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  • RE: Costume Institute Gala - the Met Gala, 2019

    Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum

    Tyra noticed the attention slide off of her antics for a moment when the delegation from Red Croatia showed up.

    "Oh HELL no! Who is that girl stealing my shine?! She can kiss my fat ass!" Tyra grumbled. She ripped off her dress to reveal a different ensemble underneath.

    alt text

    "Jesus Christ..." Heidi grumbled. "We weren't supposed to do that until we got inside the venue, Tyra!" Tyra paid Heidi no mind and stormed over towards Irene.

    "Well, so much for the surprise," Heidi said to herself, performing a quick change on the carpet to reveal her own angelic wings.

    alt text

    Tyra had made her way over to Irene before saying.

    "Girl, I know you are fierce; I know that you are tough. Why didn't you tell me we were gonna do this right here right now? Strike a pose!" Tyra announced before doing several poses a la vogue. "Booty scootch with a tooty tooch!"

    Heidi wandered over to Tyra and Irene, ready to apologise but the desire, the power of a modelling moment proved far too strong for Heidi to resist, and she too began to strike a pose.

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  • RE: The EU's Latest Tweets

    alt text

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  • RE: Costume Institute Gala - the Met Gala, 2019

    Pete Waterman

    alt text

    The legendary music producer behind most of Angleter's hits in the 1980s and many of its less successful EuroVoice entries, Pete Waterman, or "Sir Pete Waterman" as he likes to call himself, is known primarily around Europe for the much-loved protest song Nuke the ECoJ.

    Pete made his way along the catwalk wearing a classic black tie suit with a light overcoat. After posing for photos briefly, and upon seeing the photographers divert their attention to some woman or something, Pete shouted out: "DO YOU WANT TO KNOW HOW SIR PETE WATERMAN IS FOLLOWING THE THEME?"

    After a few seconds, as it became apparent that nobody was interested, Pete walked over to the cameras and edged in between two women he didn't recognise. "EXCUSE ME," said Pete to the press, "THIS IS SIR PETE WATERMAN, CATHOLIC THEME!"

    Pete turned around and asked the two models to remove his coat. They did, reluctantly, revealing the back of his dinner jacket reading in large Tipp-Ex letters 'ECOJ REPENT OR GO TO HELL'.

    "IT SAYS: ECOJ REPENT OR GO TO HELL! Also we need more trains. Waterman out." Pete made his way past the rest of the bewildered press and into the exhibit.

    Gisela Stuart and Peter Montfort

    alt text

    "We're the only Angleteric politicians here, aren't we?" asked Gisela.

    "Well, you are. I'm not even a politician," replied Peter. "But yes, everyone else is too scared of Cardinal Sidhu and the voters."

    "Do you miss being accountable to the voters?"

    "Oh, absolutely not. I much prefer running the vote to taking part in it. I wonder if Sidhu will try and boycott any EV entry who goes to this."

    "Haha, could you imagine. Fucking rock singers doing public penance to try and get 12 points from Angleter."

    "Speaking of bishops, why did you take me as your date and not, you know, Firoux?"

    "Because you know this isn't a real date."

    The press shouted for Gisela and Peter to come over and take questions from them

    "Premier Commissioner, what's on your head there?"

    "It's a nativity scene; how better to represent the birth of a new era for the EU under my leadership?"

    "Is this really the best use of your time? What will the voters think?"

    "I'm not here to talk politics; tonight is about charity, supporting our fashion industry, and respecting the artistic tradition of the Catholic Church. That's why I'm here and I hope everyone else is here for the same reason. And besides, I can't run again next time, so I don't need to obsess over my 'image' or anything like that. Have a great evening!"

    "And Mr Montfort, will we be seeing this costume next time you're in Icholasen for EuroVoice?"

    "You'll have to watch to find out!"

    They continued into the exhibit.

    Kate Bush

    alt text

    Kate Bush was on a roll after a new tour and an appearance at EuroVoice 34 in Angleter. The press called her over almost as soon as she arrived on the catwalk.

    "Kate, can you take us through your outfit? No Wuthering Heights red dress?"

