Coalition of the Left Meeting

  • Greetings friends, representatives and fellow Leftists. I am glad that you could join these talks and I hope we will be able to make significant moves towards a more united Left over the next few days and weeks. Each of us are reasonable men and I hope that we can reason together to form a greater unity amongst the European Union left, whilst not infringing too much upon our own desires, for each man must judge his own greed.

    The isues that have come up in my - amongst others - minds in the last few days have included a number of issues, such as;

    - The lack of inter-party communication
    - The diversity of the Left, compared to the unity of the Right
    - The similarities in Leftist Parties
    - The up-and-coming changes to the regional layout (SC insight) and how this will effect party strength

    I feel that the Left - as a united body - needs to have a greater impact upon issues within the European Union and I feel that the best way about this is to create one party. One party united under a single banner who will have the united strength to take on any opposition Right who may come in the way of progress, rights and greater equality.

    Because, Comrades, greater equality is what all of us must strive to achieve in this day and age. With the pressing worries of today's world, we must unite to move towards our greatest aims; not only as a party, but as individuals we can all take a step closer towards our goals by creating a singe, united and strong Coalition of the Left.

  • The fact that we have more than one party represents the richness fo the left. The voters have different options of same wing inorder to specify some of the left standpoints.

    This is where coalitions come in. Under a strong coalition we can over come the right and see what specific options under the left wing Europeans prefer. Having one party on the right will not do them good since a right person is now forced to chose right or nothing, or us if possible. We do not want to force our voters to one left choice, and would prefer some other left party to take the vote than the right, or centre for that matter.

    Under grand coalitions not only that we will be able to stand united and strong under many issues, we can always express some diversing left preferances our left voters express when granting us votes. (In case you want us to explain what we mean in detail, please ask us to specify our explaination)

    We believe, as we in ESD noticed when creating the Agreement with ESP, that there are many areas our parties have similar viewpoints. We should analyze standpoints we are all having in common and maybe then we can establish a grand-coalition - a perhaps a better option than union of all parties.

    ESD does not want to illustrate that it does not support European Unity; all we are expressing is that voters will value us all more if they have 3-4 left wing parties to chose from than having a "black-and-white" choice between 1 party and non-left. This does not mean either, that we promote numerous tens of left wing parties because in that case we lose votes too. A quality made Grand-Coalitions is something ESD will strongly support.

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    Ursula Plassnik MEP,
    European Social Democrats

  • I perhaps agree with such a stance. If we were to combine all of the parties we would turn into a two-party state, and I feel that is perhaps not productive.

    However, if we were to have a 'Council of Representatives' perhaps - for arguments sake, we say 3 from each party - it could help create a greater sense of unity and a stronger force with which to overcome the Right?