So you want to write a bill?

  • Political role-play makes up a large part of what we do here on the forums and legislation is one of the best activity generators for us. Writing legislation, however, can be a difficult task that requires a strong effort to come up with something solid. When done right it can be a rewarding accomplishment as well as a great learning experience. So here are some tips to help you with writing a bill.

    1. Know and state your objective

    Knowing what you hope to accomplish is one of the most important steps in this process. If you don?t have a clear objective then it will be hard to write the rest of the bill. Everything that you write for legislation should represent a means for accomplishing the goal.

    2. Detail how you are going to achieve the objective

    Now obviously we don?t want 200 page pieces of legislation like you would see in Real Life. However, we do want to see enough detail so that it is clear what you are trying to accomplish and how you will accomplish that. Things you might want to include are how you will fund the legislation, or when it takes effect. If the legislation creates an organization you should include who will be in the organization and what their responsibilities are. If the legislation creates a voting body what are the procedures for voting and what % is necessary?

    3. Try to limit uncertainty

    As long as laws exist people will always try to find loopholes in them. If you aren?t careful when writing your legislation you will open up others to use these loopholes to undermine the goal you set out to accomplish.

    You also want to try to make sure that everyone understands what your proposal wants to accomplish, how it will accomplish that, and what it all means. Lack of clarity can lead to confusion and opposition.

    I?m sure that much more could be written on this topic but this should help get you started. A good practice would be once you have an idea, search online for similar legislation that exists in the real world. We don?t want to see an exact copy of that but it should give you an idea of some of the information you will have to include. You may also want to look at other bills that have been passed before on the forums. You can get an idea of how to structure the legislation and what people have felt was written well.

    If anyone wants to add something to this topic feel free to do so. I?m sure if anyone needs help you could ask me or someone else. We?re a helpful bunch.

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