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    I?d like to invite you to one of the greatest regions in NationStates: [b][region]European Union[/region]![/b]

    [b][region]European Union[/region][/b] is an active, respected, and established roleplaying region, where you can develop your nation well beyond the limited guidelines of NationStates. Whether you?re new to the game or a seasoned roleplayer, you'll be welcome in [b][region]European Union[/region][/b], where all nations? voices are valued equally, regardless of size, politics, or culture (your nation needn't even be European). And don?t worry - you won?t have to join the Euro or bail anyone out!

    There?s always plenty going on at our offsite forums, where you can introduce your nation and its history, culture, and politics; debate regional legislation; stand for election; get involved in diplomacy and military conflicts; and take part in a smorgasbord of cultural and sporting events. If you have any questions, then I and many other experienced players are on hand to help you get involved.

    [b]Interested? Then click on ?Move? to European Union' below![/b]

    [b]Hope to see your accession to the EU soon![/b]

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