Hillary Clinton, Prime Minister of Australia, Affiliate Member of the European Progressive Alliance"4 terms as Premier Commissioner. One year's worth of service to Europe. Let's remark on the achievements that Anja Emerett, Eilidh Whiteford, and Eric Hitchens have accomplished."They have brought about real reform to make the European Commission not a body stuck in the past but one that looks forward to the future. A body that is engaging with Europe, looking to constantly improve Europe. A progressive vision of prosperity for all Europeans. That is the record of our three Commission candidates, and I know they will continue to work well in Europolis."It's more than just the Commission team though. It's all of us in this room. Councillors, heads of government, activists all working together to produce this change. This is a movement that will find more roots in every nation in Europe because at the heart of it is a passion. A passion for delivering an equality of opportunity for all persons in Europe, regardless of where they live. From the outback of Australia to the gilded streets of St. Dominico; from the sleepy lanes of Kent to the bustling cosmopolitan entity of Telum. Each one of us plays a crucial role in advancing the cause of European progressivism. "It begins with reaching out and reaching up. The key to any movement and real, lasting change is engaging as many people as possible and inviting them to join us in our journey. As the Prime Minister of Australia, I am given the unique opportunity to be in the driving seat of a nation that was founded on the principles of the 'fair go', where everyone in Australia has a shot based on their merit, not postcode or bank account. It reflects in our foreign policy, where we engage each of our European colleagues in a way that keeps the fair go at the heart of our negotiations. It's in our Parliament, where the Australian Progressive Alliance fights every day for families and individuals across Australia. "A commitment to real change, real progress and a real, sustainable future for all. That is what the EPA should be marching towards, proudly, when we engage with institutions every day. It begins in Europolis, but it must spread. We must take the ideas of progressivism and extend them to communities. Engage with national governments, work with local parties with affiliate members to win elections, but more importantly...we must continue to follow what is right and what is just. "We can remember the words of the great Australian Prime Minister, Ben Chiffley: you have to be clear about what you believe in, popular or unpopular, and fight for what you believe in. And let me tell you, I will fight for what I believe in every step of the way. I believe in an EU that works together to tackle climate change in a serious manner. I believe in an EU that will transform economies so that everyone gets a share of the pie. I believe in an EU that works in the interest of the people and for the people. I believe in an EU that comes together, not fracture and war with each other. I believe in an EU institution that has a public investment and development bank, that can help families across Europe buy their first home or get that tech start-up the money it needs to bring about the next great innovation. I believe in an EU that continues to fight for all people to be viewed equally in the eyes of the law, and treated by the content of their character. "Together, we can fight for that Union. Together, we can achieve our dreams. Thank you."