Brecon Seeks Loan...

  • Brecon's Ministry of Defence wishes to raise 254.3 billion to fund operations after direct funding from the government was frozen by recent legislation.

    Offers for either the entire amount or multiple offers for a smaller fraction of the total from different parties are acceptable.

    (OOC: If you are making an offer I think the main things to include would be the name of the institution, the amount of the offer, and the interest rate. Feel free to ask questions or negotiate terms.)

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    ((OOC: 254bn florins, NS$, or Euros?))

  • ((OOC: QUOTE (Angleter @ Jan 21 2012, 01:10 PM)

    ((OOC: 254bn florins, NS$, or Euros?))

    Good question of Angleter.))

    The Occoronian Banco Santander is willing to start negotiations with the Breconian government. It would be able to fund the entire amount. However, it is also interested in a smaller part.

  • We would like to open negotiations with the Occoronian Banco Santander; from our perspective it would be simplest if Banco Santander funded the entire amount as long as the interest rate was reasonable.

    (OOC: It would be florins.)

  • Banco Santander is prepared to fund the entire amount.

    How long is the Breconian government willing to take the loan, so when is it going to pay the amount back? If we know that, we can make a proposal about the interest rate.

    ((OOC: If I managed to convert it properly, 254.3 billion florins is 324.44 billion soleares.

  • The length of the loan would depend on our internal political situation. Once funding to the Ministry of Defence has been restored we would hope to be able to immediately repay the principal and a substantial part of the interest, with the remainder of the interest repaid shortly after payment of the principal.

    (OOC: I need an issue to reduce my taxes below 100%, once I have that I can use an issue to increase military spending to 1%. So I will need loans until I get an issue reducing taxes by a lot (hopefully soon, but possibly several months if I am unlucky). Perhaps a you could set an interest rate for a RL month?)

  • Brecon is a strong economy, with a strong currency. It has a trade deficit, but Banco Santander has got no problem with that. It has a hight GDP, GDP per capita and the employment rate is also very high.

    Banco Santander is more concerned about the internal political situation in Brecon. As it is also rather unclear when the government will be able to repay, Banco Santander proposes an interest rate of 5.3%.

    ((OOC okay, that's no problem!))

  • We agree to the terms outlined and look forward to continuing to cooperate with the Banco Santander.

  • We are very happy with the agreement.

  • Brecon wishes to pay the principal of 254.3 billion florins to Banco Santander and would like to arrange for payment of the interest in the near future. We thank Banco Santander for their assistance. (OOC: payment of the principal now and payment of the compounded interest on RL March 31?)

  • Banco Santander thanks the Breconian government for their confidence.

    We accept the payment of 254.3 billion florins now, and agree with the proposal to pay the interest (13.4779 billion florins) later.

    ((OOC: RL March 31 is perfect!))

  • This one is really a big step by the government .Ministry of Defence wishes to get the most of the prize in the end but it is not that easy to get. I am sure that government has the right mind set up to do this in a particular manner. To collect the money for the welfare is really very necessary . Some companies really keeping close eye on it make sure they get correct benefit as market arises

  • As agreed on the 26th of February, Bacno Santander expects the interest (13.4779 billion florins) to be payed some time today.

  • Payment of the interest due to Banco Santander will be completed by the deadline, we again appreciate Banco Santander's assistance.

  • We thank Brecon again for their trust in our company, and we are very happy with this successful cooperation.

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