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  • RE: Miss Europe 2020 - Ford City, United Reichs of Reitzmag

    ((OOC: I'm going to set a couple of ground rules before this goes ahead. First of all, no images containing nudity or semi-nudity. Also, absolutely no images of women who aren't IRL public figures or who are under 18. And nobody is to post anything creepy.))

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  • RE: Gaulois News Agencies

    alt text

    Baschet, Government Wary of Free Movement Zone

    alt text

    AURELIS --- This Sunday, the Prime Minister announced her opposition to the free movement of peoples being mandated across the whole of the European Union via the establishment of a free movement zone. The proposal put forward by Reitzmag and Spain was met with tepid response from Aurelis.

    "I do not think that Europe needs mandatory agreements like this," Prime Minister Elisabeth Baschet (PSDT) said to the press outside of the official residence. "Gallorum has made it clear what its standards are when it comes to being economic partners. Reitzmag is a wonderful addition to the European Union, but we need to see more data to support what will ultimately be opening our country to mass proxy immigration."

    The stance comes as the Prime Minister has to triangulate the stance she and her party have on immigration and free movement of people at a time when the Christian Democrats have elected a more populist leader to take her on.

    "Should we be able to retain national abilities to control who enters our nation to work via visas and long term immigration controls, then I believe whomever will be our European Councillor will be able to support that legislation in Europolis."

    The Prime Minister is referring to the current race for European Councillor, in which the PSDT candidate Marion Rousselot is running against the Nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen, who is also the leader of the Nationalist Party. Polls suggest that Rousselot has only a seven point lead over her rival, 49-42 with about 9% of the nation either dissatisfied with either or unsure about who they would support.

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  • RE: EuroVoice 37///Entrages, Gallorum

    Celine Dion: Alright Europe! We have a few moments until midnight, we will count down and at midnight...the winner of the 37th edition of EuroVoice will be announced. Here we go at....






















    (Fireworks go off across Entrages and Gallorum)

    What a wonderful moment for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and for the Apostolic Kingdom of Angleter! We will see you in Angleter for EV 38! Thank you so much for tuning in on Gallorum Deux!

    alt text

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  • RE: EuroVoice 37///Entrages, Gallorum

    (grand applause)

    Celine Dion: Wow, what an incredible moment for Masami! Domo arigato, Okui-san! Seriously, if you have not seen this show it is life changing! ((OOC: For real, y'all should support this show. It's got everything. It's got gays, magical powers, sword fighting, way too competent teenagers)).

    To present our points, here's one of our own rising stars in the acting industry...Nozomi de Lenquesaing!

    Nozomi de Lenquesaing: We've had so much fun with Masami Okui and J.A.M. Factory. We hope you've all enjoyed your stay in Entrages! We're bringing you our points live from Aurelis under Le Tour Royale! Let's see our points:

    alt text

    2 points - Malborya - Loren Allred, Never Enough
    4 points - Angleter - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Into My Arms
    6 points - Spain - Mariah Carey, All I Want for Christmas Is You
    8 points - Inquista/Croatie Rouge - Maddie and Tae, Shut Up and Fish
    12 points - Icholasen - Mitski, Nobody

    (great applause in Aurelis and Entrages)

    Dion: Yes, Mitski has done very well in our kingdom with her indie brand of pop. Such a socially conscious and present song! Thank you so much Nozomi!

    Now we will find out who wins soon. It's a battle between two previous hosts - Malborya and Angleter! Who will host next? We don't know but here they are back to back for us tonight. Loren Allred and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds!

    Never Enough
    Into My Arms

    We will be back with the results of who won after this break

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  • RE: EuroVoice 37///Entrages, Gallorum

    Celine: Thank you Mitski! Let's move on to our next performance. It is rare for a dual nation entry, but Inquista and Croatie Rouge are inseparable as nations. This entry makes sense to me, and captures their nations. Here is Shut Up and Fish by Maddie and Tae!

    Alright, let's look at the votes we've received so far! We started with our sixth place finisher, Spain! Cristina, let's see how Spain voted:

    With deux point, it's....Gallorum.

    (audience boos)

    Oh, come now! All is fair in love and music. Avec quatre points, Inquista-Croatie Rouge. With six points, Angleter...still to come!

    (tepid applause)

    With huit points, Icholasen Felicitations! Which means Malborya finished with 12 points! Wow, I can't wait to hear that Malboryan entry! Now let's look at Icholasen's vote! Here with us is Taylor Swift live from St. Regina....

    Taylor Swift: The Old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now... Just kidding she can. Hello Europe! It’s a pleasure to have been allowed to leave my cage this evening, what a treat. Here are our votes!

    2 points - Spain - Mariah Carey, All I Want for Christmas is You
    4 points - Malborya - Lauren Alred, Never Enough
    6 points - Gallorum - Masami Okui, Rinbu Revolution
    8 points - Inquista/Croatie Rouge, Maddie and Tae, Shut Up and Fish
    12 points - Angleter - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Into My Arms

    Dion: Thank you so much! Wow, this is getting close! Now for our fourth place finisher, Inquista-Croatie Rouge! What have you got from Shallon Les--

    Shallon Lester: Shut up Celine, I'm Shallon Lester and I'm calling live from a fishing boat in the middle of the Mediterranean. Here are some tips on how to win Eurovoice. Tip one: invade half of your competitor's country. Tip two: think 'what would the Duxburian Union enter' and do the opposite. Tip three: enter two fishy queens. Anyway, these are the joint points...

