Mercedes-Benz Automobile

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    ''The Luxary and Greatness''

    Headquarters: Casablanca
    Founded: 1900
    Products: Automobiles
    Revenue: ?98 billion (2011)
    Profit: ?4.77 billion (2011)
    Employees: 232,758

    • 100% Marrakechian Government

    Current orders:

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    ((OOC: I am puzzled by the large profits this company produces. Technically, this company shouldn't even exist, considering that Marrakechia as a whole doesn't even spend money on automobile manufacturing, and if anything, spends most of it's money importing cars, not making them.

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    You have -7 Automobile manufacturing points. Also, this company makes more money than the Ford Motor Company, a company that should be wealthier because their country actually has positive points in car manufacturing.))

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    OOC: Lol

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