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Members of the European Union Security Council

  • RE: European Heads of Government / State Meeting - Europolis, 6th July 2020

    "I have, like, really been concerned with all these recent tensions in Europe. You guys, we're all supposed to be friends! Inquista would like to see a harmonious relationship between all the EU member states. Inquista, which has never sanctioned Reitzmag, considers itself an ally of the country and we would like to see Reitzmag properly integrated into the rest of the European community. Likewise, we would like to see the Reitzmic government, all of its officials, as well as their citizens, cease their particular obsessive disdain for Commissioner Juncker and his home state. Prime Minister Bridget, you ought to apologize to the Commissioner for your very, very rude language!

    Recent events in Nofoaga have also, like, created some tensions. I believe that while we should all keep a careful eye on the developments of the country, that we should also show our support and solidarity to our fellow EU member state by encouraging its democratic development. As the country is still very dangerous, I understand that there may be some travel bans or advisories to Nofoaga, but I encourage all states to lift any sanctions off the country if they have them in place. I don't think these are very nice or helpful for its democratic development!

    Instead of focusing on feuding or fighting between our fellow member states, we should be looking to take care of each other, particularly in the face of any terrible coups or invasions that could happen. I have to say, I am very, very disappointed in some of you guys! Icholasen, which has had its legitimate and rightful government forced into exile, is now under a banner known as "Free Icholasen". Although, this is a bit of silly name, since Free Icholasen is Icholasen, and there is no other legitmate government of Icholasen. Free Icholasen is a member of the European Union, as per the Condemnation of Icholasen passed in the European Council. Whatever communist government that exists in Icholasen, currently, is not a member of the EU. It is like, very, very gross that some of you guys have recognised the communist bullies and their government, but not Free Icholasen and the rightful government. The EU is setting a terrible precedent, so I believe we should set a better one, with no tolerance for any shenanigans.

    I propose a complete embargo on the island of Icholasen until it has restored its rightful democratic government. No goods or services shall be allowed to be imported or exported from the island. Furthermore, we should also restrict all travel to the island, only allowing people to travel from the island, but not to it. We need to completely isolate the communists as much as possible, while supporting our fellow EU member state, Free Icholasen, as much as possible. This embargo shall be put into place using air and naval power, which should surround the island.

    I really, really don't like having to do any mean things, so I will leave that up to my dear friend, Edward Firoux, who will organize punishments for those who have broken the Council's condemnation of Icholasen, as well at those who disobey any embargo that may be set up in the near future. If states wish to engage with a rogue entity which has viciously attacked a fellow EU member state, then I don't see why a complete ejection from the EU shouldn't be a possible punishment. If you want to engage with an enemy of the European Union, who has attacked a fellow EU member state, then I don't believe that your membership of the EU is valid. A foreign entity's attack against one of us is an attack on all of us, period."

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  • RE: The European Health Organization Act

    These are excellent amendments, Councillor Falk. I thank you for them. They shall have my full support.

    Edward Firoux
    Council Speaker and Councillor for Inquista

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  • RE: Amendment to the European Heritage Site Act

    Debate starts NOW and will last until 02:15 GMT on July 17th, 2020.

    Edward Firoux
    Council Speaker and Councillor for Inquista

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  • Amendment to the European Heritage Site Act

    Amendment to the European Heritage Site Act 2010

    Amendment proposed by Cllr. Edward Firoux (Inquista)


    1. The Heritage Site Program shall be overseen by the Commissioner of Internal Affairs, who shall either approve or reject proposals to include new sites, or remove existing sites, from the European Heritage Site List.
      2. Every proposal for inclusion in the list will require approval by the responsible body.
      2. The European Heritage Site List will be updated at least every six months, or sooner, at the discretion of the Commissioner of Internal Affairs.
      3. Only one site from each nation could can enter on the list European Heritage Site List per six months.


    1. Every and each site included in on the Heritage Site List will receive special protection status and will be maintained with receive partial funding for maintenance costs from the European Union. and national funds. The 85% of the funds would come from the state that has been awarded to enter the list with their candidature and the other 15% of the funds would be given by the European Union. The European Union will fund 15% of all maintenance costs of all sites on the European Heritage Site List.
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  • RE: Amendment to the European Heritage Site Act 2010

    With 3 votes for and 2 votes against, this amendment to the European Heritage Site Act has PASSED.

    Edward Firoux
    Councillor for Inquista and Council Speaker

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  • RE: Free Icholasen Embassies

    Name of Country: The Most Blessed State of Inquista
    Name of Ambassador: Chantal Mint
    Does your nation recognise the UNSR?: No
    Basic bio: Mrs. Mint is a former lobbyist of the Inquistan ice cream industry, who lobbied for ice cream legalization in Icholasen. After the legalization of dairy in Icholasen, Mrs. Mint created her own ice cream company called Simply Mint, which produced various mint flavoured ice creams. After the recent coup in Icholasen, Mrs. Mint sold her company and returned to Inquista, where she has since become a lobbyist for various big banks.
    Requested floor: 45th floor

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  • RE: 30th Royal AeroSpace Exhibit

    Mikaela quickly realised what was going on and who was on the other side of the phone. She looked to Prime Minister Bridges.

    "Oh! This is about arms, right? Aircraft, maybe? Maybe on a much later date. I'm here purely for pleasure, not for business! I'm about to head out, so please don't let me interrupt this very important call you have."

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  • RE: 30th Royal AeroSpace Exhibit

    After realizing that there was an important teleconference going on, Mikaela became flush red with embarrassment. The Archbishop quietened down and gave everyone a pouty 'I'm
    Sorry' look. Not wanting to disturb anyone, she simply just listened quietly.

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  • RE: 30th Royal AeroSpace Exhibit

    Mikaela, who had followed Anastasia out of the room, listened intently around the corner as Anastasia signed the agreement with King George. Mikaela took out her phone and discreetly snapped pictures of Anastasia as she leaned in closely to the Reitzmic King. The Archbishop innocently thought it looked rather cute how intimate her Nicoleizian friend seemed to be in the King's close presence. Mikaela meant to send the pictures to Prince Tommy, but she rather clumsily accidentally sent it to her entire contact list. Unaware of her mistake, Mikaela tucked her phone into her purse and then waltzed around the corner.

    "Aww, look at this!" Mikaela interrupted. The Archbishop grabbed Anastsia by her hand and held it close to her heart. "It's so cute that you're willing to sign this old man's fan mail. I bet this man is delighted that he has your signature. You've really made his day."

    Mikaela looked over to King George, then back to Anastsaia. "You've always been the humble one, making time for fans of the Nicoleizian royal family. Tommy would never have the patience for this."

    The Archbishop then gestured toward the Palace door. "Ok, let's get going. We're not getting any younger. Copala City is calling."

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  • RE: Act for the Creation of a Council Committee on Political Freedoms

    On behalf of the Most Blessed State of Inquista, I vote AGAINST this Act.

    Edward Firoux
    Council Speaker and Councillor for Inquista

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