Ministry of Internal Affairs

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    So far, the Ministry includes representatives from these nations:

    Secretary of Internal Affairs: Prof. Scheldon List (Dim Quai)

    Director of European Central Bank: Dr. Irving Ashland (Peace-Loving States)

    Director of European News Consortium: Dr. Alton Pery (Cherubrokker)

  • Dim Quai will nominate Prof. Scheldon List, formerly the permanant secretary of the Dim Quai revenue office. Prof. List has past experience of cost minimising excersizes and I feel he will make a valuable addition to the Tristan Administration.

  • The Federation of Cherubrokker would like to nominate Dr. Alton Pery for the position of Director of European News Consortium.
    Dr. Pery has a Phd in Journalism and a Masters degree in International Relations and has been one of Cherubrokkers top journalists for more than 30 years.

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  • Following considerable pressure by the government, Dr. Irving Ashland has agreed to be considered for the position of Director of the European Central Bank. Dr Ashland obtained his Ph.D. in Economics from the National Autonomous University of Peace-Loving States and served for several years as Chief Economist for the Central Bank of Peace-Loving States.

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