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    Flag of the United Provinces of Ireland

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    Ensign of the United Provinces of Ireland

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    Official name: The United Provinces of Ireland (Cúigí Aontaithe na hÉireann)
    Shortened name: Ireland (Éireann)
    Abbreviation: IRL, IRE
    Demonym: Irishman/Irish (noun), Irish (adjective)
    Capital city: Dublin (1.1 million)
    National motto: “Éire go, Deo!”
    National anthem: Londonderry Air
    National colours: Green and orange

    Government type: Unitary parliamentary republic
    Legislature: Oireachtas
    Legislature type: Bicameral assembly

    • Lower House: Dáil Éireann
    • Upper House: Seanad Éireann
      Head of State: President Mary McAleese (in second term of 7 years)
      Head of Government: Taoiseach Frances Fitzgerald TD (Fine Gael)
      Highest court: Supreme Court of Ireland

    Location: On the Irish Peninsula in Scandinavia, including the island of Leinster
    Total area: 42,924 km2
    Terrain and landscape: A country of low, central plains and some high coastal rocky features and mountains. Areas of interest include the Giant's Causeway, highland areas towards the coasts and land border.
    Climate: Temperate maritime climate; warm and humid summers and cool winters. It does rain 176 days of the year
    Average daily mean: 9-10°C
    Average total precipitation per year: 1100 mm

    Population: 10.1 million
    Population density: 230/1 km2
    Urban population: 64%
    Literacy rate: 99.8%
    Official languages: English and Irish
    Ethnicity: Irish: 82.2%, Irish Traveller: 0.7%, Other White: 9.5% (total White: 92.4%), Non-EU: 2.1%, Black: 1.3%, Other: 1.5%, Not Stated: 2.6% (2016)
    Official religion: None
    Religion: 78.8% Catholic
    Suffrage: 18 years of age (age of adulthood); universal

    National currency: Irish pound (£)
    National currency exchange rate: £1 = €1.08
    GDP: €145 billion
    GDP per capita: €14,388
    Average salary: £14,916
    Unemployment rate: 3.7%

    Time zone: Central European Time (CET) (UTC+1); Central European Summer Time (CEST) (UTC+2)
    Date format: DD-MM-YYYY
    Calling Code: +353
    Drives on the: left
    Internet code: .ie

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    Political Parties of the United Provinces of Ireland

    Fine Gael - centre-right to right

    Labour - centre-left to left

    Liberal Alliance - centrist

    Solidarity - far left

    Green - centre-left; ecological

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