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  • [SIGN-UP] Economic Roundtable for New Members

    Dear all,

    It's been great watching a number of new members join the European Union over the last six months or so, and it feels like our region has gained a new lease of life as a result.

    I'm aware that many new member states are eager to develop their economies, and make the most of what their EU membership has to offer for their peoples. There's a clear correlation between longevity as an EU member state and high GDP per capita, and I'd like to see new member states get to the same level as the likes of Inquista and the Duxburian Union as soon as possible.

    That's why, as Premier Commissioner, I'm inviting all member states who joined the EU since January 1st, 2018 to a special roundtable discussion on economic development. An opportunity for nations to make clear their hopes and aspirations for their economies in the EU, to share best practice with each other, and to make their voice heard on what more support they'd like from the EU in relation to growing their economies.

    I hope all eligible nations are able to send a representative. The discussion will begin on 26th August, so please sign up by 23.59 GMT on 25th August, although late sign-ups will no doubt be accepted.

    Best wishes,

    Gisela Stuart
    Premier Commissioner

    List of attendees:

    EUROPEAN COMMISSION - Gisela Stuart, Premier Commissioner
    MALFAZIA - Elisabeth Kostinger, Vice-Minister of Finance

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  • RE: The United Kingdom - Government Ministries

    21 August 2018

    The Prime Minister was pleased to receive a phone call from Montenbourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel. The two talked about the Montenbourg-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement and how it is a solid foundation for further cooperation. Though the politics between the two nations is very different, there are many areas of common ground like security, education, free market economics, climate change and the environment. It is good for the north of Europe and good for Europe as a whole to see the United Kingdom, a well established nation, and Montenbourg, a new and promising member of the European Union, come together in such a manner. We hope that this continues in the future and the relationship between the two kingdoms grows strong.

    The Hon. Chloe Smith, MP

    Minister for the Cabinet Office

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  • RE: British Press and Social Media

    Kligenberg Announces Boutique Rename and First Fashion Ambassador

    Heiress Lady Luciana Wentworth, heiress to the £500 million estate of the Marquess of Rockingham and the current President of Wentworth & Co., the largest luxury realty company in the United Kingdom.

    LONDON --- Renata Kligenberg-Windsor, Duchess of Kent and fresh off of her marriage to Emily Blunt, has announced a change of her boutiques. The boutiques, formerly simply "Renata Kligenberg" will now have a name bearing Reveries, the French term for musings. When asked about the decision, the Duchess of Kent said:

    "I have a lot that I have done in fashion, a lot that I have done as a political figure, and a lot that I have done as a member of the Royal Family. All of these experiences plus my marriage to the love of my life have given me a lot to think about and it has changed the outlook of both the brand that is Renata Kligenberg and my designs. As a result, I wanted to rename my boutiques to Reveries, as it is truly a reflection of the thoughts that I have mulled over the last two years."

    The most outspoken Royal Family member, the Duchess of Kent has served on the European Commission and European Council as a fairly progressive voice, the fashion designer has opened RK Limited and has made nearly £5.1 billion in the last year, rocketing it to the top of UK department store chains. As a result, the Duchess of Kent has felt ready to continue to expand the couture boutiques in London, Mertz, St. Dominico, Sydney, and Verington with a new couture boutique opening in Angleter and Montenbourg by the end of 2018.

    The Reveries boutiques will offer the following lines for men and women:

    • Veuve Noir - women's gowns, dresses, couture, and red carpet looks
    • Audace - women's boutique fashions and custom outfits
    • Extase - men's suits, couture, and red carpet looks
    • Prophétie - men's boutique fashions and custom outfits

    The announcement also included British heiress Lady Luciana Day as First Fashion Ambassador, shown at a photo shoot in County Galway, Ireland. 

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  • RE: European Union Economic Data (Spreadsheet) posted in European Central Bank
  • RE: European Union Economic Data (Spreadsheet)

    @Montenbourg That's still a bit too high. A more realistic number would be 20% for your nation. Remember, it's just the amount of money the government spends on buying literal things.

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  • RE: European Union Economic Data (Spreadsheet)

    @Turkmenbaijan I did just answer, but let me try again. That government spending is the amount of goods, services, etc. that the government purchases literally. It's not the budget that it has to run the country. So for example, the United Kingdom's government budget is at 40% of GDP but its government spending/procurement in the economy is somewhere around 12-17% of GDP. It's the second number I need. So you can take a guess, or you can allow me to set it at the default which is 17%

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  • RE: Antequera International Airport
    Application for Access
    Name of Airlines: British Airways, Ryanair
    Name of Managing Company (if applicable): International Airline Group
    Address of Airline Headquarters: Waterside, Harmondsworth, London
    Airline Home Base ICAO Code: EGLL
    List Aircraft types you wish to operate into Antequera: Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Airbus A380
    List Points of Origin for Flights into Antequera Intenational Airport:
    [Provide Airport Name, ICAO ID, IATA ID, eg. Antequera International Airport, LEAQ, ATQ]:
    - London Heathrow Airport EGLL, LHR
    - London Gatwick Airport EGKK, LGW
    - London Stansted Airport EGSS, STN
    - Manchester Turing Airport EGCC, MAN
    - Dublin James Joyce Airport EIDW, DUB
    - Edinburgh Robert Louis Stevenson Airport EGPH, EDI
    Which Terminals do you require access to, and how many gates?: Terminal 4, Gates 69-76
    Lounge?: Y/N (If so Regular Business or Premium): Yes for British Airways (both Business and Premium)
    Lounge Name: Executive Club

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  • RE: European Union Economic Data (Spreadsheet)

    @Montenbourg and @Turkmenbaycan those numbers for government spending aren't realistic. This isn't the same as your government's budget. This is literally what the government spends on procuring new things in your economy. It should be somewhere around 12-25% At the most, very disadvantaged countries that just start their economic growth spend somewhere in the 40% procuring things. 

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  • RE: Bourgeon International Airport (BIA)
    Name of Airlines: British Airways, Aer Lingus, Ryanair
    Terminal(s): 3
    Destination(s): London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London Stansted, Manchester, Edinburgh, Dublin
    Gate Numbers(s): 1-4
    Lounge?: Y for British Airways (business and first class lounge), N for the others
    Lounge Name: Executive Club

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  • RE: Membership Applications

    @Bradstowe Added and welcome!

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