“I would love to take time to explore a bit more of Australia before heading back to Inquista. I have only ever heard great things about your country, and from what I have seen thus far, I would say it has far surpassed my already high expectations. Queensland does sounds fantastic in particular. I was already planning on visiting the Gold Coast in the next Inquistan winter, but I could pay Ipswhich an early visit.” It was at this point that Craticus finished his second glass of Riesling and asked for another. Once he received his next glass, he continued to sip between all the talking. “I had no idea that this dinner was organized in such an environmentally friendly way. I really appreciate that. I totally agree to your proposal, and would like to see our countries form a coalition on environmental action. As an immense importer of food, finding and identifying organic, GMO-free and responsibly farmed products is very important to Inquista, not only in terms of our maintaining good public health, but also in terms of saving our planet. We would like to see action be taken in that regard, as well as in the production of greener energy. We would like to see targets placed for higher investments in green technology, and also targets set for a reduction in total greenhouse gas emissions.”