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  • RE: EuroVoice 36 // Aqualin, Malborya

    Nominations are now closed

    Please send your votes by TG on NationStates or private message on Discord to @Malborya and @Angleter by 23.59 (GMT) on October 1st. Failure to vote in time may result in your country being disqualified from both this EuroVoice and the next EuroVoice.

    Please do not make your votes public. You may not vote for your own country. Vote by ranking your top ten favourite entries as follows, with 12 points for your favourite, 10 for your second favourite, &c., &c.:

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  • RE: EuroVoice 36 // Aqualin, Malborya

    Short name of the competing country: Angleter
    National broadcaster of the competing country: Sirion TV
    Name of the song: Living Next Door To Alice
    Name of the artist: Smokie
    Link of the song (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion): Link
    Picture of the person who will cast the votes of the competing country: Link
    Full name of the person who will cast the votes of the competing country: Pete Waterman
    A message from your country that spokesperson will say (can be private): Private
    (optional) Other people that helped in the making of the song (producers, writers etc.):

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  • RE: The EU's Latest Tweets

    alt text

    alt text

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  • RE: Gallorum, The Kingdom of - Factbook

    The Royal Family

    HRH Margrethe I, Queen of Gallorum and Empress of the Roman Peoples

    • Spouse: HRH The Duke of Aurelis, Prince Consort of Gallorum (d. 2010)
    • Issue: Frederic, Crown Prince of Gallorum (heir apparent); Joachim, Prince of Gallorum

    Frederic, Crown Prince of Gallorum, Heir Apparent to the Throne

    • Spouse: Marie, Crown Princess of Gallorum
    • Issue: Prince Christian of Gallorum, Prince Vincent of Gallorum, Princess Isabella of Gallorum, Princess Josephine of Gallorum

    Joachim, Prince of Gallorum

    • Spouse: Alexandra, Comtesse d'Agoult (div. 2005); Marie, Duchess of Monzepat, Crown Princess of Gallorum
    • Issue: Prince Nicholas of Gallorum, Prince Felix of Gallorum, Prince Henri of Gallorum, Princess Athene of Gallorum
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  • RE: ECoJ Elections, Aug/Sep 2019

    Voting is over

    There were, in total, 9 votes.

    All candidates are elected to the ECoJ by default, as there were only five candidates for five positions. Congratulations to all candidates.

    For Chief Justice, the number of first preference votes for each candidate were as follows:

    Nara AL-KAHINA – 4
    Luka REGALENA – 4
    Francois MORI – 1

    As no candidate has over 50% of the vote, the candidates with the fewest votes – candidates LORENZEN, MORI, and RINDER – are eliminated, and their first-preference votes transferred. On the second count, the number of votes for the remaining candidates were as follows:

    Luka REGALENA – 5
    Nara AL-KAHINA – 4

    Therefore Luka REGALENA is duly elected Chief Justice of the ECoJ. Congratulations to him, and commiserations to the other justices. The new ECoJ's term will conclude on 8th January, 2020.

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  • RE: Commission Elections, Aug/Sep 2019

    Voting is over

    There were, in total, 8 votes. The results are as follows:

    Premier Commissioner

    Rodrigo CARMONA-SANTOS – 5
    Blair VON SCHROEDER – 3

    Internal Affairs

    Alexander PHILLIPS – 7

    Foreign Affairs

    Vincent DRAKE am Weisshaupt – 5
    Jean-Claude JUNCKER – 3

    Therefore Rodrigo CARMONA-SANTOS is duly elected Premier Commissioner, Alexander PHILLIPS is duly elected Internal Affairs Commissioner, and Vincent DRAKE am Weisshaupt is duly elected Foreign Affairs Commissioner. Congratulations to them, and commiserations to the other candidates.

    The new Commissioners' terms will run until 8th January 2020, or, for the Foreign Affairs Commissioner, 8th May 2020.

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  • RE: The Kingdom of Gallorum - Government

    alt text

    04 September 2019
    The Royal Address:

    Mes pairs et mes adjoints, veuillez vous asseoir.

    Mon gouvernement, my government, will work to continue to increase economic opportunities for all citizens of Gallorum. My government will begin by adjusting the tax rates across the board, lowering them for middle and lower income earners and eliminate credits for the higher income earners while lowering those tax brackets. This will ensure the public finances are in order, but gives incentives for individuals to find work and excel in their jobs as they will keep more of their earned monies.

    My government will continue to look at lowering corporation tax to a flat 12% while eliminating the giveaways and backroom money given to them by the previous government. It is important that as Gallorum looks regionally to expand opportunities for investment and growth that it remains a competitive nation among the tax free Duxburian Union, and the low tax regimes of Inquista and Angleter.

