Marrakechian - Polisario-Sahawri Conflict

  • A letter to the leaders of the EU Countries

    Dear Nations,

    Due to the recent terrorism problems which arised the last few days and the ongoing problem in the Sahara Desert The Marrakechian Government has request help to recapature the Sahara Province from the Polisario Sahawri Front who has been terrorising Marrakechia since 1975.

    The people of Marrakechia depends on your answer for their safety and the safety of the Kingdom of Marrakechia.

    The King of Marrakechia

  • While the United Kingdom adamantly detests terrorism, at this time it is not our government's policy to interfere in internal affairs of sovereign nations unless directly asked for military aid. We will give Marrakechia resources to help combat the Polisario-Sahawri Front, including:

    Access to the MI5 and SIS information and briefings to the Prime Minister and Joint Intelligence Committee.

    Access to overseas British military and naval bases.

    Britain will also offer to purchase bonds from Marrakechia in order to help fund your military-intelligence strike.

  • _Dear King of Marrakechia

    Because of the major earthquake that has hit Asunci?n, the second largest city of Occoron, I?m afraid we can?t do much to help you. We need every single man and every Euro in our own country. The only thing we can do is give you acces to the information of the State Security Service, a civilian agency that investigates the threat of single persons and small teroristic groups. We will also give acces to the information of the General Information and Security Service. That military organisation detects danger from major terroristic groups and nations.

    I am sorry we can?t do much because of internal affairs, but I hope we did something to stop terrorism in Marrakechia.

    Luiz Inaci? P?rez
    President of the Democratic Republic of Occoron_

  • Admin

    The government of the Grossdeutsches Reich would like to receive more information on this long-time conflict and it's background before taking a decision on how to act.

    Office of the Chancellor of the Grossdeutsches Reich

  • Pax Aurea shares GRD's interests in this matter. More detailed background information concerning this Front would be greatly valued, especially since we have had an unfortunate encounter with this organization earlier: last April, a citizen of Pax Aurea lost her life in the Marrakech caf? bombing.

    Maria Fulvius
    Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • An letter to GDR & Pax Aurea

    Dear Leader,

    As Marrakechia took soverign over the Sahara in 1975 from ----Spain---- Anti-Monarchist, Islamic Jihad calling themselves Sahawris forming the Polisario Front and in 1991 they have launched an huge attack which our forces had to withdraw from the region with thousand of Marrakechian people had to flee.

    Since 1991 the Polisario has been doing Terrorism in Marrakechia killing thousands of citizens including aiming few at Foreigners as such as the 2011 Attacks.

    King Mohammed IV
    King of Marrakechia

  • North Inquista has announced that they will take part in regaining the Sahara.

    -MP Marak Presse (News Source)

  • Admin

    Statement from the Ministry of North Inquistan Defence:

    "These attacks are getting worse and worse. Terrorism won't just resolve its self, so the citizens of North Inquista have decided to take action against the criminals. We want to bring peace and prosperity to the rest of the region. As we speak right now, North Inquistan troops are being flown and transported by sea to the shores of Marrakechia.

    48 Ground teams have been deployed, each team consisting of 800 Mechanized Infantry, 50 Tanks and10 Artillery pieces. These teams will be supported by 100 Fighter Squadrons, each squadron consisting of 12 fighter jets. 200 bombers and 40 air transports will also be made of use. The North Inquistan Holy Armada has also sent 100 patrol vessels to patrol the Marrakechian shore, with 20 cruisers, 15 submarines and 50 transports docked at Marrakechia ports.

    More troops may be deployed depending on the seriousness of this campaign."

    - General, Joseph Lee

  • Marrakechia has deployed and sent them to the city of Tan-Tan near the border.

  • "Your Majesty,

    In your struggle to achieve peace in Marrakechia, Pax Aurea stands with you and your legal government. We strongly condemn the use of violence and terrorism by the Sahawris Polisario Front.

    The constitution of Pax Aurea forbids this nation to partake military operations aboard. Hence we cannot offer you any material support in this campaign.

    I would be hesitant to do so were my hands not bound by the constitution, for prolonged military conflicts of regional dominance are seldom solved through violent means. Force of arms can rarely achieve a lasting peace. The Saharan sands have become red with blood for twenty years, and the guerrilla front remains a dire threat despite the valiant efforts of the Marrakechian soldiers. During times like this, diplomacy seems to be the only path that can end the bloodshed.

    Without doubt, after these very twenty years of conflict, finding any common ground between the opposing forces can be extremely difficult. Outsider mediation is often required to achieve this.

