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  • President Jeffery Presents "The Tokyo Economic Accord" Treaty to Congress

    President Jeffery will be flying back to Dusseldorf tonight from Tokyo, Iyori, in order to present "The Tokyo Economic Accord" to Congress. The treaty is likely to be ratified with overwhelming support from all sides of the political spectrum. This too will be the first treaty that Rhine Ruhr has been a part of with a neighboring nation. The Accord calls for the free movement of people, labor, and goods between member states and mandates that all people receive equal economic rights while in any member nation. This treaty comes as a result of the ongoing summit between President Fredrick Jeffery and Iyorian Premier Kumino. The Premier seems enthusiastic about the agreement stating "This treaty is pretty comprehensive and reasonable" and he believes that the treaty should face little to no opposition in the Iyorian Parliament. Hopefully once the treaty becomes ratified, other neighboring nations such as Inquista and The United Planet become signatories. A new economic powerhouse may be rising in central European Union.

  • Rhine Ruhr Will Remain Silent No Longer

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    Today President Fredrick Jeffery announced a speech concerning a topic that has received minimal attention throughout the region. Earlier this morning Jeff Speller, the former Chamber Chairman of the Green Party of Inimicus, has been condemned to death by the Inimican Imperial Court of Justice.

    _"I have gathered the media today to speak about a matter most grim: the unjustified arrest and execution of a politician. Until this point, Rhine Ruhr has been very lenient towards the Imperial Government of Inimicus but I cannot remain silent while a potentially innocent man dies. Jeff Speller was arrested nearly a week ago by the Emperor for speaking out against the government in the Inimician Second Chamber. May I point out that Minister for Internal Affairs, Derek Wallace, was not even reprimanded for his role in the quarrel. At the point of his arrest, Mr. Speller was only guilty of being part of the opposition. Since his unlawful detainment, he has been charged by the Imperial Government for conspiring to harm and/or assassinate the Emperor relating to the incident that happened about five weeks ago at the Mason's Guild in Lacerta. Jeff Speller supposedly confessed to attempting to harm the Emperor by rubbing soap on the staircase at the Mason's Guild. Of course we must keep in mind that he has been sitting in a prison for nearly a week so such a statement could have been forced out of him or even falsified. After a trial that lasted a measly twenty-four hours, Chairman Speller has been sentenced to death and will be served poison by the Government tomorrow morning.

    This is a complete outrage and the Inimican governmental and judicial branches cannot be viewed as anything other than corrupt. Rhine Ruhr has looked past former incidents in the Empire including the unfathomable gassing of protesters in Telum. Both the protesters in Telum and Chairman Speller happen to be part of the Green movement which is an opposition party within the Empire. Of course we've only heard the Greens referred to terrorists and criminals by the Emperor, so how can we trust that the opposition leader was given a fair trial by the IICJ? Rhine Ruhr will remain silent no longer! We demand that Inimicus once again opens its borders to observation by the region in order to ensure that Mr. Speller's rights are being protected and that he was given a fair and proper trial. The execution must be at least stalled if not overturned entirely. Failure to meet these requests will force Rhine Ruhr to take action."_

    Speller was first arrested by order of the Emperor on March 15th for his involvement with a heated exchange that took place in the Inimician Second Chamber on the 11th of this month. Speller was later charged with placing insults aimed towards an Inimician government official, strongly disturbing the order of the Inimician Second Chamber, inciting hatred throughout the Inimician populace, and encouraging actions of a terrorist nature. Dusseldorf Times has yet to receive word from the administration about what possible actions could be taken by Rhine Ruhr if Inimicus refuses the terms demanded by the President.

  • The Tokyo Economic Accord Reaches Congressional Approval

    After a little over a week after being presented to the Rhinian Congress, The Tokyo Economic Accord Treaty has been approved and President Jeffery will soon be returning to Tokyo, Iyori in order to sign the treaty on behalf of Rhine Ruhr. The vote was nearly unanimous with only two congressmen opting against the treaty purely in opposition to the administration. It is expected that the Treaty's roster will soon grow as Iyori has recently propositioned neighboring state, Inquista, for a summit and it is likely that The Tokyo Economic Accord will be the topic of conversation. It is possible that President Jeffery may pursue having The United Planet join the Accord, but prior scheduling may delay the process. After finishing in Tokyo, Fredrick Jeffery is expected to welcome President Proctus of Pax Aurea to Rhine Ruhr for an official state visit.

