Building Britain: Affordable Housing StrategyIt is common knowledge that the population of the United Kingdom will continue to grow from its current 77 million people. We need to build more homes and the Government has been committed to expanding the number of homes, including council homes, that are affordable so that Britain's young people can afford to get on the housing ladder and build a better future for them and their families. Brownfield development sites and other important sources of land in our cities is crucial to developing that housing strategy, and between the Minister of State for Housing and Planning, the Cabinet, and myself, we have come up with a strategy that will work for Britain.Re-zone suitable brownfield sites for the development of non-luxury homes, including council homes at the Council level. This will involve the passing of the Zoning and Local Councils Act, giving our local councils greater ability to develop homes. The Government will be giving £700 million more to each of the devolved institutions to build more council homes.The Government will increase tax incentives to companies for every house within the affordable range (£100,000 for starter homes; £450,000 in London). The Rt. Hon. Sajid Javid, MPSecretary of State for Housing, Committees, and Local GovernmentThe Hon. Dominic Raab, MPMinister of State for Housing and Planning