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  • Today's brief...

    _-Offaly's Duxburian Ambassador home for talks. Duxburian attache in Llegendes House for talks. Statsminister likely to tell the attache that his/her presence is no longer required in Offaly. Protests outside Llegendes House as effigies of Duxburian generals and members of the Federal Office were burnt. No move by the Police was made to halt the protest.

    -Parliament considering increasing corporation tax in particular industries as a temporary measure.

    -Offaly have signed a 'friendship treaty' with Rhine Ruhr, Occoron, Pax Aurea and Kryuland as part of a wider effort to strengthen European trade and collective security._

  • Today's brief...

    _-The Statsminister has today made reconciliation with the Duxburian Union a top priority for the next few weeks. She stressed the importance of bringing Europe back into the realms of good will and she said that recent events that have marred the relationship should be put into the past with a greater focus on common viewpoints especially on trade. Here are a few of her remarks,

    'The Duxburian Union is a key trade partner particularly concerning the EEC. It is vital that we discuss the sticking points between us and move towards greater collaboration and dialogue between our nations and I hope our militaries. We have to be realistic though so my immediate wish is that we meet and agree 'to be colleagues' and 'agree to disagree' in some cases'

    -The Open Liberals and Moderates welcomed the addition of the the Lib Dems to EFP. The parties stressed their commitment to reducing bureaucracy in Europe and bringing Europe down to focus on the key issues affecting citizens such as the economy. The Open Liberals stressed they were committed to working with others on nuclear power reform.

    -Following protests earlier in the week, 12 people have been arrested for public order breaches in which a monument commemorating the Civil War was graffitied. Following European criticism, riot police will be deployed to any protest near diplomatic offices as a precaution. The Statsminister said the protests were understandable but went off target in some areas.

    -The Joint Rhine Ruhr-Laois-Offaly Trade Board has recorded a 23% increase in bilateral trade over the past six months. The Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills said the results were a mark of our continued collaboration with Rhine Ruhr._

  • Statement from the Statsminister

    _'I view the recent declaration of independence of the Australian States from the United Kingdom with great concern and interest. Offaly hopes that the Australian States will exhaust all methods of referenda and diplomatic consultation before formally breaking off ties. Offaly puts its assistance with the Australian States in organising a formal and free referendum on independence and Offaly is willing to monitor the referendum to protect those interests.

    I do hope that the DU-LO summit can get off to a start soon and I await a neutral nation to offer to host the summit preferably in Europolis where we can formally deal with the dispute. Today, I will be meeting with the Ambassador to Occoron and briefing the Joint Culture and Trade Council of L.O and Occoron.

    In light of the potential proposal from the Kryuland representative to consider European laws on abortion my Government will be adopting the line that on issues of such gravity and sentimentality, we should be defending the role of the national parliament in discerning the law in this area. We have very liberal abortion laws and contraception is widely available and any such law from Europolis would be a breach of sovereignty to many countries where abortion is still a much debated and contentious issue.

    I will brief you all again at a later stage tommorow. I will be on ONC to participate in the annual 'The Statsminister' programme tommorow evening also. _

  • -Offaly announced a doubling of its current financial contribution to the Humanitarian Coalition project.


    _The Government have today opened the first ever constitutional convention aimed at completely changing the constitution aimed at creating a fully Presidential system within a parliamentary democracy. In a rare change of tack from the Government have released a paper aimed at bringing a more comprehensive Government system that many analysts are saying will help the Open Liberals and centre to centre right keep their stranglehold on power. The paper outlines the following:

    -A President elected for a term of 5 years renewable once who appoints a Statsminister based on Parliamentary results.
    -President chairs the Council of Minister which are appointed 50% by the President and 50% by the Prime Minister.
    -Presidential and Parliament elections are held at the same time.

    The reforms are expected to be pushed through with President McGovern who is ending her term expected to support the moves in principle. All main parties in general agreement despite polls showing that people support the current make up._


    _Offaly will go to the polls on the 1st June to elect its first President with new wide ranging powers that will extend further into domestic and foreign affairs giving the President of the day ultimate power over the budget and international treaties. It is widely expected that current statsminister Heila Scmidt will put herself in the running under the combined Moderate and Open Liberal banner. The Socialist Red Green front are expected to lead a combined candidate while the Popular Front and Communist Party will have their own candidates. A run off system will be used. _


    The Head of the Catholic Church in Laois-Offaly has died at the age of 89 years. Conclave to decide the next Head will begin soon but in the mean time, the Camerlengo Senori Vinti holds the seal of office. More to follow...

  • Centre right ahead of left in Presidential poll while the Red Green Front look set to take the Parliament in fresh elections

    _The first ever cohabitation is now on the cards as popular Statsminister Heila Scmidt looks set to take the reins as new all powerful President. It is likely she will have to appoint a Prime Minister and predominantly leftish Cabinet of Ministers the pol has warned. The current Statsminister said she would push to achieve a full centre right administration and warned of instability if cohabitation took place. The polls have been fluid and could show a full left Government or right. _

  • Voting almost at close in elections to Parliament and for the President of the Republic. Seismic election predicted.

    _ONC over the past few hours have conducted a final exit poll based on voters telling us who they have given their first preferences and second preferences after they've voted. We've conducted these polls at 2,500 polling stations throughout Laois-Offaly and here is their verdict.

    Red Green Alliance have failed to top the poll for the second time coming second with 27.5% despite increasing their share by +7.2%. They can still lead the Government however. The Open Liberals fall by -5.8% to 30.5% topping the poll for a second term. The Moderates are relatively unchanged up by +1.8% to 17.3%. It's a bad exit poll for the Popular Front down -4.2% to 9.8, they could lose many seats in their heartland but we'll wait for the accredited results. The Communists have crashed to 6.6%, down -3.9% The Offalian Interest Party up onto 8.3% a change of +4.9% on last time.

    The Presidential Poll was also taking place with current Statsminister standing for the Open Liberals, Popular Front and Offialian Interest Party. The Moderates, Red Green Alliance, Communists joint candidate was Mrs Rosales the former Statsminister. _


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    _The new President and former Statsminister on the foot of a confident victory in the recent Presidential poll has said that independence has to be considered by the UK government. The President said that the situation seems to be in stalemate and that more violence would lead to an attrition war between the states.

    The President urged the United Kingdom to consider independence and wishes that a new referendum is now initiated in order to respect the values of self determination. The Red Green Alliance have called for a swift diplomatic response to the violence while the Popular Front and Offalian Interest Parties have declared their full support for the UK Government. Opinion polls show that Offalians seem split on the issue with just over 5)% favouring a series of talks between the states leading to greater political and economic freedoms for the Australian States._

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