    "I'm wearing all black because traditionally it's the colour women wear when meeting the Pope. In fact only a handful of queens and princesses are allowed to wear white instead; so the inspiration came from that."

    "And what do you think of what you've seen so far tonight?"

    "Well, I've only just got here, but from the couple of outfits I've seen tonight, I'm totally blown away. Great originality, great creativity; it's what tonight should be all about."

    "Can we be expecting a performance from you tonight?"

    "Nothing official, but you know what, I bet you could do with some entertainment out here, right?"

    The journalists all eagerly agreed, so Kate launched straight into the chorus of Running Up That Hill:

    "If I only could... make a deal with God..."

    Kate signalled for the journalists to join in; some of the other attendees on the catwalk began to crowd around and also joined in:


    Kate stopped singing and gestured to the crowd, who filled in:


    Kate finished: "Say if I only could, ooh-oohhh"

    The audience that had built up around Kate applauded as she took a bow and then proceeded towards the exhibit.

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  • RE: The National Observer

    alt text

    June 9þ, 2019
    Article by: Nicholas Alamaldin


    alt text
    Cardinal Malcolm Sidhu (left), pictured in Rome at ðe 2013 Papal conclave

    Ðe Archbishop of Wells, Cardinal Malcolm Sidhu, has called on celebrities to boycott ðis year’s Met Gala in Icholasen, claiming ðat ðe ball’s þeme of ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and ðe Caþolic Imagination’ is “blasphemous”.

    In a Whit Sunday (Pentecost) sermon at Wells Caþedral, Sidhu, a leading traditionalist in ðe Angleteric Church who is known for his sardonic style, tore into ðe ball organisers, arguing ðat ðey lack respect for and understanding of ðe Caþolic faiþ.

    “I regret to inform you ðat ðe seculars are at it again,” started Sidhu, “and what’s worse, I have to report ðat a cultural appropriation has been committed.”

    Later in his sermon, ðe prelate added, “what ðese people are celebrating is an æsþetic, and a stereotype at ðat – but ðat isn’t ðe real ‘Caþolic imagination’. Ðere’s such an irony to it – when you get down to it, ðere’s noþing ðere! Met Gala? It’s ðe Emperor’s New Cloðes!”

    “And it falls, as ever, to us, to point out ðat ðe Emperor’s got no cloðes. Ðat ðeir ‘Caþolic imagination’ hasn’t got any Caþolicism. It’s been stripped of ðe Caþolicism to make ðe people ðere feel better about ðemselves.”

    “Amidst all ðis parody ðere will be an exhibit of clerical dress and relics. Nice to look at? Yes. Sure. But you cannot engage wið it any furðer unless you recognise, as we recognise, what ðese artefacts are for, and why ðey are so precious. How many celebrities do we þink understand what happened on Pentecost, and how ðat relates to what it means to be a bishop, to be a priest, to wear ðose garments? To imitate ðe saints who lived and died for ðe truþ?”

    “Well, let me tell you, if any of ðem did, ðey wouldn’t be at ðis gala. Ðey’d be somewhere wið a less restrictive dress code. Somewhere closer to home. Somewhere where ðe food and drink options are… limited… true, but more nourishing ðan anyþing you’ll find at ðe gala. Yes, ðey’d be sitting right next to you, here, at Mass!”
    “Now ðat – ðat is where you will find ðe real Caþolic imagination. But who knows? Maybe ðey’ll be here next week.”

    Response to Cardinal Sidhu’s sermon has been mixed wiðin ðe Angleteric Church. Traditionalists have rallied behind ðe Cardinal, calling out prominent Met Gala attendees on Twitter wið hashtags like #SirPeteWatermanGoToMassChallenge and #SeverinaGoToMassChallenge.

    Cardinal Sidhu joined in, wið ðe ardent critic of ecumenism reviving his controversial þoughts about ðe Inquistan Orþodox denomination, tweeting: “Paul Craticus is going to ðe #MetGala in ðe hope of finally not being ðe only person in ðe room pretending to be an Archbishop.” He also later tweeted “REMINDER: Ðe #MetGala is every bit as sacramentally valid as an Inquistan ““““Orþodox”””” service.”

