Communist Protests in Palermo; Mass Unrest Accross Potenza ProvincePALERMO- Members of the Fremetian Communist Party and others joined in protests against the Fremetian government today in the Potenza capital of Palermo. The chanted slogans calling for the arrest of Fremetian top officials and the dissolution of Fremet's free-market economy."Potenza has always been a hotbed for unrest and communist sympathies. The local economy is highly reliant on oil production and farming, and has never truly developed for the modern age. These protests are as a result of our trying to introduce new stimulus into local service and non-production jobs. I suspect these protests will die down pretty quickly..." says Potan Ostman, Mayor of Palermo.Jeremy Corbychov, head of the Fremetian Communist Party disagrees, "This is our moment-- our moment to rise above the filthy laissez-faire capitalists in our government, a moment to cast aside our ancient monarchy and look forward to a new future, a red future where all men and women contribute to their ability and receive to their needs. WE SHALL PREVAIL!"