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  • RE: Commission Nominations, January 2018

    Candidate Name: Gisela Stuart

    Home Nation: Angleter

    Office(s) sought: Premier Commissioner

    Incumbent? (Y/N): N

    Eurogroup Affiliation: European Liberals


    Born in 1955, Gisela worked as a bookseller before studying and then lecturing in law in the 1990s. She was elected to the Angleteric Parliament in 1997 as a member of the Socialist Party, forerunner to the modern-day SDP. A leading moderate in the party, she served in a variety of roles, including Shadow Foreign Secretary between 2005 and 2009, during which time she was instrumental in shifting the party's agenda to the centre and securing its support for Angleter's EU accession. She stepped down as an MP in 2012 to found a non-partisan policy institute, briefly returning to the SDP to lead Sam Courtenay's leadership bid in 2014. In 2015, Courtenay, now Prime Minister, appointed her to serve as Angleter's representative in the European Council, a role she has held ever since. In the Council, Gisela has earned a reputation as a tough scrutineer of legislation, and as someone who advocates an EU that 'does less, more effectively'.

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  • RE: British Press and Social Media

    PM Looks at Minor Reshuffle Ahead of Parliament Resumption

    LONDON --- Ahead of the resumption of Parliament on Monday, the Prime Minister looks at a minor reshuffle of lower ministry portfolios ahead of the first sitting week, which will put SDLP Leader Sir Keir Starmer under increasing pressure. The Government has looked unflappable and unbothered since winning the 2017 general election and is heading into its third year of existence with uninterrupted leads in the polling since May 2015. When asked about feeling within Cabinet, Education Secretary Jo Johnson had this to say:

    "The Prime Minister has encouraged a healthy amount of dialogue while maintaining authority and control as the leader who has won two elections, and delivered us at least seven years of Government. It is a perfect balance of colleague, Cabinet-style authority and authoritative leadership without being authoritarian."

    The Government has been quite lucky that it, so far, has not been rocked by scandal or tainted by bad decisions in the polls. The decision to get back into the Dromund Kaas conflict and help end it is entering its third year, and the High Speed 3 links look likely to be delayed by this year's winter weather and the Government's preferred contractor is looking like it is in financial trouble. Perhaps we will see what the Government is made of in 2018. 

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  • Commission Nominations, January 2018

    It's time once again to start the nomination process for the next commission. All candidates interested should fill out the form below.

    As is traditional, I shall quote the words of our Returning Officer back in January 2011, who opened these nominations thus:

    "These elections are supposed to give our member-states fair representation in this region - if candidates cannot take it upon themselves to be active, then I in particular, question their ability and willingness to take part in a body who must be active, accountable and able. I do not wish to threaten nor scare, but I want, for once, our European Commission to consist of Commissioners who are active and who play a part in the region both on and off this forum."

    Interested candidates should fill out all information below for themselves and their running mates:

    [Candidate photograph or image]
    Candidate Name:
    Home Nation:
    Office(s) sought:
    Incumbent? (Y/N):
    Eurogroup Affiliation:

    Nominations open NOW and close at 23.59 GMT on the 21st of January 2018.

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  • RE: Membership Applications

    @Montenbourgg Added

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  • RE: Constitutional Amendments - European Commission

    This passed, obv. 3-0.

    Sorry about the delay.

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  • RE: Constitutional Amendments - European Commission

    Who even is my councillor now
    Oh undeveloped RPs RIP
    It's still Devoy

    I, Acwellan Devoy, on behalf of the Duxburian Union, vote FOR the constitutional amendments.

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  • RE: Constitutional Amendments - European Commission

    No amendments, so we move straight to voting.

    On behalf of the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter, I vote FOR all constitutional amendments.

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  • Constitutional Amendments - European Commission

    ((OOC: To give effect to what was agreed here.))

    I would like to propose the following package of amendments, which will afford new responsibilities to the Office for Internal Affairs, provide for the separate election of Commissioners, replace the power of the Premier Commissioner to fill vacancies in the other Offices with by-elections to fill such vacancies, and (as a consequence of separate elections) abolish ratification hearings.

