June 22, 2018 The Black Swans Move to Top of Group C The Black Swans cautiously celebrate a victory AUSTRALIA - The Black Swans have moved to the top of Group C after defeating the Duxburian Union in an exhausting 1-0 battle.  The Duxburian side, perhaps one of the strongest teams in the whole tournament, were relentless in their attacks on the Black Swan goal. The Duxburians took 16 attacking shots, which nearly doubled the 8 shots taken by the Black Swans. The Black Swans managed to counter the Duxburian advances by maintaining a very conservative and defensive style of play, which prompted members of the crowd to jeer "they're parking the bus" at the defending players. An opportunity late in the game allowed Black Swan striker Liam Arnold to score his first goal of the tournament and secure a victory for the Inquistan side.  Inquistan coach Aaron Oliver was ecstatic with outcome, and commented that "the lads were much more focused this game, which is something we had to work on after playing against the Nicoleizians. We just need to keep working on maintaining better possession." Inquista now leads Group C with two victories.