. 

    "William, it's 2018 and you are my brother. I thought you'd be a little more supportive than this," Renata protested. She didn't back down from the austere and stern presence of the King of the United Kingdom. 

    "Please," Catherine added. "You love your sister, as do I. Please don't treat her this way." The Queen Consort looked at Renata and smiled. "I'm glad that you are happy, Renata. I truly am."

    "Thank you," Renata replied. She turned and looked at Emily with deep affection before focusing on her brother again.

    "We're planning on announcing our engagement and plan to get married in August in Bagshot Park," Renata explained. William said nothing. "I don't need your official blessing; I'm not in line for the throne since you have children. I merely want your respect and good wishes as my brother." 

    William stopped and looked at Renata. So many things kept racing through his mind at that moment, he didn't know what to say. He simply held her hand for a long period of time. Then, manifesting itself from his lips, he said, " don't need me to bless your engagement and your happiness. I want you to be happy, and if Emily does so, then she is welcome here. She can be Emily, Princess Royal, and she will have other titles upon your marriage. If you want a secular marriage ceremony, I will be delighted to attend and show my support."

    Renata hugged William for quite a long time, letting a few tears roll down her face before running back of to Emily smiling.

    "I'm glad it's gone over alright," Emily replied before curtsying towards Catherine and William. William said nothing and strolled over to her.

    "Please, you are my future sister-in-law. You don't have to curtsy before me," William said.

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  • RE: Regarding the Marriage Recognition Act

    I have kept my personal opinion away from this, but looking at the legislation, I can see there is some changes needed beyond simply adding amendments to it, and since we have defeated the only proposed amendments, it has become a debate on whether we keep the law as it is or scrap it and try again.

    This needs rewritten and it needs to be rewritten quickly. The problems do lie with the national institutions and their definitions of marriage and civil partnership and whether it is Europe's place to make other nations reflect marital status across borders. In essence, unless we are willing to legislate for civil unions and marriages to have the same definitions across Europe, which I am not in favour of, it cannot stand.

    On behalf of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, I vote AGAINTST this legislation.

    Sir Edward Mountain

    Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain

    Speaker of the European Council

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  • RE: Eurovoice XXXII: Saint Regina, Icholasen

    Nation: Angleter

    Artist: The Common Linnets

    Song (title and link): Calm After the Storm

    Broadcaster: Sirion TV

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