    However, more liberal Caþolics, including ðe Archbishop of Palmyra, Cardinal George Evans, have criticised Cardinal Sidhu. Mary Laitpost, editor of ðe Caþolic blog Spirit of ðe Spirit, called Sidhu’s comments “unhelpful,” adding ðat “if Cardinal Sidhu wants ðe Met Gala to be a teaching opportunity for ðose attending, a sort of gateway to ðe ‘real þing’ – and so he should – ðen ðis is really not ðe way to go about it.” Mrs Laitpost called on ðe Church hierarchy to “engage positively” raðer ðan “mocking and condemning” ðe event.

    A number of Angleteric celebrities are expected to attend ðe gala in Saint Regina, alðough ðe royal family and most political figures will likely miss ðe event in an attempt to avoid being drawn into ðe controversy surrounding Cardinal Sidhu’s comments. However, cultural figures like George Ezra, Kate Bush, Apache Indian, Sir Pete Waterman, and Peter Montfort are among ðose who may be making an appearance.

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  • RE: Member State Applications

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  • RE: German News Media

    alt text

    SPD Loses in Saxony, Holds Berlin and Brandenburg; Thuringia goes for Linke-Green Coalition

    alt text
    Minister-President Elect Bodo Ramelow is tasked with finding a majority in the Landtag of Thuringia

    Chancellor Nahles surely saw the results the SPD got in three of their heartland states and realised she had a long way to move Germany forward for her to gain re-election as Chancellor in 2020. The SPD lost Saxony to the CDU but barely missed out of being the third largest party, as the Alternative for Germany (AFD) with its anti-immigrant, extreme Euroscepticism following at 1 point behind second place SPD. As the CDU will have to look for a governing coalition, the Saxony SPD may not be left out of government but as a junior party in a grand coalition of what could be the centre with the FDP joining in for majority would be considered an electoral disaster for the Imperial Government.

    Thuringia produced the other unique result out of the four primarily safe states for the Government. The SPD, which has always had a tough time in Thuringia, lost out to The Left (Die Linke) and Bodo Ramelow, who had been campaigning on heavier government regulation of the economy, linear tax progression, and a call for the overthrow of power structures in a way that would make Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin proud. Coupled with the Greens as coalition partners (having ruled out working with the SPD), Thuringia looks set to take a radical shift to the left.

    The Imperial Government will be feeling the squeeze as it holds on to Berlin and Brandenburg, albeit with reduced majorities for SPD majority governments in these states. With challenges coming on the left from Die Linke and even from its junior coalition partner the Greens, all while the populist undertones of the AFD look to cut some of its platform federally. Nahles will need to deliver on her more radical reforms, including greater government oversight of the economy, and introducing tax reforms to cut loopholes as well as increased public sector spending. That, or surely face an electoral defeat federally that the new Red-Green coalition can't afford to lose.

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  • RE: Costume Institute Gala - the Met Gala, 2019

    Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks

    alt text
    alt text

    "Good lord, woman," sighed a very perturbed Heidi Klum. She was followed rather closely by Tyra Banks, the two being the top German models in the industry and of course were asked to represent the German Empire at such a huge event. Having seen the strides forward the Imperial Government made to get closer to Icholasen, this was both a notable industry event and notable political event. Heidi took her assignment seriously from the Chancellor. She was to be cordial, open and friendly. All things she was never known for.

    "What!?" yelled Tyra loudly at Heidi. "I'm just steppin' and posin'!" Tyra felt the need to pose for nearly every picture possible on the entrance as the two walked in, Heidi pausing momentarily for her photo. "It's almost as good as my beauty skin, eye and everything cream!"

    Heidi rolled her eyes. Tyra was so loud. So...unbearably loud.

    "Your...oh Gott im Himmel...don't say it..." Heidi said.

    "It's VASELIIIIIIIIIINNNNNE!" Tyra yelled, holding a bedazzled mini jar of Vaseline. The petroleum jelly was nothing secret or anything worth more than about 3 marks, but for some reason she kept refilling the bedazzled jar with Vaseline. Tyra held it and screamed and screeched for about two minutes straight as Heidi tried to hurry up.