    My government will tackle the problems of suicides and mental health plaguing our young people. This will include increased mental health funding for CNAM and increased expansion of research into behavioural sciences. It is our duty as Christians and Gaulois to ensure that our young people have every chance at a life of health and excellence.

    My government will continue to fund the armed forces at increasing levels. My government will see that by 2021, armed forces spending will breech 20%. This will bring us in line with our neighbours, allies, and partners in Europe and ensure that the Gaulois military is both an adequate defence force and one that can help in the varying 21st century conflicts that the Kingdom may find itself engaging in in future.

    My government will build on relationships started by joining the European Union with several summits with Vayinaod, Icholasen and others. It is important and right that any government would seek to increase its list of friends, allies, trading partners, and others. Gallorum's place is an active one in Europolis and abroad, generating connections that will enrich its populace and be beneficial to all parties.

    Education remains my government's main priority. My government will further reform the education system to improve quality and choice in the provision of school, and build on the progress already made to improve educational standards for all.

    Legislation will be brought forward to offer greater support for working families by extending maternity benefits and improving the provision of childcare.

    Instruments regarding the public finances will be laid before you, as well as other measures.

    Mes pairs et mes adjoints, je prie pour que la bénédiction de Dieu tout-puissant repose sur vos conseils.

    HRH Margrethe I, Queen of Gallorum and Empress of the Roman Peoples

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  • RE: Commission Debate, Aug/Sep 2019

    Do you believe the current regional recruitment rate is sufficient enough, if not what do you plan on doing to alleviate that? As with the other candidates, would you support bringing back the so-called mentorship program?

    We currently have 139 member-states, which is neither particularly high or low compared to the history of the EU. However, only about 10 of those nations actively participate in the Union and are formally empowered to utilize the full scope of what we offer. That’s a core participation rate of only 7%, when 10-15% has been our historical average. Recruitment is more or less ok, but there is definite room for improvement in regional engagement.

    I don’t think the mentorship program is necessarily the best way to raise engagement, but new nations do need to be welcomed when they join and presented with how they can get involved in the region. The Welcome TG is information overload and too impersonal to fulfill this role, first contact needs a personal touch. This gets into Internal territory, so I feel like it could be a joint project with Internal Affairs.

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  • RE: ECoJ Elections, Aug/Sep 2019

    The Kingdom of Gallorum votes as follows:

    1. Francois MORI (Gallorum)
    2. Sven LORENZEN (Vayinaod)
    3. Luka Regalena (Malborya)
    4. Nara AL-KAHINA (Sahrawi Union)
    5. Robert RINDER (Icholasen)
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  • RE: Gaulois News Agencies

    alt text

    Politics: Baschet Looks to Liberalise the PSDT as Parlement Resumes

    alt text

    AURELIS --- Les Travaillistes have always been a good party of protest. From their roots in their first elected deputy from Montrelais to the heartlands of Racines and around Entrages, change through civil disobedience has been at the core of the party. Elisabeth Baschet would know. Her father was a coal miner and union member who was courted by the Travaillistes to join the PSDT. While the Social Democratic wing of the party is considered to be young progressives and suburban socialists, the Travaillistes wing trends older, working class, more socially moderate than their counterparts. This is the salt of the earth kind of politics that the Prime Minister grew up in. Now, as she delivers her last Royal Address before the 2020 election, the Prime Minister is riding a wave of support as Gallorum turn sits gaze not just inward, but outward as well. With the St. Dominico Agreement coming back from Inquista, Baschet has demonstrated she can grow Gallorum's connections and economic prosperity.

    "It is right that the Government seeks to grow the pot for Gallorum; Inquista is the top economy by GDP per capita and pure GDP numbers in Europe, and they have a rigorous economy. By trading with them, we are connecting our goods to the wider European markets. Tariff free access to this is exceedingly crucial. The Government believes in our partners in Inquista and we will do whatever it takes to get this deal through Parlement," said Government spokeswoman Audrey Azoulay. "We will continue to seek trade deals that honour the Government's commitment to economic growth in a responsible manner."

    alt text

    Confident and steadfast, Elisabeth Baschet has taken the PSDT out of the wilderness and into Matignon with a slim majority. Her increase in popularity has perhaps earned her a large majority and second term.

    This is the same party that in the late 80's and early 90's embraced extreme statism, borderline Nicolezian communism and while it worked for a while, crashed the economy in 1992. Not surprising that the Democrats were in power then from 1995 to 2016 then. So what has changed? Elisabeth Baschet. That's what has changed. The cross between her heritage and her politics of triangulation, she has co-opted many ideas of the centre-right economically while championing social justice and equality known as The Third Way. The country now has given her an unprecedented 42% support in the country, giving her 224 seats in the Deputies. A clear, strong majority of 50 seats over the opposing parties.

    Perhaps this is the era of Baschet, and even Francois Fillon mut live in it.

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