  • Get to Work Ladies

    It has been around a month since the current Commission has been elected into office and many Rhinians have found themselves asking "Where is the female leadership we were promised?". Commissioners Liszckoszi, Kligenberg, and Callaghan each promised us that they would not let European Union down, dedicating all of their energy to their respective offices. The people of European Union placed our collective trusts in your hands, and many are now beginning to feel betrayed by their elected leaders.

    Since the election, we have not seen much from these women of "action". Internal Affairs Commissioner Mikaela Kligenberg has managed to make a few passing comments on the now late Jeff Speller, while the Premier and Defense Commissioners have yet to officially do anything while in office. Kligenberg vowed to do all the duties of her office, even if she was completely alone in the effort. Premier Commissioner Liszckoszi promised to push peace throughout the region including meaningful discussion concerning the Dromund Kaas War. Commissioner Callaghan campaigned on strong leadership that would be able to solve regional disputes. European Union is currently in need of the promised, but not received leadership. The Internal Affairs office has grown stagnant, inner-regional relationships are crumbling, and member states are militarizing at such a rapid rate that even the most calm minds are beginning to worry.

    And what exactly are our ladies in power doing? The Premier, Internal Affairs, and Defense Commissioners are off gallivanting in Coalition liberated Dromund Kaas while their offices in Europolis gather cobwebs. This paper wishes that we could classify this trip to relief camps as consequential, but without the presence of Coalition members or anyone remotely relevant to the eventual future of the nation for that matter, we sadly can not. This is horribly ironic seeing as Premier Liszckoszi herself was the original belligerent entity with Dromund Kaas well over one year ago. The lack of commitment to the region as a whole has many Rhinians concerned, and we assume that we are not the only ones.

    This is not the case with all Commissioners, however. Both Foreign Affairs Commissioner Gomez and Economics Commissioner Bass have proven that our trust was well placed with them. Under the leadership of Filipe Gomez, the region's relations with foreign embassies have reached new heights. Commissioner Bass has managed to not only draft a budget, but too has had it approved by Council, unlike his predecessor Callaghan.

    This article was not written in the aims of promoting sexism when it comes to determining regional leadership, but this paper can definitely speculate that the current batch of female Commissioners do not live up to the Arcturus expectation. All of the work that Arcturus has done over the past year towards equalizing the bar of expectation for men and women in Europolis may be unraveling at the hands of the current Commission.

  • Frank Meets with Jeffery for First Time Since Retirement

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    It has been a quiet retirement so far for the formerly most powerful man in European Union, but that may not be the case anymore. Former Premier Commissioner Dominik Frank met with the Rhinian President Fredrick Jeffery to discuss a wide arrangement of topics including recent events both nationally and regionally. Also attending the high profile meeting are Minister of Foreign Affairs Ray Rowbottom (pictured far right) and Labor Minister Eleonore Pierce (center left). Most pundits agree that the meeting was likely about the growing Tokyo Economic Accord and the Dusseldorf Conference which took place last month. Although these are likely answers to the reason behind this meeting, Dusseldorf Times has a few suggestions of our own.

    The Upcoming National Elections: This fall both the Congress and President will be up for election. This will be the first election since The Freedom Party has been the majority party of the Congress and it will be the first Presidential election with an incumbent candidate. It is likely that President Jeffery will seek a second term and an endorsement from a political powerhouse like Frank will ensure that the popular President will win a solid majority of the electorate.

    The Upcoming Regional Elections: It is not too long from now that the European Union will be electing the next Commission. Perhaps there could be a return to politics for Frank or even an international promotion for Rowbottom. We find both of these outcomes unlikely, but who better to hand pick a Rhinian candidate than Jeffery, Frank, Rowbottom, and Rhine Ruhr's ranking female cabinet member Pierce?

    Eventual Nation Building Projects in Dromund Kaas: What four people would we need in order to organize an effort for Rhinians to take part in the reconstruction of the Imperial Oversector? These four. Although President Jeffery is on the record saying that Rhine Ruhr would not participate in such an effort, it is not unreasonable for him explore the nation's options.

    The Creation of an Embassy Program: For a nation so internationally respected it is quite absurd that Rhine Ruhr does not contain any formal embassies within its own borders. Three of these politicians are foreign affairs powerhouses and the remaining politician has the means to coordinate an effort to build such an addition to the Rhinian capital.

    Although Frank's arrival at DiMarsico Mansion was enough to peak national attention, this paper believes that the results of this meeting could shape the near future of both the Hipster Republic and the European Union.

