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    The race to hosting EuroVoice: 6 cities already offered their bids to host the 36th edition of the song contest

    Malborya got their first win on the first try. Now, the mayors want to be honoured with hosting EV in their city.

    (New Day In Malborya)

    "We are indeed very excited to participate in an event like this for the first time, where it's size is unmatched to anything else." Words of Gavril Albert that night, the vote announcer for this edition of the contest.

    Malborya was very excited indeed, debuting for the first time in history. Now that they've won, everyone wants to get a piece of the EV cake. Including the mayors.

    Six cities have already submitted their bids to MBOTV, as well as the arenas they will host on. These cities are;


    Laurent Tattu, the mayor of Rosetta, has talked about their hosting on the local television. "We'd be honored to host EuroVoice's 36th edition. After all, Malborya's largest city deserves Europe's largest event. Our city is very experienced when it comes to these kinds of events. We had thousands of concerts here. I am certain the folk at Veissel Arena will make the best out of this competition." Mr. Tattu said.

    alt text

    Vasilica Da Anna

    "Our history is unmatched to anywhere else in Malborya." said Rosanna Claudia, mayor of our capital for 12 years now. "Eurovoice is all about different cultures and our capital is known for it's rich and fine culture of arts, sports, literature and so much more. Come for the EuroVoice, stay for the city, I'd say! Let's get away from all the flash and let's calm for a while. Ha, that's why the Mother Anna Music Hall exists! It's not that colourful, but we'll give you free milk and cookies."

    alt text


    Mayor of Luna, Ben Marci tweeted this about EuroVoice.

    alt text

    Valeria Arke, the spokesperson for said Marcel Arena said "Every single musician that gave concert at our city have said that they've found the experience truly amazing. Even though we don't get as much exposure as other cities here do, you can truly believe we'll give our soul and heart into it."

    alt text


    "Germany was my favourite though, their vocal performance was fantastic." said Emil Otana, the mayor of Camilla. "Wait a minute, is this thing on? Goddamnit! Well, we've been planning for this for god knows how long! I've been watching this show for YEARS and we only just debut now! How disgusting! Well, since Camilla is the absolute best city in the entire country with the absolute best arena in the entire country, we get to host it! PERIOD! TELL ME, IS THERE ANY ARENA THAT'S BETTER THAN VOLKA? OF COURSE THERE ISN'T!"

    alt text


    Even though the mayor of Juli-Vale, Lucia Daria, never publicly speaking about the contest, there was a private meeting about the topic. According to a person who was in the meeting, (whom also wishes to be anonymous) Ms. Daria said that she will set a new expenditure, where a quarter of the government budget will go to tourism and promoting of the city, solely for EuroVoice. The arena where the contest will be held was also decided in the same meeting, with Arena58 having the majority support.

    alt text


    "I guess... we also want to host it? I mean, we set up massive screens to watch EuroVoice in our park and it was, and let me tell you, it was crowded! Don't even get me started on the aftermath! Oh my God, this is too much even for me sometimes!" Mihai Kalla said in an interview on the radio. "We did place our bids to try our luck. What was the arena again? Emma Dual Arena? Oh wait, yes, Emily Dior Arena."

    alt text

    Not everyone was sold on Eurovoice, though. Luiza Robert, mayor of Porteca said that it was a waste of time to host this "unorganized mess" and mayor of Oni, Artur Mircea said that they just couldn't fund an event this big.

    The info about the contest listed below is expected to be announced this week. Stay tuned to get the latest news about the 36th edition of EuroVoice!

    • Host city
    • The theme of the contest (or if there will be one)
    • How to participate on the 36th edition of EuroVoice
    • The general rules

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    Aqualin to host 36th edition of EuroVoice

    The bidding process has come to an end.

    (New Day In Malborya)

    After a really close race between the 6 cities, MBOTV has decided that Aqualin will be the host city of the 36th edition of the song contest.

