Derectan application to the ENAA

  • EU

    Nation Name: The Republic of Derecta
    Applicant's name and applicant's authority to apply on behalf of their nation: The Hon. Rodrigo Menéndez, Minister of Defence and Internal Affairs
    Nation's IC Count (must be greater than 0): 46,286
    Does your nation meet minimum requirements for nuclear weapon production?: Yes
    Reasons for applying: Derecta needs the means to deter aggression. For instance, our Head of State and Government has just been kidnapped, and being the 4th economy in Europe makes us vulnerable to terrorists and rogue nations demanding the payment of ransom.

    Reasons for approval: Derecta is a democratic, progressive and modern country, committed to the maintaining of world peace, brotherhood between nations and geopolitical stability. It would never use these weapons as a means to subjugate less developed countries.

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