The camera zooms in and focuses on Peter and Kathy, who both look mentally and physically drained. PC: Good morning and thank you for joining the last moments of coverage of Inquista’s 2018 Ecclesiastical and European Councillor Election. It is currently 4:01AM CEST, and we have all the final results confirmed. PC: Archbishop Craticus has been re-elected as Archbishop of Inquista. Archbishop Craticus’ Black Swan Movement has won a super-majority in the College of Bishops, after now having won 186 out of 230 available seats. The Black Swan Movement has made gains of 140 seats in the College of Bishops, which we would like to reiterate, is in part due to expansion of the College from 84 seats to 230 seats. The Black Swan Movement has also won 50.5% of the popular vote, which is a gain of 4.6% of popular support since 2015.    KV: The Black Swan Movement has won 81% of the seats with just 50% of the vote. PC: That’s how first-past-the-post works, Kathy. Kathy is seen rolling her eyes. PC: The Christian League has won 24 seats, which is 7 less than what they started with.  The Christian league won 25.8% of the vote, a decrease of 20.7% since 2015. This marks the first time the Christian League has lost the popular vote. In the midst of their losses tonight was their party leader, Ashton Pearson, who will not be returning to the College as the Bishop of Sterhino. Despite this, the Christian League will continue to serve as the largest bloc of opposition to the Black Swan Movement, after having curtailed Green Inquista’s rise. KV: Let’s not forget that we still have to declare the result for the European Councillor election, where the Christian League’s candidate – Councillor Edward Firoux – could have defended his seat. That could be a victory for them. PC: Green Inquista will have increased their seats in the College of Bishops after this election, having won 20 seats. This an increase of 13 since the recent floor-crossings. Green Inquista’s share of the vote stands at 22.3%, an increase of 15.5% since 2015, which is almost quadruple their former support. KV: Fantastic gains for Green Inquista tonight. They basically quadrupled their base of support and almost tripled the amount of seats they have in the College of Bishops. Bishop Lallana must be pleased. PC: Total voter turnout stands at 65%, only a decrease of 3.5% from 2015. KV: That’s very good! With such low enthusiasm for this election, especially compared to the tight race that we had in 2015, 65% is fantastic. This is much higher than expected. PC: You know what that means… KV: Probably good news for Councillor Firoux? PC: We can hereby confirm that Councillor Firoux has been re-elected to office, having gained 51.6% of the vote. The Black Swan Movement’s Adrian Flemming won 47.7%. KV: By the end of the campaign period it became clear that the Christian League was just trying to keep its seat in the European Council - so, they must count this as a victory. The Black Swan Movement may have swept the College, but they have been shut out of Europe. This is surely the only damper on the Archbishop’s spirits this evening. PC: Adrian Flemming did manage to increase his support by 5.4% since 2015. Councillor Firoux’s share of the vote has fallen by 6.1%. KV: It’s Premier Commissioner Gisela Stuart – she’s bringing him down. Eligible bachelor Firoux is way more popular than tied-down Councillor Firoux.  PC: Any final thoughts before we end our broadcast? KV: Yes! I'm looking forward to the next EuroVoice competition, she is returning to Saint Dominico! I am so proud of Kane Brown and his performance in Icholasen. PC: Indeed, see you all in Inquista for EuroVoice soon! KV: Oh, and impeach Montfort! PC: No, no, no! Please. Ok, thank you all at home for tuning into our live broadcast and we look forward to the latest developments coming out of the Archbishop's Palace. As always, News From the City brings you the latest news and updates from Saint Dominico, so please be sure to stay up-to-date with us. Thank you all again, and take care. The screen cuts to commercials, thus ending the broadcast.