    "It's truly amazing that we get to host this competition." Mihai Kalla, mayor of Aqualin said at an interview. "Well, I wasn't really paying attention since I had to go to Camilla for a visit, But it's still awesome! We promise that this competition is going to be so good you're going to feel like you're above clouds! Wait, Above Clouds! That should be the slogan!"

    alt text

    MBOTV spokesperson, Adio Bianca said that there is no specific theme chosen for the 36th version of EuroVoice, however he also said that MBOTV would like to see countries taking the show seriously. Bianca have also announced that MBOTV will start taking entries for the contest around late September.

    Emily Dior Arena will host the 36th Edition of EuroVoice

    The general rules and the guide on how to participate will be announced when MBOTV will start taking entries.

    See you in Aqualin!

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    Meet Emilie Marie-Louise: The face and voice of the 36th edition of EuroVoice Song Contest

    "It's an honour to be the representer of this show" Marie-Louise says.

    (The Malboryan Journal)

    alt text

    The excitement for the next EuroVoice in Aqualin continues. As time passes by, more and more information gets public about the contest. This time, the presenter. MBOTV spokesperson Adio Bianca recently announced that Emilie Marie-Louise will present the thirty-sixth EuroVoice in Aqualin.

    alt text

    Who is Emilie Marie-Louise?

    Emilie Marie-Louise was born in 17 August 1985. She was born and raised in the small town of Auster, located in Rosetta, Malborya. She spent her life there until 2005 when she moved to the capital city, Attaviano to study journalism at The University of Vasilica Da Anna. She is known for being a news reporter at MBOTV from 2010 to 2014, as well as debating politics at Rosa Ponta (Red Point), a political debate program in MBOTV, making her last appearance at September 2018. She currently works as a journalist for Neu Den'i Malborya.

    "When I heard that we won EuroVoice... I just can't express my emotions without words, honestly. You should've been there to see my reaction." Marie-Louise told to The Malboryan Journal. "It's an honour to be the representer of this show. I'm going back to the television after, like, almost a year now. Rusty? Nope! I've been waiting for this moment!"

    The entry applications for the next EuroVoice are expected to start late September.

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    Time is not kind to PMP: Young voters frustrated and demand more action

    Voters aged 25-36 demand more action from PMP as time goes forward


    alt text

    Malborya First Party (PMP) has been on the power since 2008. If they win the 2019 elections, this will be their 4th term as the ruling party. However, their chances of winning it are getting slimmer and slimmer every second.

    Both PMP and Prime Minister Mr. Lacu Eusebiu now have approval levels reaching new lows, never seen before. It is believed that the cause of the sudden sink is because PMP is considered "incompetent", due to their nature of staying silent and inoffensive on extreme issues, like homelessness or the discrimination of the Protestants on Catholic-heavy areas, like Vasilica Da Anna.

    "What we're seeing here is the start of a new age for The Malboryan Republic", says Ester Sonya, a political analyst since PMP took power in the office. "We're seeing a new generation of Malboryans who demand more than things staying the same and business going as usual. They demand change, so they vote for parties that lean more towards the left, like PG or AVM."

    Survey companies also back up Mrs. Sonya's claim. Recent surveys show that PMP has lost around 7% to 14% of it's voters, compared to surveys last year.

    "We are not surprised at all." Mera Birtta, founder of a famous survey company tells Mainecras. "2019 has been a very static year for our country, especially in a year where changes after changes happened in our neighbours and other countries. I, and of course, all Malboryans, wish for the best to our country, and many think PMP is not the best for our country, which, though debatable, might be correct."

    The election is expected to happen at the start of the second half of November 2019.

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    EuroVoice 36 has come to an end

    Céline Dion gets Gallorum it's first EuroVoice victory

    (Gazetta Institut Malborya)

    alt text

    The 36th edition of EuroVoice Song Contest was held on Emily Dior Arena in Aqualin, Region of Krestina, Malborya. Twelve countries have participated this edition. Céline Dion won the contest for Gallorum with the song, "Flying On My Own".

    "TRULY A MEMORABLE EUROVOICE" - Mads Mikkelsen, Vayinaodic spokesperson for EV 36

    Many countries appreciated the effort that was put in this edition's EuroVoice by MBOTV. The visuals and the overall quality of EuroVoice 36 was praised among fans and critics.

    Malboryan Republic has also participated in the contest with the song "1950" by King Princess. Though not winning for a second time, they have achieved a respectable 4th place with 67 points, getting douze points from Saledia.

