2.30amJB: Let's join Matthew Austell and see if he can draw some insight out of the politicians. Matthew, who have you got over there?MA: We've got Navdeep Khatkar for the Democrats, re-elected tonight in Palmyra Central; Fr George Guitmund for the Social Democrats, who's stepping down in La Croix St Leufroy but will, I'm sure, be pleased to see the SDP hold that seat; and we've also got Cajetan Norbert for the Citizen Alliance, who's also been re-elected in Digbeth. I'll start with Fr Guitmund - you're ahead now, will you still be ahead at the end of the night?GG: I'm growing more and more confident. The last hour or so we've picked up, we've even made some gains in Kingswinford, for instance, and I've actually been looking at the swings. It's a lot better now than we might have thought from the exit poll. In a lot of seats, we're only down by 6 or 7, and if you extrapolate from that, then we should be the largest party by votes and by seats.MA: But that's urban seats, and there aren't that many of them left. You've lost a lot of suburban seats and small town seats to the Citizen Alliance tonight. Does the SDP have a problem outside the big cities?GG: I don't think we do. Kingswinford isn't exactly central New Birmingham, we've held steady in Oldknow, in my own former seat of La Croix St Leufroy, and so on. There are different swings across the country, but I think we're demonstrating tonight that we're a party of the whole nation.MA: Cajetan Norbert, are the Citizen Alliance a party of the whole nation? You've been struggling to make headway in a lot of the main cities - just look at Cernovcy North East.CN: Of course we're a party of the whole nation. I'm very sad that we've lost Paul Harris in Cernovcy, he's been a great representative for that city and a great member of our team, but we're making gains all over the country. Frankly, Matthew, it's a bit bizarre for you to throw that question at me when I've been re-elected in Digbeth, in the middle of New Birmingham, we've got four of the five Asten seats, we've gained a seat in Damasz-GG: Where's your seat in Neolombardia, Cajetan?CN: George knows as well as I do that barely any seats in Neolo-GG: OK then, which one are you going to win?CN: Can you not interrupt?GG: Gladly, but you said Matthew's being bizarre, and I think it's a bit bizarre of you to say you're a party of the whole nation when you're nowhere in one of the biggest provinces.CN: If I were George I wouldn't be so sure about Neolombardia right now. We'll see.NK: I've got two words to say about Neolombardia: Lodey. West. That's it.MA: East.NK: That's what I said?MA: You said West. You've already got West, you've won East.NK: West, then.MA: Have the Democrats lost the working class, Navdeep, and if so, how do they get it back? I mean, you're in single figures in a whole host of urban constituencies, in New Birmingham, Damaszka, Dionysias, and so on. Why can't Sue Fareham's Democrats appeal to these voters?NK: Well, I think all parties have areas where they're weaker or stronger, a-MA: Not so extreme as you. Where do you find the SDP or Citizen Alliance on 7%?NK: But I would say the point is that we do have a broad appeal, we're winning urban seats in big and small cities, we're winning in suburbs, and we're winning in the countryside. Tonight is challenging; we knew it would be from months out. But people went around weeks ago saying we'd be annihilated, and despite that, we're very much still here.CN: Just about.MA: But what about the leadership?NK: Sue is our leader, and I don't expect that to change. She's led us through this campaign and we've made some ground from where we were a few months ago, and I think our party is grateful for that.MA: But you dropped that far under her in the first place.NK: We all know we've had some turbulent times in the last three years, we've gone through a few changes of leadership, and I think the stability that Sue's leadership has offered has now been welcomed by the party and, it seems, by many of the voters who might otherwise have been inclined to turn away from us.MA: You mentioned other past leaders - Maria Sakrakur, Levon Bagratian - is it not the case that the only person who can hold the Democrats together, and make them an electable force, is you?NK: No. We have great talent in our party, and this has never been a one-man venture. What we're seeing is the effect of, yes, some of the mistakes we made while in government for six years, and also a much more fractured political field.MA: Well, we'll see if we can get more answers from some more heavy hitters later on. Back to you, John.