25 June 2018What we have seen in Kyrzbek has been nothing short of an embarrassment. We call on both sides to go to the negotiation table and for Kyrzbek self-determination to be given. It is clear that the situation between the Government of Turkmenbaijan and Kyrzbek minorities is untenable. As a result, Australia will close its borders with Turkmenbaijan and will consider other actions at the European level including the petitioning for an embargo until the Government of Turkmenbaijan stops subjecting the Kyrzbek minority to stay in a country that they clearly do not want to be a part of. Instead, we call on a referendum on the future of the Kyrzbek region with a vote for Kyrzbeks only. This has gone on long enough, and the Government of Turkmenbaijan has to be better than this. The Australian federal government will have no choice but to impose sanctions and an embargo on movement between Australia and Turkmenbaijan if the situation does not improve. The Hon. Hillary Clinton, MPPrime Minister of the Federal Republic of Australia