ECSTO Resignation

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    As required by charter Os Corelia gives it's one month notice of leaving ECSTO and I Kalistus Xavier hereby resign my tenure as secretary general. We feel with the inactivity form the Grossdeutches -Reich, whom all legislation in this organisation is based around we cannot make progress. Thus making ECSTO pointless.

  • Technically one could not announce departure from ECSTO for another month, but then again since when has this treaty been effective...

    Rhine Ruhr will be leaving ECSTO as well, except we will not be bothering with waiting for a month. Our immediate departure shall become official on 10/2/12.

  • I wanted merely ask my collegues for what reasons they are resignating from the ECSTO. Is that just a question of low activity of GroBdeutsches Reich?

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    We can't progress with a treaty so bound to one nation, especially when that nation is inactive meaning we can't expand without the blessing of a nation missing form our chambers.

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