Merger with ECR

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    Once again, the ICC in New Birmingham would host the EPP's conference, yet this one would be far more important than those before it- despite, or due to, the fact that fewer than ever would turn up. Anatoly Keith sought to explain to the audience why they were here.

    Hello all.

    In past months, our party has been in terminal decline. First the creation of the EFP, and then that of the ECL, has left our party in its weakest position since- probably- its foundation. The right in general, indeed, has been fundamentally weakened, and even the S&D are on the rise. We need to reclaim the initiative, we need to present a strong case for our values, and we need to unite. Currently, our party, and the ECR, are on the peripheries of the European Union's politics, divided and weak. This must change.

    To this end, I propose to you that we approach the European Conservatives & Reformists with a view to a merger between our two parties. I believe that uniting the Right would be beneficial for both parties, based in our common values of tradition, national sovereignty, small government, and common sense. Together, we can present a strong, united, and active vision for a better EU, and compete with the EFP, S&D, and ECL.

    Unless anyone speaks out, voting shall begin in three days' time.

  • The Occoronian Partido Conservador will support this move. We think this is the best option to strengthen the position of the European Conservatives.

  • "The Anglican Christian Democrats of the United Kingdom will fully support this measure as the right take back Europe from the over-liberalization of our region."

    • Father Jamie Donovan
      Leader of the Anglican Christian Democrats

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    Voting time! Huzzah! All member parties may vote. You have two days (it was going to be three, but voting's started a day late).

    The Democratic Party of Angleter votes FOR.

  • The Partido Conservador from the Democratic Republic of Occoron votes FOR.

  • THE Conservative Christian Democratic Rally supports the merger

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    So the results are 3-0 in favour of the merger.

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