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Members of Eurocorps, the EU's gameside military force.

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  • RE: Motion for the Recognition of Montenbourg as a Neutral Nation

    While I am too late to vote, I affirm that the Duxburian Union will recognize and respect Montenbourg's neutrality.

    Acwellan Devoy
    Councillor of the Duxburian Union

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  • RE: Eurovoice XXXII: Saint Regina, Icholasen

    Sorry, I intended to enter before the power went out from the nor'easter.  Power was just restored and Angleter told me that nobody has voted yet, so if you'll take a late entry,

    Nation: Iunio dairghazburiano

    Artist: NF

    Song (title and link): Intro III

    Broadcaster: DTV

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  • RE: Commission Elections, Jan/Feb 2018

    On behalf of the Duxburian Union, I cast my vote as follows:

    Premier Commissioner
    1. Gisela Stuart

    Internal Affairs Commissioner
    1. Chelsea Clinton-Mezvinsky

    Foreign Affairs Commissioner
    1. Vincent Drake
    2. Emma Granger

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  • RE: Commission Debate, January 2018

    Good morning, EU!  I'm Vincent Drake and I'm running for the position of Foreign Affairs commissioner.

    For most of our region's history, we have practised heavy isolationism.  Over the years, we've withdrawn into our own affairs to such an extent that our region has stagnated and we don't even converse with our allies.  I believe that the time is right to break with this unuscessful tradition and take the European Union to the world stage.  

    Overhaul of the Embassy Program
    We have several new friends in The Order of the Grey Wardens, Spiritus, Conch Kingdom, and Renegade Islands Alliance joining our longstanding relationships with Arda en Estel, Canada, 10KI, and United Kingdom.  Few of them have heard from us in many, many, many months.  We also haven't heard from some of them.  My vision for our embassy program is an active, immersive exchange of news, events, ambassadors, and the building of strong relationships between our regions.  

    If elected, I'd restore the ambassador program we used to have, dividing up ambassador duties among those willing to represent us abroad.  In addition to keeping partner regions informed of our news through foreign reporting, European ambassadors should also get to know life and culture in them, participating in their events if desired.  I'd also keep exploring new relationships and opportunities as they arise.

    We have built a region of diverse nations with rich civilizations, intriguing politics, unique heritage, and fun multilateral events like Eurovoice.  However, the wider world knows next to nothing about us and what we have to offer.  If elected, I would visibly promote our interests to the international community through the appropriate platforms, platforms we currently don't utilize at all.  The more exposure the European Union can achieve, the more attractive we look to nations considering attaining membership.

    Participation in a Powerful Defensive Coalition
    Long has the European Union been considered a doormat by foreign armies, nothing but a juicy target when relevant at all.  We have suffered many rounds of huge attacks by coalitions of nations and regions seeking raiding conquest and imperialist glory.  European history is stained with the blood of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to protect our great Union, many of them foreign friends.  What have we done in return?  Next to nothing. 

    Our Union has the potential to do great things, commendable things, defending our friends and all who are vulnerable to attack as we once were.  I have spent much time laying the foundations for excellent working relationships with numerous organizations, such as TGW, SPSF, RRA, TITO, ex-JTF, TSH, RIASF, SDF, ex-FORGE, ITDA, UDSAF, TMO, TOP, SWORD, and Lily.  We have excellent connections and deep knowledge in-house to take our military capabilities to the next level.

    I hope this platform and the policy changes it contains are the right things the EU needs to move forward and revitalize its foreign affairs.  We have so much potential, but it remains so frustratingly under-utilized.


    Vincent Drake

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  • RE: Commission Nominations, January 2018

    Candidate Name: Vincent Drake am Weisshaupt

    Home Nation: Iunio Dairghazburiano

    Office(s) sought:  Commissioner of Foreign Affairs

    Incumbent? (Y/N): N

    Eurogroup Affiliation: European Liberals


    Vincent Drake was born in Dairghazbury in 797.  He graduated Blackstone University with a BA in International Relations and Devoy Academy with an MA in Cyber Defense.  He served as a European ambassador under ex-Commissioner of Foreign Affairs Charley Baakre.  During this term in 825, Vincent established new relationships between the European Union and Spiritus, the Renegade Islands Alliance, and the Order of the Grey Wardens.  He climbed the ranks of the military in the Grey Wardens, achieving the position of Chamberlain in 826.  In 827, he became a commander in the International Trade and Defense Alliance, and currently liaisons with numerous regions dedicated to international defense.

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  • RE: Constitutional Amendments - European Commission

    Who even is my councillor now
    Oh undeveloped RPs RIP
    It's still Devoy

    I, Acwellan Devoy, on behalf of the Duxburian Union, vote FOR the constitutional amendments.

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