Councillor Committees Sign Up

  • Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

    In a move to reform the activity in the council chamber, the European commission are seeking to create committees to support the activities of each office thus making the activities of the office more transparent.

    I would therefore encourage all councillors to sign up to serve on the committee of an office they feel they can contribute the most to.

    The way this would work is that the commissioner of an office would chair its appropriate committee. If any councillor wants to raise an issue to discuss in the committee the protocol would be as follows:

    1. The councillor would pm the commissioner of the committee telling them the subject they wish to discuss

    2.The commissioner is then duty bound to present the subject before the committee,obviously one cannot present material that is offensive or inappropriate hence this vetting process

    3. The commissioner then opens a floor of discussion and debate

    4. The commissioner then asks if a policy can be made form this particular discussion through a simply vote

    5. If the subject gets a majority vote the commissioner and the councillor who brought it to committee then create the bill taking on board the discussion and present it before the whole council in the usual manner.



    yours in friendship and union
    Maleeka Liszckoszi
    Premier of the European Commission

  • Dominik Frank for Internal Affairs Committee, if one would allow it?

  • I'd be most pleased if I could be part of the Economics Committee.

    • Dr. William Roebuck

  • Mme. Weiterhau?en is most interested in a position on the Internal Affairs Committee.

  • Admin

    Naturally, Alexander Kligenberg would be satisfied with a position in the Economic Commissioner's Committee.

  • Felipe Gomez would be very happy with a position in the Committee for Internal Affairs.

  • Sir Francis DeBoyle would be very pleased and has expressed interest in sitting on the Committee of Foreign Affairs.

  • Admin

    Anatoly Keith would like to sit on the Defence Committee.

  • Admin

    Acwellan Devoy would be most interested in the Internal Affairs committee, although the Defense committee is a viable 2nd choice, seeing as a lot of councillors are already on Internal Affairs.

  • Councillor Livia Arcturus would be most interested in serving in the Internal Affairs Committee; secondary and tertiary choices would be Economics and Defence Committees.

  • Councillor Tonio Borg would be very pleased with a position in the Committee for Foreign Affairs, or Committee for Internal Affairs if it's possible

  • Jules Borde would be interested in a position in the Defence Committee.

  • Admin

    The Duxburian Union wishes to reserve the right of councillors to discuss any subject, even if it might be considered offensive or inappropriate. The Constitution specifies that "All views, no matter how radical or conservative, can be voiced in the European Council." If the Premier intends for these committees to be extensions of their corresponding Commission offices, then the venue should be moved to the Commission. The Constitution allows Commissioners to set their own internal policy for the most part, but speech cannot be restricted in the Council.

  • 1st Pick: Economics, 2? pick: Defence.

    Mikel Espinosa
    European Council Delegate

  • Admin

    The Foreign Affairs Committee has been established:

  • Commission XI will see to it that the Committee program continues. Over the past few months, there have been many changes as well as additions of Councillors here in Europolis. I ask that Councillors re-register to a Committee and that new Councillors choose to become member to one. Feel free to choose which ever office you please, I will not restrict you to the office you have previously chosen. I have a good feeling about the work that will stem from these Committees.

    Lets get to work!

    Dominik Frank
    Premier Commissioner

  • Councillor DeBoyle would like to take a role in the Defence and Peacekeeping Office.

  • Jaxson Marshall will like to serve under the Commissioner of Foreign Affairs.

  • Admin

    Acwellan Devoy resigns from the Internal Affairs Committee and would like to join the Defense Committee.

  • Kairos Jelesniak would like to join the Internal Affairs Committee