  • Massive Increase in Defense Forces

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    President Jeffery is spending the rest of the day with the troops in Neuss following the announcement of further increases in the Rhinian armed forces. The latest increases which began at the close of 2012 have seen a near doubling of both the Army and the Air Forces, whereas the Navy received light additions in comparison. The introduction of new nuclear powers as well as the new found armament of European nations is the likely culprit of this surge in military recruitment. It was imagined that a majority of the year's increases would be in reserve personnel, but surprisingly enough active personnel make up the brunt of the new defense forces. Just over seven million Rhinians make up the nation's military and over a million others are in reserve. Defense now makes up one third of Rhinian government expenditures and it shows no signs of slowing down.

  • Rhinian Press' Bias Concerning Maleeka Liszckoszi


    D?sseldorf Times

    Harsh Words by Maxence Bonnet to Laois-Offaly and the ONC

    I will not be supporting this referendum on the decision made by the EUBC. I would also like to vocalize my disgust in the insubordination displayed by the ONC. At first you agree to respect the decision made by the EUBC, but then the next day you recant your respect and as a further insult you call a vote to repeal the decision. Upon hearing of your request for a vote on the matter, commissioner Liszckoszi respects the ONC's right to call a vote on the matter. Respect that you never gave her might I add, but I digress. The only request the commissioner gave was that you wait until the end of the contest to call a vote, yet in a move of arrogance the ONC starts the conversation even before the contest even starts.

    I would also like to voice my dislike of these Euro wide selection contests. Why should I vote for your contestant? If I was unprofessional I would vote for someone who I knew I could beat, but then again maybe the ONC is too incompetent to choose an artist. These contest clog the forums, and distract from the contest itself. Nations should allow their own citizens to elect for who will represent them.

    I think I have made my point. I am against euro wide selection processes and I am displeased with the ONC for repeatedly disrespecting the Union and contest that they claim that they want to improve.

    Maxence Abel Bonnet
    CEO of RRBS


    D?sseldorf Times[/align]

    Liszckoszi to Campaign Premiership in Rhine Ruhr

    It is official, Maleeka Liszckoszi will be running for Premier Commissioner of the European Union. As part of her campaign trail, Liszckoszi will be in Rhine Ruhr some time in the next week. She will be stopping in the Capitol as well as Cologne as she tours the region. The Commission hopeful has already received an endorsement from our European Council Representative Dominik Frank: "It is my belief that of recent times, Mrs. Lisczkoszi has had the greatest impact on Europe than any other individual. For this reason and many more Rhine Ruhr supports Mrs. Lisczkoszi's decision to run for Premier Commissioner!"


    D?sseldorf Times

    Commission Hopeful Liszckoszi Speaks With The People of Rhine Ruhr

    As promised Prime Commissioner Candidate Liszckoszi has stopped in Dussledorf as part of her campaign trail. She is the first foreign diplomat to come to Rhine Ruhr since we have entered the European Union. Liszckoszi being the flagship candidate for the European Freedom Party (EFP), spoke with citizens on why they should support both herself and the EFP in the coming election.

    "It has been an absolute joy an honor to be able to be here in Dusseldorf one the European Union's most beautiful cities to come and talk to you about why you should back the EFP into the coming commission. I am a candidate with a certain set of beliefs, I believe in liberty, I believe in freedom and I believe in peace. And we can achieve this without any questioning or doubt if we cooperate. A vote for me will validate this cooperation.

    This is how I see the EU: a collection of nations with a set of common goals to lift people out of poverty, to eradicate diseases and illness to the history books. And to make sure everyone has the right to say what they want when they want and to be themselves. I am the candidate for this. I wish to open up the Council to more discussions on these issues taking time to inductively work out how to best tackle these problems. I will call for cooperation bodies to represent these issues. I will ask our leaders to make a commitment to ending child poverty. I will investigate how our resources can be pulled to help solve illness and disease. I will ensure that the human rights of each citizen is something all nations will consider, and we will have these debates. This is not an election empty promise. Rhine Ruhr is a center of all the advances we are making in Europe and will continue to be at the center with all our partners in belief. So join with me people of Rhine Ruhr, people of Dusseldorf and people of Europe and let's go make history."

    This speech followed applause that lasted more than a solid minute. A majority of Rhine Ruhr already supports the EFP, and the candidate has done a fine job of making believers out of the rest of us. There is no doubt in the mind of this paper that Rhine Ruhr will fiercely support Liszckoszi's premiership.


    D?sseldorf Times

    Europe's Most Influential Person of 2011

    And the Winner is...