    Icholasen, host of the EuroVoice 35, has decided to sent an entry in French language for a second time. Lola Le Lann was chosen to represent the island country with the song "Lola à l'eau" They achieved second place, 3 points behind the winner, Gallorum.

    She Drew The Gun, winning group of EuroVoice 35, also performed this EuroVoice, as an interval act, with their song, "Poem".

    alt text

    Emily Dior Arena

    "IT WAS A MAGICAL EXPERIENCE" - Emilie Marie-Louise, host of EuroVoice 36

    "The arena was filled with every emotion you can imagine. Sadness, anger, excitement, happiness... It was a magical experience, to see all the faces and the reactions, especially while hosting, while being a face for it? Mother Anna."

    Emilie Marie-Louise, host of EV 36, seemed exhausted in the green room after the show has ended, but she was still eager enough to share her opinions with us and other journalists.

    "We would like to thank EUBC for making this show a possibility", said Adio Bianca, MBOTV spokesperson. "We would also like to thank the viewers all around Europe and MBOTV employees who have worked very hard to create the best EuroVoice possible. It would not be a reality without you. Malborya will continue it's participation to this show which unites Europe all around, even if it's for a single night. Thank you."

    Bianca has also answered some of the questions by our journalists during the public press conference.

    Q: Will MBOTV continue it's activities for EUBC?

    A: Of course. We will help in everyway we can. We would also like to help Gallorum's broadcaster if they need help for hosting. We will also share our suggestions and new ideas for EuroVoice to shake things up, because, well, there is a chance that the viewers might find it a little stale after a while.

    Q: Will there be a national selection for the next EuroVoice?

    A: I think it is a little early to answer this question right now. The idea of a public selection is one of the biggest discussion topics at MBOTV. But currently, I cannot say anything that is certain.

    Q: Any final words for the winner of EuroVoice 36?

    A: It was well deserved, in my opinion. The performance in Emily Dior was stellar and there was no flaw to be found. Even though I think they've placed us too low, it is their music taste and we cannot judge one for it. I just cannot wait for the show in Gallorum. I think they are going to do a great job at it.

    The next EuroVoice is expected to be held by Gallorum Deux around January.

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    The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Upcoming Malboryan Elections: How Does The System Work? (Part 1)

    A guide for you to survive through all this madness.

    alt text

    (Rosa, Gello o Blu)

    The date of the 2020 Malboryan elections is coming closer and closer. And you probably are panicking because you do not know anything. Don't worry, here, we'll explain!

    First things first, you need to understand how the system works. Malborya has a parliament, and it's called Parlamenta. Unlike many other countries, the parliament is not separated in Malborya. We don't need any upper or lower parliament to make our decisions. Parlamenta consists of three hundred MP's which are elected with this election. This is called the first phase of the election.

    The second phase of this election is where political parties choose their candidate for the prime minister. Here's the twist: Only the political parties who got more than 10% of the vote can choose their candidate. Because of this, the political parties who cannot choose a candidate, usually support other candidates from other political parties, creating alliances.

    The second phase also means that there is a possibility where a party can have the majority in the Parlamenta, but don't get their candidate elected in the second phase. This is effective since the prime minister can veto proposals from Parlamenta for the first and the second time, demanding changes to the proposals.

    Parlamenta, however, can also veto these changes and demand the prime minister to accept the proposal. After the third decline from the Parlamenta, prime minister either accepts the proposal or calls in for a referendum. Parlamenta decides whether there should be a referendum or not. If yes, a referendum is held 2 months later the decision.

    If Parlamenta declines prime minister's request to hold a referendum, the prime minister has to accept the proposal and add it to the constitution. If not, the prime minister can legally be voted to get impeached by the Parlamenta.

    This is the end of Part 1. In Part 2, we will talk about the political parties that will enter the 2020 Malboryan Elections. Until next time, bye-bye!

