The aircraft completed its strafing run and returned to the carrier, the area was in smoke when suddenly the enemy ran inside. Another boatload of Davishirian and Fremetion Marines landed on the beach and the forces began to advance. It had all gone completely quiet and the men were becoming quite uneasy about the situation. They continued to advance and no shots were returned. ¨Corporal, get onto the radio request immediete reinforcements the enemy are ret...¨Before the captain could finish his sentence there was a sudden blinding light, everything went incredibily hot. The light continued for several seconds without fading and the heat got more and more excruciating. All of the troops, including the enemy soldiers hidden in the woods, began to scream in pain, the sea and the pools of water around the tidal area of the rocky beach were steaming as the temprature increased. Suddenly there was a massive shockwave. All of the trees were flattened, the soldiers pushed onto the ground with their clothes burning in the heat and the soles of their boots melting, the chemical coating on the landing craft bubbled and began to peel as the vessels were capsized, the fighters battling in the sky were shoved down to the ground by blind pilots and massive winds and the shockwave, two destroyers that had moved within only a few hundred metres of the coast capsized.... the noise was deafening to the point where anyone who had survived to this point was rendered deaf.As the light faded the captain, who had just about survived despite being badly injured looked up and saw a mushroom cloud in the sky ¨completely loco