Merger with the EPP

  • Greetings esteemed members and supporters. I thank you all for attending this event at such short notice.

    The past few months have seen the European Conservatives and Reformists become weakened, often considered little more than a fringe party. While this is certainly not the case, we cannot deny that our party has seen better days. Membership is at an all time low, and we have yet to surpass our record of one elected Commissioner. Competition from the left and centre has damaged our party severely. That is why I am here today.

    I propose that the European Conservatives and Reformists merge with the European People's Party. It is with great regret that I say both our parties are not in favourable situations. The EPP was unable to field a candidate for the recent Commission elections, while the ECR decided against the idea. If we wish to take back our elected positions, we must work together.

    The Socialists and Democrats, European Freedom Party, and of course the European Classical Liberals, far outpace us with regards to membership and elected officials. Indeed, competition between ourselves and the EPP has often weakened the conservative vote. If we wish to become the dominant force in this Union, as I know we can be, we must exceed the strength of these parties. To do this, we must merge with our closest idealogical allies.

    The values you and I hold dear are under attack. My colleague, John Walters, Councillor for Halsberg, readily defends our noble vision every day in the European Council. But we can do more. If we combine our resources, the centre-right of the European Union will flourish and grow. Only if we work together. So I ask you all, support this proposition. We can, and will, become your conservative champion.

    I call upon the member parties of this great movement to make their voices heard regarding this proposal. If no one comes forward against the merger, we shall hold a ballot 3 days from now. Thank you very much.

    Christopher Brown
    Leader of the European Conservatives & Reformists

  • _Wir haben nichts dagegen: unsere Europartei soll verst?rkert werden, wir haben nicht zu Unrecht eine starke Stimme zur Europ?ische Union; die Sozialisten, auf der anderen Seite, sagen dumme Dinge und wollten mit ihren dummen Reformen und Konzepten Europa reformieren.

    Deshalb, wird die Nationale Konservative Partei sicherlich diese Gewerkschaft unterst?tzen.

    We have nothing against it: our europarty has to be renforced, we don't have unfairly a strong voice int he european union; the socialists, on the other hand, say stupid things and want to reform europe with their stupid reforms and concepts

    Therefore, the National Conservative Party will support this merge._

  • Voting for the merger is now open. It will last for two days. I invite all member parties to exercise their democratic rights with regards to this proposal.

    Christopher Brown, Party Leader, votes FOR a merger with the European People's Party.

  • We vote FOR the merger

  • Die Nationale Konservative Partei ist F?R diese Gewerkschaft.

    The National Conservative Party is FOR this merge.

  • Voting is now closed. With three votes for and zero against, the merger with the EPP has been approved by the European Conservatives and Reformists.

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