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  • To All,

    As I said throughout my campaign I wish to make this Commission as open and transparent as possible. In order to accomplish this I am prepared to make myself available to all who request it. This means Councilors and other Commissioners need not be afraid to come to me with ideas, questions or concerns. I will also make myself available to any nation that seeks to meet with me and voice more national concerns. It has been recent practice for the Premier to go on a tour throughout Europe towards the end of their term I am making myself available for the whole term. And finally anyone can pick my brain through the Premier Commissioner Questions. The door to my office is always open, so please find your way in.


    Premier Bass

  • Television Address to Europe:

    My Fellow Europeans,

    The last couple days have been trying for far too many people. During a time in which the holiday spirit is supposed to fill the air with joy and love, we?ve seen senseless violence committed against innocent people. These people were Aureans and Englishmen, Inquistans and most of all Europeans. They were mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. And they were Presidents and Archbishops. We grieve for these people, who were cut down before their time, and did not and could not know that this week would be their last.

    Sadly the tragedy does not end with the deceased. The many they have touched in their lives are now left with a hole inside of them. For as many who have died this last week in planned attacks, there are countless others who are in great pain trying to make sense of the events and left to mourn their loved ones. In the cases of Pax Aurea and Inquista the tragedy has even another dimension. The deaths of President Glorius and Archbishop Donwick have shaken entire nations. Aureans and Inquistans looked to their respective leaders with admiration, knowing they represented the best of what was and what could be of their nations and now they are left with uncertainty about the future.

    All of the families affected are left with uncertainty. They don?t know how they will fill the holes in their hearts. They don?t know when they will ever experience normalcy in their lives again. They don?t know when they will smile again. For them uncertainty rules the day but it doesn?t have to. It is now at this time that these people need the support of their friends, their communities, and the rest of this Union; because in an uncertain world we can and should provide them with some semblance of certainty. It is true that we cannot take back the events of the last week or bring back their loved ones, but we still have some important things to offer. We can give them the certainty of our love. We can give them the certainty that we will be there to help them grieve. We can give them the certainty that they are in our thoughts and prayers. We can give them the certainty that we care. We owe it to the memories of all those who have died in the series of attacks this week to be a rock for those they left behind and to provide that certainty.

    It may seem that darkness has descended on Europe but as long as we stick together it never will. Hand in hand the spirit of unity will always be our light. It will always guide us through troubling times and comfort us when we?re feeling hopeless. We as a Union must and will shine this light on those affected by the recent tragedies. For all of you who are hurting, for all of you filled with doubts, and for all of you with broken hearts and misty eyes, know that you are not alone. We care for you, love you and will be there for you now when you need it most.

    My condolences and best wishes for all.

  • "Europeans: I stay faithful to the Commitments I made in my Campaign. There will be Commission, Council, and EuroParty reform. Proposed and voted on by you. This will start as soon as soon as is possible, and will include a Proposition Phase, a Discussion & Amendments phase. Then, Europe will vote on the Amendments and then the finalised Proposal. Disarmament talks will also go ahead, and as it was in my first campaign for Commission XX, I stick by the Repeal of the Nuclear Weapons Act. Also, I will stay close to my promise of protecting heritage, the "Language Heritage Act" will soon be written up by me and the Duchess of Saint Pierre and put onto the Council Floor.

    I'd like to thank my fellow Commission runners. Especially those who took inspiration from my Campaign office. The usage of Media to promote your Campaign is a cause I am happy to spread, and encourage. As IT is the future. I'd also like to thank those who voted for me, and also the people who didn't. As voting is incredibly important to our Democratic Union. And, as such, you can ask Questions about my plans (though all will be revealed later this week), and anything else you may wish to ask.

    Some might say 4 months isn't long enough to implement change, but my work ethic, and the work ethic of my Cabinet (which I have already seen to be outstanding) will be able to bring change, and bring it well." - Eilidh Whiteford.

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