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  • Amat re-elected

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  • Led by Minister of Education Izan Roch, the Union of the Democratic Center is born

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    The leaders of Alianza Republicana (AR, Republican Alliance) and Ciudadanos por el Cambio (CPC, Citizens for Change) have met in the Palau Regional de Congressos of Berenguer to seal the merger between these two centrist parties to form a brand new formation: the Uni?n de Centro Democr?tico (UCD, Union of the Democratic Centre). Both leaders of the old parties, Minister of Education Izan Roch for AR and Federal Councillor Alexandre Wang, for CPC, sealed the merger with a hug in front of thousands of supporters who gathered in Northern Caesarea's second city. According to our sources, the UCD will leave the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for a Green Europe (ALDGE) and claim the CPC spot in the European Classic Liberals (ECL).

    For Izan Roch, leader of the brand new party, this move is necessary for the nation: "Seen from abroad, it seems that Northern Caesarea is a land of extremists. On one side, we see the Social Democratic Party, which is nowadays the most leftist option in the government of a great european nation. On the other side we have the Liberal Party, one of the most right-wing members of the Union of European Conservatives. We really need a stong centrist option and, by uniting the strenghts of the Republican Alliance and Citizens for Change, we give our people the chance of choosing a well-balanced platform, with experienced people to implement it. Our both former formations have experience in government with both PSD and PL, so we know what we are talking about, as we have forced both parties to water down their most radical measures and to take decisions with less ideology but more common sense".

    In a document approved in its founding conference, UCD defines itself as a party with popular roots which defends a social, economic and progressivist liberalism. In the European field, it considers that the European Institutions need a complete refurbishing, in order to be more democratic and more respectful of national sovereignties and particularities.

  • Elections: Northern Caesarea turns to center after Social Democratic crushing defeat

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  • New Government in Northern Caesarea

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    The Prime Minister, Izan Roch, has signed a pact with Partido Socialdem?crata-Los Verdes (PSD-LV, SocialDemocratic Party-Greens) and Gavachois nationalists to support the cabinet policies in both the Senate and the Federal Council.

    Prime Minister: Izan Roch (Centrist)
    Deputy Prime Minister: Malak Kayrooz (Socialdemocrat)
    Foreign Affairs: Mar?a del Carmen Bernier (Centrist)
    Education: Hugo Basescu (Socialdemocrat)
    Economy and Commerce: Jayden Djorov (Centrist)
    Environment: Adri?n Gonz?lez (Green)
    Healthcare: Victor Tremblay (Socialdemocrat)
    Homeland Security: Valeria Varela (Centrist)
    Public Works: Noa Navarro (Centrist)
    Defense: Aar?n Hidalgo (Socialdemocrat)
    Social Welfare: Naiara Basescu (Centrist)
    Justice: Aurora Ruiz (Centrist)
    Agriculture: Diana Garrido (Centrist)
    Housing: Adri? Ben Yusuf (Centrist)
    Culture: Victor Fournier (Bloc Gavachois)
    Industry: Sergi Alonso (Centrist)

  • Roch adopts bold stance in Sahara crisis

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    Prime Minister Izan Roch has held a press conference at the end of a Cabinet session to reveal the position of the Federal Government on the crisis open by the occupation of Western Sahara by military forces of Inquista, Red Croatia and Rimroth:

    "Ladies and gentlemen:

    The Council of Ministers of the Federal Republic of Northern Caesarea has approved unanimously measures to confront the crisis in the Western Sahara. I think that everybody is aware of the historic, cultural and sentimental affinities between our people and the Sahrawi people. During decades, aid workers from Northern Caesarea have brought hope and cooperation to these lands and children from Western Sahara have benifited of grants to study in Northern Caesarean schools and universities.

    Historically, Northern Caesarean governments, no matter their political color, have defended the right of self-determination of the Sahrawi people and condemned the occupation of the territory by the Marrakechian administration. But we cannot admit the unilateral invasion perpetrated by the armed forces of Inquista, Red Croatia and Rimroth, as it is a clear violation of the international law and of the European Union Law.