    2 points - Spain - Mariah Carey, All I Want for Christmas Is You
    4 points - Icholasen - Mitski, Nobody
    6 points - Gallorum - Masami Okui, Rinbu Revolution
    8 points - Angleter - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Into My Arms
    12 points - Malborya - Loren Allred, Never Enough

    (raucous applause)

    Dion: Wow, it's getting crazy here in the Place Valois! Entrages, are you ready for your third place finisher! It is someone representing our very own kingdom! I'm not sure many of you are animation fans but this is the theme song to the very popular 90s series Revolutionary Girl Utena/Utena, La Fille Revolutionnare! For Gallorum, here is Masami Okui singing Rinbu Revolution!

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  • RE: EuroVoice 37///Entrages, Gallorum

    Celine Dion: Wow! What an amazing performance from Mariah! Look sleek and chic as a Casse-Noisette! Thank you so much Mariah.


    Dion: Oh, it seems we are going to take a short break in the program to head over to Anais Delva, the voice of Elsa in the smash hit Disney movie La Reine des Neiges...the French version of Frozen! Anais, how goes it in the iconic La galerie Henri IV?

    Anais Delva: Bonjour Celine. I am here in La Galerie Henri IV, the great king that brought Gallorum to prominence in Europe in the early 17th Century and paved the way for the state that we now today. Once, this Galerie was a hunting lodge but under Henri V and VI, it was turned into a centre of commerce protected by its iconic glass ceiling in 1877.

    alt text

    We are here sampling some of the Christmas treats that are still being sold through New Year's Eve. That includes spiced nuts and mulled wine, some of my favourites. Back to you Celine!

    Celine: Merci beaucoups! Now, it is time to hear from our friends on the Western Isle, across La Manche, Icholasen! We think the descendants in St. Nicholas will enjoy a listen from our fifth place finisher. Mitski, an iconic voice of now, bringing to us her hit song Nobody.

    (louder applause, chants of 'Les Francos, Les Francos')

    As you can see our audience is very happy to have a French speaking nation with us. Nous sommes avec vous par le langage! Emportez, Mitski!

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  • RE: EuroVoice 37///Entrages, Gallorum

    ((OOC: Firstly, I'd like to say I am deeply sorry for the delay in results. The beginning of the year I've had since going back to work on January 2nd has felt like an eternity. My job in RL is teetering on existing or not and I have been recruited in trying to save what increasingly looks like a sinking ship. I have to cooperate enough though in order to get any sort of recommendation for a job after this. I really am so sorry.))

    alt text

    Celine Dion: Hello and welcome my friends to EuroVoice 37's results show! What an incredible competition we have had hosted here in our beautiful city and my home, Entrages. A round of applause for the Entrages Counseil for putting on and organising this event as well as the Minister for Culture and Sport!


    CD: Before we begin with the results, I would like to share with you a performance of my winning song from Malborya. We have such beautiful memories together, what a treat. Here it is...Flying on My Own.

    Alright, first we have our sixth place song. She has taken this song all the way to number one here in this country and it is so timely for the holiday season. Ladies and gentlemen, La chanteuse insaisissable, The Songbird Supreme and a great friend of mine...Mariah Carey

    (grand applause)

    She will be performing All I Want for Christmas is You! First, a message from Cristina Perdoche and Antequera? Non? La vidéo est cassée? D'accord. Take it away Mariah!

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  • RE: European Clean Air Act of 2020

    I'd like to see this bill withdrawn if possible and worked on and re-presented.

    Councillor Marion Rousselot
    Deputy Speaker of the European Council
    Councillor for the Kingdom of Gallorum

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  • RE: Gaulois News Agencies

    alt text

    Kligenberg Wins Leadership Spill 65-41

    alt text

    AURELIS --- Jean-Michel Kligenberg has won the leadership spill within the Christian Democratic Party by an internal caucus of 65 to 41 over moderate Francois Baroin.

    "I'm so happy to see that our party has decided to be a credible and clear opposition to Elisabeth Baschet and the damage that her socialist PSDT government has done to our country," Kligenberg said to the press after the vote was announced by outgoing leader Francois Fillon. "We have someone who is going to tank our industry, destroy our economy and sell out what we as Gaulois have held precious to us for centuries. Baschet is a radical who would sooner rather than later sell out our nation to be a second-rate republic than the glorious monarchy that we are. Baschet would rather give immigrants full access to our healthcare, our schools, and our jobs than help out the people who voted her into office! Our Queen deserves better, our country deserves better, and you deserve better."

    More to come at Le Cinq à cinq...

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    Hello, I can't upload a profile picture even with a url. Please help!!!

    We are working on the issue with profile pictures. If you have noticed, none of us have them or have the ability to upload them.

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