    A TIE! Alexander Kligenberg and Maleeka Liszckoszi reached the same amount of votes. This result is fitting seeing as the pair began 2011 a bitter rivals that then became the greatest of political allies. This duo created the European Freedom Party which is considered by many to have been the greatest impact on European politics in the entire year. Both Alexander Kligenberg and Maleeka Liszckoszi have served as both Commissioners and Premier Commissioners in 2011. Each if them have had heavy influence in European Politics including a majority of the bills written and passed in 2011. These two have taken different approaches and have used differing methods to reach their goals. D?sseldorf Times is pleased to award them both Most Influential People of 2011.

    It is truly amazing how short one's memory can be when it is convenient for them. For years Dusseldorf Times as well as other Rhinian media outlets and even our representatives (not all included above) have had the back of Premier Commissioner Liszckoszi, but that was all forgotten after this paper exposed an inconvenient truth about the most recent Commission. It is our responsibility to report the news and we will not apologize for being critical of European Union's top politicians. To say that we consistently attacked you and to call us counter productive, disrespectful, insulting, and sexist is not only misleading but also beneath you. Own up to your mistakes and stop blaming other people for your shortcomings. We still hold you in high regard, but now there is a bitterness between the free press and the leadership of this region.

  • Force From the Deep Deployed to Sint Maarten

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    President Jeffery signed an executive order tonight for the navy to begin deployment to Sint Maarten. Several frigates will be making their way from the Rhinian naval base in The United Kingdom to the Caribbean tomorrow morning equipped to provide aid to Sint Maarten post Hurricane Athena. Additional engineers are being brought along in case local airfields need repairing so other humanitarian forces can access the region. No one knows to what extent the damage is going to be, but all relief operations will suffer due to the isolation of these islands. Rhine Ruhr is currently scrambling to get the Council to approve of ERF deployment to Sint Maarten and to establish other ways in which both Rhine Ruhr and European Union can bring aid to the Caribbean.

  • Rhinian Groups Growing Tired of Eurovoice

    A few days after EuroVoice 18 where another solo act achieved the top prize, Rhinian bands are asking RRBS to boycott future editions of the contest. "There is a clear bias for solo acts and its been over a year since the last band won EuroVoice" laments Jeremy McKinnon, lead singer of A Day to Remember, who placed next to last in the eighth edition of the contest. Joining the growing group of EV alumni asking for change is Patrick Carney of The Black Keys "Lately there have been some successful rock acts, but they all fall short to a pop song in the end". There is some merit to their arguments. Since EuroVoice began in 2010, only five group acts have won the competition out of eighteen total contests. And lets face it, these successful bands are completely and entirely mainstream.

    Maxence Bonnet, President of Rhine Ruhr Broadcasting Station, has already replied to the growing unsatisfied Rhinian EV alumni "We will not be withdrawing our participation from EuroVoice. I understand that it is tough to see great acts fall at the hands of a pop star time and time again, but we have made real progress in the competition over the past few years. Since we joined the contest in 2011 entries have gotten far more varied and we as a nation continue to place better and better. Do not forget that our most recent rock acts scored second and third in the last two contests. You should also not be directing your frustration at us as we are the ones giving you exposure to the international audience. We will continue our current pace in future contests and hopefully the cultural paradigm will shift in our favor".

    Former Rhinian acts are not the only ones looking for a change; a petition is currently circulating around Rhine Ruhr's music scene requesting that a new contest be made to showcase European Union's growing premium rock talent. Musicians and fans alike have been signing the petition and have even started efforts to raise interest in other European states. Bands from both Duxburian Union and Gun-toting Animals have made their way onto the petition that will be addressed to the EUBC. Sponsors have already jumped on the bandwagon and are are lobbying RRBS to file for a new type of music contest: Battle of the Bands.

  • Foreign Affairs Commissioner Colleen Bennet Dies at 39

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    Europolis - The body of European Union's Foreign Affairs Commissioner was found tonight at the scene of a tragic hit-and-run automobile accident. Law enforcement officials say that Commissioner Bennet was found in the middle of a crosswalk in one of Europolis' busiest intersections. Eye-witnesses say that the Commissioner was just leaving a local pub that she frequently visited after long days in the capital when she was stuck by a dark sport-utility vehicle which sped away from the scene shortly after. There are currently no suspects in the case and there is no suspicion of foul play at this time.

    Colleen Bennet is survived by a brother Toby Bennet, sister-in-law Laura Bennet, and three nieces Anna, Nichole and Lindsay Bennet. Bennet was elected to serve in the European Commission in July of this year. Since being placed in office she has robustly increased efforts to recruit more nations into ascending to the EU. She recently has proposed several reforms to the regional embassy program. This tragic loss has come as a complete surprise and no doubt far before her time. We at Dusseldorf Times would like to give our sincerest condolences to her family and loved ones. The next few months will be a trying time for European Union, but we shall progress on.

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