February Convention 2016Manifesto"Uniting Diversity"IntroductionThe European Progressive Alliance is a caucus of progressive, democratic and pro-European partisans. We believe in universal equality and freedom. We champion human rights and hold the tenant of democracy dear. We believe that social justice, social cohesion and the protection from authoritarianism will be key to building a fair and prosperous future.We believe in free market values and promote trade liberalisation. We advocate for market integration and economic cohesion. We believe that an integrated and competitive economic system, along with a sustainable environment, will be vital in establishing successful and thriving economies.Above all, we believe that the European Union is the best political institution for implementing our principles. We recognise that a growing number of issues are facing all of Europe, from matters of environmental degradation to the threats of human liberty, and we believe that the European Union is best suited to address these problems. We believe in a strong European Union, and we believe in one that can produce practical and sensible solutions. We believe that Europe is weak when it is divided, but is strong when it comes together. The European Union is united by its diversity, and we aim to unite its diversity for common causes.Policy - IdeologicalWe support the equality of all persons before the law, regardless of their race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, colour, ethnicity, religion, disability, or other characteristics, without privilege, discrimination, or bias.We support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and all of the rights and freedoms it pertains. We believe the Declaration should be further expanded to include more rights, such as the universal right to equal marriage. We believe that these rights should not only be outlined, but should also be fully guaranteed and protected.We support the cooperation and collaboration of people and communities, and respect any differences within them. We support principles based upon social cohesion and multiculturalism. We believe that we must protect and safeguard minority identities and diversity.We support democratic political decision-making and believe that political power must be decentralized into the hands of the people. We believe the people must choose their representatives.We support the freedom to life and liberty, and we believe that this includes a life free from authoritarianism, arbitrary surveillance and cruel punishment.We support technological innovations and believe that technology should be used to better society. We believe that better access to technology should be encouraged, and that access must be treated equal. We support “net neutrality”. We believe and recognise that humans have contributed to Global Warming and the environmental destruction of Earth, and we support initiatives for a more sustainable and cleaner future.Policy – Economic We support free market economics and the freedom for individuals to pursue their own wealth.We support trade liberalisation and the reduction of trade barriers. We oppose regulations that interfere with market competence. We support greater economic integration and greater market standardizations.We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to participate in an economy, and that all workers should have protected rights. We support economic environments that are compassionate and charitable.We support the right to private property, and the ability for individuals to patent inventions and ideas.Policy – InstitutionalWe support the cooperation and collaboration of European states, and we believe that division makes Europe weaker.We believe that many issues are occurring at a European-wide scale, and we believe that this requires increased decision-making at a supranational level, and we believe that the European Union is required to address these issues.We support the government of the European Union. We believe that the legislative and executive bodies of the European Union require substantial decision-making capabilities and powers in order to accomplish its goals.We support the institutions of the European Union, and we believe they should be effective and well-funded. We believe that many regional issues should be addressed through institutions, and that these institutions should be used to encourage and champion peace, cohesion, democracy and the rule of law. We support the European Court of Justice, and we believe that it should do more to enforce the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.We believe the institutions and government of the European Union should be more democratically accountable and accessible. We believe that the European Union should make strides to foster integration and cooperation in fields such as healthcare, education and transportation. We support the enlargement of the European Union and believe that as many states as possible should be inducted. We support the fair treatment of all European Member states and believe each state must be treated equally.We believe that the European Union should be officially neutral and pacifist.Caucus StructureThe caucus will be made up of full members and associate members.All full members will have equal rights in deciding on caucus policy and in choosing a Chairman to lead the caucus executive. All caucus policy decisions and Chairman Elections will be made through democratic processes, in which each full member gets to cast a single vote. All decisions will be made by the largest plurality. Associate members do not get to vote.The caucus executive will consist of the Chairman, the Spokesperson, the Secretary and the Treasurer.The Chairman of the caucus will be elected after they secure a plurality of votes through an official democratic process. Only full members may nominate themselves for Chairmanship, and they will not face any term limits. Terms will last for a whole calendar year. The Chairman will be responsible for appointing the other members of the executive, as well serving as the official head of the caucus.The Spokesperson will serve as the official speaker of the caucus, and will organize its external communications.The Secretary will organize and schedule meetings and gatherings for the caucus.The Treasurer will manage the caucus funds, and will organize caucus fundraising events. Any Councillor may apply to join the caucus and become a full member. Applicant Councillors only need the approval of one of the executive members in order to be accepted as full members. The Chairman may veto approvals.Any non-Councillors may request associate membership, and only require the approval of one of the executive members. Associate members automatically become full members when they become Councillors. The Chairman may veto approvals.