Foreign Investment Marrakechia

  • Upon the Economy becoming a Powerhous, investors coming all over Europe has came to the announcement of Foreign Investment.

    "The Kingdom of Marrakechia opens it doors to European Union Citizens and Investors to invest into Marrakechian Economy which leads both sides richer and a great profit.

    We have starred many building project for our cities and we welcome foreign plans of building business centres which can heavily decrease the unemployment rate of Marrakechia.

    Ladies and Gentleman let the great future of Marrakechia begin.


    [b]Business Centre Name:[/b]
    [B]City:[/B] (Check the factbook of Marrakechia)
    [img]Project Plan/Map[/img]
    [b]Descprition of the plan:[/b]
    [B]Investor Name/Company:[/B]

  • Business Centre Name: Ferrero's new complex of offices
    City: F?s

    user posted image

    Descprition of the plan: This new complex of Ferrero's offices is aimed to reconnoitre the Kingdom of Marrakechia, to know and analyse its economy in order to establish, in the nearest future, a series of industries to improve this country's economy, to enlarge our range of action and to spread the delicious Nutella and other products even here.
    Investor Name/Company: Ferrero (More informations can be found by clicking here)

    Business Centre Name: ŻKN's oil's extraction complex
    City: Region rich of petrol (which is, according to our reprts, the area around Casablanca)

    user posted image

    Descprition of the plan: This oil's extraction complex consists in a series of drill aimed to extract petrol from the rich soil of the area around Casablanca, which then will be exported in the other EU countries and distribuited all over Marrakechia
    Investor Name/Company: ŻKN [Żejt tal-korp nazzjonali (National Body of oil/Ente nazionale idrocarburi)] More informations can be found by clicking here

  • We thank the appicants from Kryuland it will go under review.

  • Several companies from Pax Aurea have expressed their interest in the Marrakechian market, with a specific focus in the recovering Western Saharan region.

    Business Centre Name: Domus Terrae Bonae
    City: La?youne

    user posted image

    Descprition of the Plan: Terra Bona Agriculture is looking for options to expand its agricultural operations into Marrakechia. Its primary emphasis lies in extensive irrigation programs, turning patches of hospital landscape into more prosperous farming communities. Terra Bona has decades-long experience in its trade, having created and succeeded in several similar projects in the arid island province of Provincia Siroccis. The company has received financial encouragement from the government to invest on the training of regular Western Saharan farmers to increase the level of education among the less fortunate and recude unemployment by employing the locals who know the land best.
    Investor Name/Company: Terra Bona Agriculture


    Business Centre Name: Solar Tower Complex
    City: Marrakech

    user posted image

    Descprition of the Plan: The Saharan sands offer tremendous possibilities for solar energy output. Sol Solutions, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and developer of solar panels and other solar power related technologies in Pax Aurea. Its plan consists of building several "solar panel farms" in the Saharan desert, where sunlight is aplenty and the conditions excellent for benefitting from it. The company would agree for a set quota (c. 10%) of the produced power to be sold directly to the nearby local communities, while also desiring to bring forth a new, green source of energy to the European electric market.
    Investor Name/Company: Sol Solutions, Inc.

  • The projects will be presented to the King.

  • Joint press-release from Ferrero and ŻKN

    CEO of Ferrero and of ŻKN were asking themselves when the answer from the Marrakechian government would arrive, since the construction of both complex is an enormuos investiment of money for both companies.

  • Both Companies has been accepted to operate within Marrakechia.

    It is required half of the employees to be Marrakechian Citizenship to keep unemployment rate low.

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