    Delete the following Clause from Article II, Section II:

    VII. The European Council must ratify the appointment of a new European Commissioner by the Premier Commissioner, either at the start of their term or to complete the term of a Commissioner that has vacated their Office. A ratification must garner a simple majority of those present to pass.

    In Article II, Section II, renumber Clause VIII to VII.

    Amend Article II, Section III, Clauses I-III, thus:

    I. A Bill, Amendment, Repeal, Statement, Impeachment, Confirmation, Ratification, or Rejection is proposed by a Councillor or a Commissioner. A Commissioner may only propose legislation within their brief, except for the Premier Commissioner, who may propose legislation on any topic.

    II. Councillors and the proposing Commissioner then debate the proposal for 48 hours, except for Ratifications, where debate shall last for 96 hours, and where the nominated candidate may also participate in debate. During this period, unless the proposal is a Repeal, Impeachment, Ratification, or Rejection, amendments may be proposed by any Councillor. Amendments proposed during this period shall be voted upon once the debating period has concluded, and it shall last for 48 hours to determine if the amendments shall be made. Amendments require a simple majority to pass.

    III. During the debate period, unless the proposal is a Repeal, Impeachment, Ratification, or Rejection, amendments may be proposed by any Councillor. Amendments proposed during this period shall be voted upon once the debating period has concluded, and it shall last for 48 hours to determine if the amendments shall be made. Amendments require a simple majority to pass.

    Amend Article III, Section II, Clause VI, thus:

    VI. The terms for the Premier Commissioner and the Commissioner for Internal Affairs shall last four months, and the term for the Commissioner for Foreign Affairs shall last eight months. No member state may have a citizen or national of itself elected for more than two consecutive terms.

    Replace Article III, Section III, with the following:

    I. Elections to each Office of the European Commission shall be conducted separately, but concurrently.

    II. The nomination period for each Office shall run for seven days, to be followed by a seven-day debate period, in turn followed by a seven-day voting period.

    III. Any nation may put forward as many candidates as it wishes for each office, but only one may be elected to the Commission. In the event that more than one candidate from the same nation is successful, and more than one such candidate refuses to disclaim or resign their office, then the candidate for the Office of Foreign Affairs shall be the first to be ruled ineligible, followed by the candidate for the Office of Internal Affairs, until only one successful candidate from the nation in question remains.

    IV. For each Office, voters vote by ranking in order of preference as many candidates as they wish.

    V. Each Commissioner shall be elected under the Alternative Vote system. Ties shall be broken by determining the proportion of each candidate’s votes that are first preferences, with the candidate with the highest proportion winning the tie. If that is tied, the process shall be repeated for the next-highest preference. If the candidates are tied for all preferences, then the tie shall be broken by a coin toss.

    VI. The elected Commissioners shall replace the outgoing Commissioners immediately.

    Delete the following Clause from Article III, Section IV:

    II. Should the Office of Premier Commissioner become vacant, a by-election for a Premier Commissioner to complete that term shall be held. Any other Commissioners in office shall remain in office, and candidates for Premier Commissioner shall not announce any candidates for the offices already filled. The by-election shall otherwise follow the normal procedure for the election of a Premier Commissioner.

    In Article III, Section IV, renumber Clauses III-V to II-IV respectively.

    Amend Article III, Section IV, Clause IV (III after renumbering), thus:

    IV. Should any Office of the Commission become vacant, a by-election shall be held under normal Commission election procedures to fill the Office for the remainder of that term.

    Add the following new Clause to Article III, Section VI:

    IX. The Office for Internal Affairs is responsible for the administration of regional polls and dispatches.

    Debate on these amendments begins NOW and ends at 20:00 GMT on 5th January;
    Amendments (if applicable) would be voted on from then to 20:00 GMT on 7th January;
    And voting on the final form would begin then and end at 20:00 GMT on 8th January.

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