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    As part of the bill we are required to commission creative calls. These will be specific collaborative ideas on projects. We have the freedom to specify particular nations to work with each other if we feel there are tensions. We also have the freedom to specify an amount.

    For example:

    The EACF board is looking for an artist from Duxburian Union and an artist from Northern Caesarea to create a dramatic theatre production about shared heritages. The concepts can be abstract or more concrete.

    The grant for this project is ?30,000

    So ideas for our first call please

    Count Kairos Jelesniak

  • With all due respect to the architects and original designers of the European Council and Commission buildings in Europolis, the complexes would benefit from some fresh new art that captivates and symbolizes what the European Union is all about! Granted, one finds a statue here and a painting there, but something entirely new and breathtaking to welcome anyone who steps inside either one of these buildings, or arrives on their courtyeards.

    How about we issue a call to any artist of any nation to present and produce a stunning piece of art to symbolize the principles of the EU? The EACF board can then vote for their preferred work and award the artist with a sum of money, or at least pay the expenses of the work. Or, if it comes to that, choose several of the works.

    The genre is free -- paitings, sculptures, statues, waterworks, audiovisual drama... Anything goes if it can be practically applied to the location!

    Nadira Orcello

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    I really like Councillor Orcello's idea, are there any more suggestions or feedback comments on Councillor Orcello's proposal?

  • Perhaps we should present this offer to the artists of Europe, then? We could emphasize that a team effort by artists from several countries would be most appreciated, to further symbolize our mutual bond of friendship and common European culture we all share in all of its unique aspects.

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    The Builders of Peace

    Europolis Monument

    The 12-persons-strong Aurean sculptor-designer group Simulacra wishes to unveil its proposal for a decorative monument for the European Council or Commission complex.

    The work of art is named "Builders of Peace" and depicts a group of persons of different European nationalities, standing side by side with their eyes turned to a shared future horizon, while releasing a triplet of doves. The statue has been scuplted using Aurean white marble and coated with copper.

    It stands 24.5 meters high. For transportation, it can be disassembled into smaller parts.

    Simulacra has envisioned a water pool and a rose garden or an arboretum around the monument.

  • The proposal of Premier Liszckoszi rings very true to the purpose of this Board. It promotes arts and culture, encourages understanding and tolerance between nations, and helps us realize the foundations of a European cultural sphere. Pax Aurea supports this proposal with great eagerness!

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    Perhaps we can have the archive with the Builders of Peace statue outside it. I back both these proposals.

  • Admin

    This proposal is beautifully stunning, and the message it conveys is even more so. I share my approval with me fellow colleagues.

    Mikaela Kligenberg

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    As we have a majority, unless there are any objections I will present the plans before council this week. I believe these two projects to be great statements of intent for our future artistic endeavours.

  • I personally believe that the proposals made by the councillors from Os Corelia and from Pax Aurea have a great and deep value. I strongly support this proposal, as I think that arts have always to be supported: it shows how the humanity develops and how it connects people, cultures and traditions.
    That is why I will fully support this proposal!

  • Thank you, on behalf of the artists and Pax Aurea, for your support to the project!

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