• RE: United Kingdom - War List

    14 October 2017

    His Majesty's Government will be going through an internal strategy and policy review ahead of the 2017 autumn Budget. This review will allow the Ministry of Defence to make several suggestions and recommendations upon constructing the United Kingdom's defence budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, and it will take into consideration the new security challenges of a long term deployment to Dromund Kaas that we have engaged in as a country and the ever changing situation in the security of the realm. 

    The Rt. Hon. Sir Michael Fallon KCB MP

    Secretary of State for Defence

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  • RE: British Press and Social Media

    Scottish Parliament Passes IndyRef Bill; Westminster to Respond

    The Scottish Parliament has voted in favour of an independence referendum in a vote that split across the minor parties and the SNP vs. the two major UK parties. In a move that put Johann Lamont and Ruth Davidson on the same side of politics, it just wasn't enough to overcome the deal that the SNP made with the Progressive Party and Greens (71 to 58). The First Minister laid out her plans to put the independence referendum in September of next year with the support of Westminster.

    "I hope that London will legally allow this referendum to go ahead. Theresa May has been popular across England and Ireland, but Scotland did not provide her with a mandate to govern, the SNP winning the majority of Scottish Westminster seats. We believe that Scotland will be better off away from the United Kingdom as a more progressive, open society that does not wage war with others in Europe and respects the international community. The choice to stay in the United Kingdom should be given to the Scottish people. Clearly, we put referendum in our manifesto and we won the most seats in the Scottish elections, therefore we have a mandate from the people of Scotland to go to Westminster and ask for the Scottish people to be given the choice. I and others in the Scottish Government  believe that we can succeed and be better off outside of the UK, but we will trust the will of the people," Nicola Sturgeon said at Bute House this morning.

    Theresa May has not commented yet, nor have any relevant UK Government ministers. 

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  • RE: Dikaíoma Stock Exchange


    DCT 50: 3607,39 pts. (+0,24%)

    • the Consortium (CST): 5,692.19₯ (+0.25%)
    • Bio-Anthós (BAN): 568.81₯ (+0.32%)
    • Distribuidora de Telecomunicaciones San Marcos (DTS): 29.71₯ (-0.95%)
    • Arcadia Banking Group Ltd. (ABG): 254.76₯ (+1.5%)
    • Tennyson's Inc. (TNS): 680.5₯ (-0.57%)
    • Petro-Acorion (PAC): 2,572.15₯ (+0.75%)
    • Fractal Inc. (FCT): 558.6₯ (+5%)
    • Abecé (ABC): 126.07₯ (+2.5%)

    Commodity Prices

    • Oil (crude) - 32.96₯/barrel
    • Petrol - 1.14₯/litre
    • Diesel - 1.56₯/litre
    • Gold - 1,177₯/t. oz.
    • Silver - 16.94₯/t.oz
    • Palladium 766.32₯/tonne
    • Copper 7,039.02₯/tonne
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  • RE: British Press and Social Media

    Opinion: Sturgeon's Indy Gamble Will Backfire

    Ruth Davidson, Liberal Unionist leader in Scotland, delivering what could be her crowning speech in the Scottish Parliament

    "Scotland's place is in the United Kingdom, steering and leading by example for the rest of the union," said a determined Ruth Davidson on the floor of the Scottish Parliament during the emergency session of Parliament in Holyrood. Many times before has the SNP tried to stoke up Scottish fears of Tory cuts in Westminster, but now it seems there is a chord being struck that puts Edinburgh in direct conflict with London. Many times before in the history of devolution in Scotland, it would have been an acknowledged fact that the Scots would remain in the United Kingdom. In fact, during the SDLP dominance of UK politics and the first Scottish governments starting in 1999, that would have been the case.

    However, the First Minister has done something clever: she has projected on the idea that progressivism and being Scottish are one in the same, and has found a way to put the previous party in power (SDLP) and the UK Government currently (Liberal Unionist) as bed-fellows. Nicola Sturgeon is masterful at casting even the Progressive Party as part of a London cabal to steal away Scottish money and Scottish powers and subject Scotland to humiliation in the union. Therefore, according to her supporters, the only way to escape that fate is to declare independence. 

    It's a nuanced message, but it is a very powerful one that is working to change the political landscape in Scotland, and while Johann Lamont leads the SDLP, she seems less and less viable an option to keep Scotland in the union. Her uninspired, dry, lazy defence of the United Kingdom is trying to toe the line of working with the Liberal Unionists and the UK Government in keeping Scotland in the union and the distancing of the SDLP with the UK Government has led to mixed messaging, bad reviews, and an SNP that is creeping towards the 50% mark in popularity. What's worse, the pro-independence movement, which sat at 20% as late as two years ago, has now crept up towards 40%. That can only bolster Sturgeon's hand. Why the creep upwards?

