Operation Insanity

  • DK officials have now developed the most fearsome weapon in it's arsenal: The Ignore Cannon. All incoming attacks will be struck by this weapon, until the enemy's metagaming missiles are stopped.

  • Admin

    Unfortunately for you, everything I've fired not only exists in the Chinese arsenal, but does exactly what I've posted that they do. That, and Italian interceptors can't shoot high enough to do anything about it.

    Not Godmodding. China has actually fired a tactical EMP at a US warship, in 2009, and has openly expressed intent to fire strategic ones at the US in the event of even a hint of war between the two countries.

    You can't call everything metagaming just because you don't like the action taken. Everything I've done is within my power. I didn't even post the detonations, since it would be your turn to RP the results. Which, according to Aster 30 altitude range, is successful detonation.

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