Marrakechian - Polisario-Sahawri Conflict

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    The President of the Second Republic of Laois-Offaly and by sacred and unfettered consent of the people, the Government of the Republic hereby ask and demand that the neutral parties in this conflict are afforded as little hindrance and discomfort and urge the Marrekechian Authorities to bear full witness to Occoron, Pax Aurea and Kryuland in their demands. Offaly stands tall in liberty and with allies and knows Marrekechia can do the same by adhering and honouring the rights of the people and the responsibilities of your country.


    President McGovern of Laois-Offaly
    First Citizen of the Land
    Defender of Truth and Virtue

    Mr Francois Valois
    Prime Minister of the Second Republic of Laois-Offaly
    Defender of the Land_

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    • the Marrakechian and Inquistan Army to provide ALL citizens

    Please clarify.

    ((OOC: I'm sorry, it has to be 'the Marrakechian and Inquistan Army to protect ALL citizens'))

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    Chief Justice Kelander would like to remind Occoron, Kruland, and Pax Aurea that war crimes can only occur against neutral powers and persons under the current Constitution and set of laws. It is uncertain if the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, being an Annex, can be enforced as an Article. The UDoHR also does not specify any remedies for breaking its provisions.

    OOC: Even though the Constitution also references the Geneva Convention, said document does not exist in RP since such an agreement has never been created.

    I thank Mr. Kelander for his remark. I was indeed referring to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that's what was meant with War Crimes. It is also true that the UDoHR does not specify any remedies for breaking its provisions. But that is why we have a Court of Justice, isn't it? And as I can't find any article contradicting the UDoHR, we should, in my opinion, follow the constitution, Annex III, chapter I, article 5:


    All Annexes of the present document are supplementing the Constitution and have equal effect unless directly contradicting it, in which case the constitution?s articles have a priority over an Annex?.

    In my opinion, Annex I [The Universal Declaration of Human Rights], article 1 - 30 can be seen and enforced as any other article in the constitution.

    Felipe Gomez
    European Councillor of the Democratic Republic of Occoron

    ((OOC: As there is indeed no RP-Geneva convention, and however I would support one, I wouldn't dare to refer to it.))

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    On behalf of my country, I thank His Majesty King Mohammed IV and his ministers for their willingness to continue their cooperation with the international relief workers. This "Operation Hope" of Aurean and Occoronian humanitarian affairs ministries and non-governmental organizations is deemed to begin as soon as the situation realistically allows.

    Preparations are being made in Pax Aurea to begin the transportation of materiel and personnel to Sahara. Initially, the Commonwealth aims to provide the civilian population with the following:

    • Food supplies for 25,000
    • Water purification equipment to serve appr. 30,000
    • Basic medical supplies for 25,000
    • Medical supplies especially for children, milk formula, etc. for 12,000
    • Tents to house up to 20,000 people
    • Blankets for 30,000 people

    Four fully equipped field hospital teams, each consisting of 24 trained professionals, will make their way to Marrakechia with the relief supplies.

    It is our intention to increase our input over the next two weeks. We will be working closely with the Marrakechian and Inquistan authorities to be where the need is the most dire.

    I would also express my gratitude to Kryuland for its willingness to participate in humanitarian work in Sahara. Let us join forces and work hand-in-hand to coordinate our efforts to the best of our abilities!

    Wishing for a speedy cessation of the hostilities,

    Lucius Telerius
    Minister of Humanitarian Affairs

  • After days of battles in Laayoune Marrakechian & North Inqwuistan Forces has captured the last stronghold of the Polisario.

    It is not yet safe for the Aid Workers to come in as heavy fighting continues in the Area of the Polisario Compound, Tayoun where the leader Mohammed Abdelaziz is hiding.

    Marrakechians across the EU comes out to celebrate the end of the Polisario.

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  • Mohammed Abdelaziz has been captured by the Marrakechian Troops alongside other Polisario Officials after a tough fight into the Compund.

    The King Mohammed IV has appeared on TV for a Televised Speech.

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    ?Praise be to God May peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, His Kith and Kin

    We celebrate the Victory of Marrakechia, Plans of the New Sahara will begin, New Homes, New Schools, New Hospitals and many more.

    The biggest role on our achievement was the Marrakechian Citizens.

    We cannot achieve this without the help of our friends of North Inquista

    The Families of captured Polisario will be forgiven and a Pardon will be granted.

    And finnaly. Let the Red March begin for the people to return to their homelands which been taken by polisario troops over these years.

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    OOC: My Grandad did the real Green March for the Sahara smile.gif

  • ((OOC: That's awesome!))

    The United Kingdom is pleased with the developments that have happened in Marrakechia and will be sending monetary and humanitarian efforts via the British Red Cross and other non-profit organizations to aid in the Occoronian and Aurean efforts to help the citizens. The now 45,000 Marrakechians in Edinburgh and almost 100,000 in London are jubilant that their homeland has been brought to a relative peace, and understand that a lot of work will be taking place in the Sahara to bring it stability, security, and prosperity.

    We are also pleased to announce that the Marrakechian borders will be opened, albeit with higher security, on Monday, 19 December 2011.

    • Prime Minister Nick Clegg
      Telegram from the Duxburian Union

  • We are very happy with these developments and we will keep our promises.

    Alejandro Toledo
    Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic Republic of Occoron

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    My Ministry of Defense has just confirmed that Mohammed Abdelaziz has indeed been captured. However, the ministry would like to point out that the Polisario still have few small pockets of resistance throughout the Western Sahara that need to be dealt with. Furthermore, until further war crime investigations are completed, the territory in which North Inquistan Troops occupy will be maintained and kept as neutral territory and will NOT be handed over to Marrakechian Government in order to protect the innocent who may be falsely prosecuted by the government.

    Councillor Alexander Kligenberg,
    Archbishop of North Inquista

  • The Aurean humanitarian shipments have all arrived in Sahara. Both the materiel and the personnel are awaiting for a green light from the local officials and military liaisons to begin their work among the civilian population.

    Cooperation with the Marrakechian authorities has been fruitful and unobstructive.

    Meanwhile, several refugees of Marrakechian origin are preparing to return from Pax Aurea to Marrakechia. The Ministries of Immigration and Humanitarian Affairs estimate that approximately 10,600 refugees of the Polisario conflict have been temporarily housed in the Commonwealth. Of these, at least 9,000 have expressed their desire to return to their homeland as soon as the situation allows.

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    Marrakechian refugees celebrate the end of the Polisario war.

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