    It's both the rise of the Liberal Unionists in London and the demise of the SDLP in Scotland that has allowed the SNP to play the progressive, centre-left card. Despite their record being mixed on ideology (personally, I'd describe the SNP as centrists with a very solidly right management of the economy posing as the progressive left and giving a few SJW's a bone here or there), Theresa May and the UK Government are being positioned as the villains. So who will fight for the union?

    Ruth Davidson. That's who. She gave a rousing defence of the Union which will hopefully jog the 60% Scots to call their representatives and tell Nicola Sturgeon not to go forward with this idea, but she may be the only one in Scottish politics in Holyrood or Westminster who could defend the Union now. Despite some allegiances in this paper, I implore all Scots to vote no on this senseless, divisive referendum idea and instead push for devolution at its maximum levels.

    Alistair Darling, former Chancellor of the Exchequer for the Miliband SDLP Government, political commentator for BBC Scotland

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  • RE: British Press and Social Media

    Breaking: Scottish First Minister Announces Independence Referendum Bill

    EDINBURGH --- Nicola Sturgeon has asked for an emergency session of the Scottish Parliament to consider, debate and vote on an independence referendum bill, despite the SNP having a minority government in Holyrood. The referendum bill may make it through the Scottish Parliament, as the SDLP and Progressives have not ruled out entirely the idea of allowing a vote in Scotland for Independence, which would grant the proposal safe passage while Scottish Unionists would vote against.

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  • RE: Dikaíoma Stock Exchange

    DCT 50 companies:

