RHODENHEIM AIR FORCE BASE, FREMET24/1/16"Agents Blake and Nicholsen, your mission is to infiltrate Aaren's Spire and gather intel upon and assess this new Sith threat. The Prime Minister herself authorized this mission. New intelligence reports point to Darth Kahn may be involved with this "Sith". I need you to confirm his involvement. REMEMBER, do NOT engage Aalenic forces or any of the Sith. This is purely an intelligence mission, get in, get out, as fast as possible.No questions asked.I wish you good luck and a safe journey home. Godspeed."-General Weber of the Fremetian Federal ArmyThe General watched as their plane took off and flew over the horizon. He had a bad feeling about this.He hoped that he made the right decision in sending them back.3 Weeks Later:"You five have been chosen to perform one of the most secret and dangerous missions ever engaged by the Royal Intelligence Service. You will tail the two spies we sent to Aalen and ensure their safety. You will remain separate at ALL times, and if you are discovered, we cannot help you. If you are discovered, you will have an arsenic patch in your right premolar disguised as a crown. Stay safe, stay vigilant, and report EVERYTHING back to RISHQ. Godspeed."