    "I hope the others get here soon, because I don't think I can handle Tyra being Tyra for this long," Heidi groaned.

    Bastian Scheinsteiger and Ana Ivanovic

    alt text

    Bastian and Ana's limo pulled up to the entrance. Despite knowing the theme was Catholic Inspiration and what not, they dressed as their normal selves. One of the most famous non-royal couples in Germany, they addressed the rather large elephant in the room when hearing about the theme of the Met Gala this year.

    "Did they not realise we Germans would probably not be super into the Catholicism, you know, the home of the Protestant movement?" asked Bastian, looking out the window. Ana smiled and let out a chuckle.

    "No, but it's anyway exciting for me to be here right now. It's the big fashion event of the season, and we'll at least be dressed well," Ana smiled at her husband before letting out a slight squeal at the sight of the illustrious entrance to the gala. She was used to, after her tennis career ended, being what some might call a WAG, a trophy wife for the successful athlete husband. But as they sat on their millions, one child at home and trying for child number two, they seemed unbothered and ready to slay.

    As Ana looked around, Bastian noticed Tyra screeching down the entrance about Vaseline before letting out a roar.

    "Ana, do you know Tyra? Does she normally behave like this?" Bastian asked; Ana looked at the model before shrugging her shoulders. "You know, she reminds me of some crazy opponents of yours on the court, Anci."

    Ana turned and looked at Bastian before laughing again.

    "You don't mean Serena do you?" asked Ana. "Ti si tako zao."

    Bastian smiled before grabbing his wife for a picture for the press. Ana pulled our her phone and began to post a bit on Instagram Story and her Snapchat when she saw some of the other guests.

    "We're really in the big leagues now," Ana commented as Bastian posed again.

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  • RE: Nicolezian-German Summit, Bonn

    The Chancellor nodded.

    "Yes, they would. There are a couple more things I'd like to discuss as well. Going on the environment, I think a very strong message we can send as partners in Europe would be for Germany and Icholasen to embark on greater emissions reductions and joint participation in an alternative energy solution across the Nicolezian Channel. It could be called the Icholasen-Germany Energy Agreement, or IGEA for short.

    "Another thing we'd like to work on is further military cooperation. In addition to joint exercises, we would like to add on an addendum to continuing to work for greater cooperation between the Imperial Armed Forces and the Royal Nicolezian Armed Forces. Our nations separately can do much, but together we can achieve greatness."

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  • RE: German News Media

    alt text

    alt text

    SPD-Green "Left" Government In Trouble as Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia Go to the Polls Next Saturday

    BERLIN --- The Government is not looking confident heading into its 2020 re-election campaign as four states head to the polls to vote for their state parliaments. Despite making headway in the Icholasen summit to generate more economic results for Germany, it seems as though the relative stagnation of the German economy and the perception of increased liberalisation of the Imperial Government is the battle lines in Thuringia. For Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony however, the Government could lose seats to minor parties from the far left including the Communist Party of Germany, Radical Left and independents.

    "What we are expecting is the current Imperial Government coalition, SPD and Green, to be returned at the state level to Berlin and Brandenburg, with a potential that the Greens are the largest party in Saxony and the CDU retaining power in Thuringia," said the Chancellor to the Quadriga programme earlier in the spring. "The Imperial Government is focused on delivering results for all Germans, and that includes increasing productivity, employment, and trade opportunities in a responsible way. We will still look after our social safety nets as well that the CDU and CSU raided."

    It's matching what is happening at the local level, with Brandenburg and Berlin SPD Premiers calling for increased funding from the federal government for social safety nets and increasing benefits at the state level. But as the Government says those things federally, it finds itself finding no allies at the state level. Both state premiers from Brandenburg and Berlin have campaigned without Andrea Nahles there, and the Greens in Saxony have used Nahles as a negative and a reason to vote for the Greens, as they are the "true party of the left" and that the SPD have "abandoned their working class members."

    In latest polling the SPD trails the CDU 31-34, with the Greens on 15% and the CSU on 12%. The AFD have 8%. Should the federal election be held on those numbers, the two blocks of SPD-Greens and CDU-CSU would have 46% each, with the AFD being kingmakers.

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