Acronyms and Abbreviations of the Region

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    List of Common Acronyms and Abbreviations in the EU

    Excluding National Newspapers and Broadcasters for the moment.

    10KI - Ten Thousand Islands (region)
    ABS - Abstain
    AR - Aesop Rocks (nation)
    ANG - Angleter (nation)
    AU - Aleutia (nation)
    AUS - Austrur (nation)
    B - Gun-Toting Animals Bullet (currency)
    BAV - Bavaria (nation)
    BEL - Belarum (nation)
    BRE - Brecon (nation)
    BOBO - Borvosky (nation)
    CiB - Catalunya i Balears (nation)
    CJ - Chief Justice
    COM - Commissioner
    CTE - Cease to Exist
    D&F - Derbyshire and Fife (nation)
    DEF - Defense
    DK - Dromund Kaas (nation)
    DQ - Dim Quai (nation) or
    DQ - Disqualified
    DU - Duxburian Union (nation)
    DUX - Duxburian Union (nation)
    EUR - Euro (currency)
    EC - European Commission or
    EC - European Constitution or
    EC - European Council
    ECC - European Constitutional Committee
    ECoJ - European Court of Justice
    ECO - Economic(s)
    ECON - Economic(s) ECR - European Conservatives and Reformists
    EEC - European Economic Community
    EFP - European Freedom Party
    EGT - Europe's Got Talent
    EHIC - European Health Insurance Card Act
    ELDL - European Liberal and Democratic League
    ELP - European Liberal Party
    EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse
    EHNA - European Highway Numbering Act
    ENAA - European Nuclear Applications Authority
    EP - European Parliament
    EPP - European Peoples' Party
    EPP-ED - European Peoples' Party - European Democrats
    EU - European Union (region)
    EUBC - European Union Broadcasting Community
    EUC - European Union Council (bill IDs)
    EUOT - European Union Overseas Territories (region)
    EUSC - European Security Council
    EV - EuroVoice
    FA - Foreign Affairs or
    FA - French Albyon (nation)
    FAC - Foreign Affairs Committee
    FH - Free Hashimia (nation)
    GBR - United Kingdom (nation)
    GDP - Gross Domestic Product
    GDR - GroBdeutsches Reich (nation)
    GTA - Gun-Toting Animals (nation)
    HRE - Holy Roman Empire (nation)
    IA - Internal Affairs
    IAC - Internal Affairs Committee
    IC - In Character (role-play) or
    IC - Industrial Credit
    INQ - Inquista (Nation)
    JUS - ECoJ Justice
    K: - Duxburian Kael (currency)
    KRY - Kryuland (nation)
    LSE - London Stock Exchange
    LO - Laois-Offaly (nation)
    LU - Luvenburg (nation)
    MARR - Marrakechia (nation)
    MD - Marrakechian Dirham (currency)
    MiE - Monogolia in Exile (nation)
    MON - Monogolia (nation)
    NA - Not Applicable
    NAY - No
    NIQ - North Inquista (nation)
    NC - Northern Caesarea (nation)
    NS - NationStates
    NS$ - NationStates Dollar (currency)
    NSD - NationStates Dollar (currency)
    NSE - NationStates Economy
    NST - NationStates Tracker (Absolution)
    OCC - Occoron (nation)
    OOC - Out of Character (not role-play)
    OsC - Os Corelia (nation)
    £ - United Kingdom Pound (currency)
    PAR - Pärnu (nation)
    PAX - Pax Aurea (nation)
    PC - Premier Commissioner
    PEL - Party of the European Left
    PES - Party of European Socialists
    PREM - Premier Commissioner
    RP - Role Play
    RR - Rhine Ruhr
    S&D - Party of European Socialists and Democrats
    S - Occoron Soleares (currency)
    SC - European Union Security Council
    SU - Soviet Union (nation)
    TDH - Tierra del Helios (nation)
    UDoHR - Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    UK - United Kingdom (nation)
    UN - Unfreedomia (nation)
    YEA - Yes

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