    - the Consortium (CST) (Conglomerate):  5,678 ₯

    - Illion Security (ISC) (Security Services): 537.89 ₯

    - Derectan Airways (DAW) (Aeronautics, Services): 1,784. 32 ₯

    - Garrigós Investments (GGI) (Finance) : 521,31 ₯

    - Vtess Automobiles (VTA) (Auto Industry): 34,50 ₯

    - Olyntech (OYT) (Tech Industry): 67 ₯

    - Newage Inc. (NAG) (Tech Industry): 328 ₯

    - Kíovas Constructions (KCS) (Real Estate) : 34 ₯

    - Aseguradoras Dytikós (ASD) (Insurance): 679.23 ₯

    - Cyclos Systems (CYS) (Tech Industry): 4,653 ₯

    - Bio-Anthós (BAN) (Genetic Industry): 567 ₯

    - Tennyson's Inc. (TNS) (Retail): 648.4 ₯

    - Gallant Genomics (GGS) (Genetic Industry): 5,367.45 ₯

    - Distribuidora de Telecomunicaciones San Marcos (DTS) (Telecom): 30 ₯

    - Mendoza Group (MNG) (Real Estate): 673 ₯

    - Petro-Acorion (PAC) (Energy Industry): 2,553 ₯

    - Abecé (ABC) (Tech Industry): 123 ₯

    - Fractal Inc. (FCT) (Retail, Tech Industry): 532 ₯

    - Pharmecta (PHC) (Pharmaceutical Industry): 437.67 ₯

    - Pegasus Gas Company (PGC) (Energy Industry): 679 ₯

    - Dos Santos Media (DSM) (Telecom): 5,349.23 ₯

    - Derectan Broadcasting & Communications Agency (DBC) (Telecom): 30 ₯

    - MedSalud Group (MSG) (Healthcare Industry): 326 ₯

    - Augustine Industries (AUI) (Heavy Industries): 893 ₯

    - O! Network (ONW) (Telecom): 562 ₯

    - Derectan Electric Network (DEN) (Energy Industry): 46 ₯

    - Hephaistos Metallurgicals (HPM) (Heavy Industries): 367.46 ₯

    - Weller Family Group (WFG) (Real Estate, Finance): 500.45 ₯

    - Syricus Robotics (SYR) (Tech Industry): 387 ₯

    - Callington Assets (CLA) (Real Estaate, Finance) : 700 ₯

    - Ferroway Inc. (FRW) (Railway Industry): 467 ₯

    - Maxwell Eolics (MXE) (Energy Industry): 3,782 ₯

    - The Good Buy (TGB) (Retail): 2,678 ₯

    - Lyceum Education Society (LES) (Educational Services): 608 ₯

    - Remkar Tech Services (RTS) (Tech Industry, Tech Services): 3,672.67 ₯

    - Derectan Coop. Inc (DCO) (Retail): 56 ₯

    - Derectel (DCT) (Telecom): 367 ₯

    - Corporación Derectana de Servicios Marítimos (CDM) (Services): 75 ₯

    - DerecTourism (DTM) (Services): 54 ₯ 

    - Banco Ploutos (BPL) (Finance, Banking): 670 ₯

    - Targan Family Assets (TFA) (Finance, Real Estate): 2,300 ₯

    - Arcadia Banking Group Ltd. (ABG) (Finance, Banking): 251 ₯

    - Metalúrgicas de Derecta (MTD) (Heavy Industries): 3,668.23 ₯

    - Gartex Ltd. (GTX) (Retail, Clothing Industry): 500.32 ₯

    - Derectan Environmental Solutions Inc. (DES) (Tech): 352 ₯

    - Caja Agrícola de Derecta (CAD) (Finance, Banking) : 456 ₯

    - The British Black Sea Company (BBS) (Services): 728 ₯

    - Olympaseia Aerospatial Corp. (OAS) (Aerospace Industry): 266 ₯

    - Dikaíoma Transnational Investments (DTI) (Finance): 277 ₯

    - Derectan Wine Exports (DWE) (Services, Wine Industry): 283 ₯

    - United Security Corp. (UNS) (Security Services): 231 ₯

    - Kiné Motion Pictures Ltd. (KMP) (Film Industry): 672 ₯

    - Activos Inmobiliarios de Derecta (AID) (Real Estate): 125 ₯


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  • RE: The London Stock Exchange

    Trading Summary - 09 October 2017


    • FTSE 100 Index - 8,245.73 (-0.13)
    • FTSE 250 Index - 23,586.61 (-0.12)
    • FTSE 350 Index - 5,192.34 (-0.08)
    • FTSE AllShare Index - 4,314.78 (-0.13)
    • FTSE AIM UK 50 Index - 6,345.29 (+0.01)

    The major indices were down, except for the UK 50 Index, which showed signs of the top 50 companies in the UK strengthening their share in the markets in London. Here are some of the major international companies trading on the stock exchange:

    • Superior Transit Systems (STS) [DUX] - 97.01 (Up)
    • Renata Kligenberg, Ltd. (RKL) - 75.78
    • 2K Games (2KG) - 30.21 (Down)
    • Samsung (SMSD) - 945.02 (Down)
    • Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) - 246.72 (Up)
    • BT Group (BT.A) - 283.15 (Up)
    • Morrison's Supermarkets (MRW) - 232.04 (Down)
    • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) - 1,532.34 (Up)

    Commodity Prices

    • Oil (crude) - £32/barrel
    • Petrol - £1.11/litre
    • Diesel - £1.56/litre
    • Gold - £1,143/t. oz.
    • Silver - £16.45/t.oz
    • Palladium £744/tonne
    • Copper £6,834/tonne

    Commodities all saw steady increases over the course of the current Q3, with Duxburian petroleum production not coming fully back online, causing a price spike in the price of crude oil somewhat. North Sea oil concerns are also a part of the increase in oil prices. Precious and non-ferrous metals all held strong on their trades.

    Currency exchange

    • £1 = $0.99 (Aus)
    • £1 = K:1.06 (Dux)
    • £1 = A£1.05 (Angleter)
    • £1 = I:1 (Inq.)
    • £1 = ₯1.03 (DTA)

    The pound held strong against the major economies of Europe, increasing its exchange value in relation to the kael and the Angleteric pound as both values slip, one potentially the purposeful calculation of a government that wants to promote exports, and one as a result of a slowing of growth, creeping ever closer to recession. 

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  • RE: The London Stock Exchange

    Basic Facts

    Founded: 1571 (The Royal Exchange), 1801 (London Stock Exchange)

    Owner: The London Stock Exchange Group

    Key people: Donald Brydon (chairman), Xavier Rolet (CEO)

    Listings: 3,000 (as of October 2017); 2,500 UK companies, 500 international

    Market cap: £7.2 trillion

    Volume: £1.3 trillion


    • FTSE 100 Index
    • FTSE 250 Index
    • FTSE 300 Index
    • FTSE SmallCap Index
    • FTSE AllCap Index

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  • The London Stock Exchange

    London Stock Exchange, 10 Paternoster Row, London EC4M 7LS

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  • Dikaíoma Stock Exchange


    Dikaíoma Stock Exchange

    Type: Stock Exchange

    Location: [01005] 1 Stock Exchange Blvd., Emporikó District, Dikaíoma, DERECTA

    Founded: 1813

    Owner: Ballesteros Mercantile Entreprises

    Key people:

    - Gonzalo Ballesteros, (Chairman)

    - Teresa Ballesteros y Aranjuez, (CEO)

    Currency: ₯ (Draat)

    Nº of listings: 2,458 (Jan 2017)

    MarketCap: ₯ 756 billion

    Volume: ₯ 1.3 trillion

    Index: DCT 50 Index

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