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    Protests spark in major cities after Ms Ioneli's decision to vote against the Elected and Accountable Council Act

    Over 200 people were arrested during the protests, MPD says


    alt text

    Councillor Edward Firoux, one of the most famous politicians in the European Union, has proposed a new act, called Elected and Accountable Council Act. According to Mr Firoux himself, "The European Union is dedicated to promoting democracy and good governance. In order to, therefore, legitimize itself as a fully democratic institution, and to make itself accountable to the European people, the European Council shall become a democratically-elected body chosen directly by the people of the European Union."

    Ms Ectsi Ioneli, the Councillor of the Malboryan Republic, was against this act and openly expressed this on Twitter, only to be dragged harder than John Oliver. Whoops!

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    But of course, the anger of Malboryans who wanted a fairer system in their country didn't stop on Twitter and leaked into the streets. It is said that almost 170,000 people protested the decision worldwide. Over 50,000 people participated in the protests on Acelany alone.

    Fehle Lekille, one of the protesters in Malbory, said "We don't want stupid puppets to represent us at the Council! We demand one of the simplest of our rights, electing! And we will be on the streets until we get it!"

    The Malboryan Police Department, or MPD, has announced that they arrested over 200 people so far. But protesters say this number is higher than what MPD says. Leader of the Green Party reports that the MPD has arrested well over a thousand people, but it is unknown which is true.

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    The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Upcoming Malboryan Elections: Who Are The Political Parties? (Part 2)

    A guide for you to survive through all this madness.

    alt text

    (Rosa, Gello o Blu)

    Hello, and welcome to another chapter of The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Upcoming Malboryan Elections. In this part, we will talk about the political parties that will enter the Malboryan elections.

    A - Malborya First Party - Prima Malborya
    Established: 1985
    Ideology: Centre, Centre-right

    Ruling party since 2008, MFP is a secular centrist party that isn't well known for its radical policies. Many left-leaning people criticize them for this and say they are not efficient enough. MFP, unfortunately, struggles with attracting the new generation of voters that are coming through, and experts say this will be the reason for MFP's loss.

    B - Alternative for Malborya - Alternativ vor Malborya
    Established: 1989
    Ideology: Centre-left, social democrat

    Speaking of young voters, AFM manages to attract them better than MFP does, as they are more vocal on social issues, as well as economic issues. AFM takes examples from other social-democratic countries in the European Union. Their main goals are: reducing poverty, reducing discrimination, extending the rights of the LGBT+ community, and raise the minimum wage.

    C - Workers Party - Parteschiv
    Established: 1997 (unofficial), 2011 (official)
    Ideology: Left, far-left, communist

    Parteschiv was created as an activist group in 1997, under the name of "The One-Eyed Eagle". During this time, they were known for their protests and influential activism. After 2010, Malborya abolished the two-party system and replaced it for a multi-party system. This is when the group renamed itself to Parteschiv in 2011.

    Parteschiv supports the idea of putting the lower middle class and peasants into higher positions, as well as total government control of the economy. It is semi-popular among young adults, who think AFM is "too centrist"

    D - Green Party - Parte Gren
    Established: 2015
    Ideology: Left, far-left (at times)

    One of the newest parties that will enter the election, Green Party aims to reduce the significance of agriculture and mining in the Malboryan economy. The party gets more and more popular, especially among the youth, as climate change becomes a trending issue for the world, as well as Malborya.

    E - Party for Our Mother - Parta vor Mama Anna
    Established: 2007 (unofficial), 2010 (official)
    Ideology: Far-right

    A right-wing party created solely around Catholicism. They are the most controversial party in the nation, due to their anti-EU stance, their xenophobic statements against non-Catholics and Inko-Malboryans and their repeated support for extremist groups and policies.

    F - Party for The Truth - Parta vor Trutt
    Established: 2011
    Ideology: Centre, centre-left

    PVT was created solely around Lutheranism and as a response to repeated slander from PFOM, though they are not as extremist as PFOM. They hold some centre-left views and support many AFM policies.

    F - The Party of Klokism - Parte'o Klokism
    Established: 2017
    Ideology: Centre

    Like PVT and PFOM, TPOK is also a religious party, created around a religion that is only in Malborya, Klokism. TPOK doesn't have a political stance, and they tend to support whoever supports or speaks positively about Klokism.

    And these are the parties Malboryans will vote for the upcoming election! See you next time.

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