    Your Majesty, I urge you not to expand this conflict by calling for foreign military support; instead, let us try to reach out to the Front leadership for a ceasefire, so that, with an outside mediator, we could proceed with peace talks. Let us give a non-violent solution a chance!

    I remain confident that there are nations in the European Union willing to act as bridge builders between the two warring parties. Pax Aurea is such a nation, and we would ready to offer you any and all assistance we can to end this devastating conflict peacefully, without further bloodshed."

    Julia Glorius
    President of Pax Aurea

  • Telegram to the Ministry of North Inquistan Defence,

    The Marrakechian Defence Force are ready to regain the Marrakechian southern land.

    The MDF has sent the map of Marrakechia indicating where are the Sahwari run territory.
    user posted image

    The Yellow Coloured Provinces has been held by the Polisario leaving the Marrakechian Navy unable to use the warships.

    The North Inquistan Navy is expected to launch an offensive at Taradount Province and capture from the South. The Rabat-Melilia Defence Force will move in from North.

    We have plans to take Zaaradia also with the assistance of the North Inquistan Air Force using the bases for fueling: Fes, Kenitra & Melilia can launch an offensive by Air & The Kenitra-Fes Forces will advance when possible.

    Forces Armed Royal will assist with the Air Offensive.

    The Marrakechian MoD has sent requests to United Kingdom, and other neighboring countries bordered with Western Sahara to close t borders.

  • Admin

    Thank you for the telegram and information, the North Inquistan Ministry of Defense will publish a information report shortly.

  • Admin

    Telegram to the Ministry of Defense Board of Marrakechia:

    Since late-July, we've been moving our forces in and patrolling your shores and have been blockading the Western Sahara shores, while setting up a offensive headquarters just outside of Melilia. All of our vessels are currently in action, with our airplanes are fueled, our tanks are polished and our men are all prepared. Again, we may be supported with more firepower, if necessary. But for now, the invasion is a go. We will provide all required support and take all actions that are necessary. We await for your approval to move in.

    • General, Joseph Lee.

  • The Reply from the Ministry of Defense:

    We Approve. Our Military are ready to regain the Western Sahara.

  • Admin

    Telegram to the Ministry of Defense Board of Marrakechia:

    All air teams have been mobilized and are now entering the Western Sahara, followed up by 42 of our 48 ground teams (OOC: Please see my original occupation telegram for our armed forces #'s). The other 6 will remain on DEFCON 2 status, at our invasion headquarters. We will provide a full report as soon as we can, we're just sending this telegram to confirm our invasion.

    - General, Joseph Lee

  • The Ground Army has started a move to nearby bordered town of Tan-Tan in Taradount Province.

    With the Air Support our army will advance to the city of Ben-Guerir in Zaaradia Province.

    We have sent leaflets to civilians to flee to the Marrakechian Border Posts to avoid bloodshed.

    We expect to launch an offensive tomorrow when ready.

  • Pax Aurea would like to send a team of humanitarian observers to Western Sahara to monitor the development of the conflict, with the approval of Marrakechian and Inquistan authorities. The goal of the observers would be to gather information regarding the humanitarian situation of the area, including but not limited to the availability or lack of food, fuel, and medical resources of the civilian population, reports of collateral damage and civilian casualties, and possible war-time transgressions.

    Alternatively, the European Union could organize a survey operation of this sort.


    Lausania Arthica
    Secretary of EU Relations
    Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs

  • The Democratic Republic of Occoron would like to support and even participate to such an initiative. We are willing to send a team of humanitarian observers as well. I can assure the Marrakechian and Inquistan authorities that these observers are totally neutral and well-trained.

    ?scar Ubilluz
    Minister of Humanitarian Affairs of the Democratic Republic of Occoron

  • Admin

    The government of the Grossdeutsches Reich will be observing the situation. However, we do not discard military action in the territory. That hypothetical military action would, of course, be coordinated with the Marrakechian government.

    Julian Schumann,
    Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy
    Grossdeutsches Reich

  • Marrakechian forces has moved in 2km away from the city of Tan-Tan.

    The Marrakechian Forces are ordered to send injured civilians to Marrakechians hospitals for treatment and will avoid bloodshed.

    The Marrakechian Intelligence Agency has located Rebel Headquarters of Tan-Tan & Benguerir.

    Under requests from Pax Aurea & Occoron to send humanitarian observers has been accepted.

    The Marrakechian Northern Attack Division is 54km from Benguerir.

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