    Northern Caesarea will defend a solution for this crisis brought by the force of ballots, not by the bayonets of presumptively well-intentioned foreign occupation armies. For this reason, We demand the withdrawal of all foreign forces, including Marrakechian ones, from Sahrawi territory, the intervention of the European Relief Forces, to mantain order and security and the holding of an autodetermination referendum, audited by the European Union and international observers.

    The Government is following the negociations held in London and hope that they will reach a peaceful end. But, given the implications of a neighbouring nation in the conflict and considering the military movements made by several nations, I have given to the Minister of Defense the order of upgrading the state of alert of our armed forces to DEFCON 3, up from DEFCON 5.

    The Carabineros Corps, which defends the territoral waters, the coast and the terrestial border of the nation is placed under the autority of the Popular Army General Staff and the War Navy General Staff. The National Republican Guard is also in state of alert.

    The President of the Republic is being informed about the crisis developments in real time, in the case that she might address the Senate and the Federal Council".

    Thank you very much"

  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: "We must be alert: the situation in Europe is threatening"

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    In a rare media apparition, Captain General Mario Petrov, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Northern Caesarean Armed Forces, has affirmed that the measures decided recently by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defence are still in force: "We are very happy with the outcome of the London Conference. It seems that finally, war has been avoided. But we cannot forget that our neighboring nations are rearming and showing strong appetites toward imperial adventures in foreign soil. Although We do not fear an attack right now, but we should remain vigilant and follow situations like the crisis in Icholasen".

    Petrov asked politicians to put more money in the military: "in this nation we are excessively accostumed to a peaceful environment. Spending in areas like education or healthcare and much more popular than to invest in defence. Now that the situation in Europe is threatening, we begin to feel the effects of forgetting our military. I think that our politicians must make pedagogy on the importance of our armed forces for the future of our national welfare".

  • Prime Minister Roch visits Military Academy in Gavachie

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    Prime Minister Izan Roch has visited the Champ-De-Mars Academy of the Popular Army, in the north-west region of Gavachie, where future officials are formed. Roch has given the graduates their ceremonial swords and diplomas. In the closure speech after the ceremony, the head of the Government of Northern Caesarea has thanked warmly the young officials for their patriotism and their sacrifice spirit, reminding the audience that the aim of the Armed Forces is to help the people and the nation and to defend them from foreign threats or natural disasters.

    On the ongoing crisis in Europe, the Prime Minister has revealed that he has recalled the ambassador of Northern Caesarea in the Duxburian Union, to inform the Government about the political situation in that contry, the reasons of its intervention in Icholasen against Davishire and its possible implications. Also "our military forces are in DEFCON 3 alert and they will remain in that situation until the political climate in the region returns to normality".

    On the other hand, Roch has dismissed rumors on the possible intervention of Northern Caesarean forces abroad. "President Amat is informed in real time on the situation. She has daily meetings with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defence and, at this moment, she is not willing to send troops out of our borders"

  • Conservative victory in European By-Election

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    • Michael Reed UEC: 48,9%

    • Sam Gyimah ECL 46,4%

    • Anthony Friedman 3,6%

    • Draco Cain UEC 1,1%

  • Regional Elections (I): Government mantains control of the Federal Council

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  • Northern Caesarea celebrates Independence Day

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    The traditional military parade was, as it is traditional, the main attraction in the Independence Day festivities. Units from the People's Army, the Repubic Air Force and the War Navy marched in downtown Aza?a this morning, with the presence of the President of the Republic and Commander General of the Armed Forces, Diana Amat, Prime Minister Izan Roch, the entire Government and all the leaders of the political forces and Regional Governors.

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    Earlier in the morning, President Amat addressed the nation with a message where she expressed "concern about the situation in Europe. Lately we have seen the rising of regimes which depise human lifes, dignity, freedom and all the values we cherish. Many nations prefer to take direct action against real or perceived threats, renouncing to dialog and to a peaceful resolution of conflicts. In this hard days we must turn our attention to the values incarnated in the European Union and ask all its member states to act according to them. This is the only way to ensure a future of peace, cooperation and prosperity in our continent"

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