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  • In Other News...

    Government Passes Emergency Situation Order

    Today in an emergency session of parliament the government has passed unanimously an Emergency Situation Order. This follows serious movement toward Davishire by the Armed Forces of the Duxburian Union.

    The order gives the government executive authority over the country and also the option to take executive control of the overseas territory of the Chilterns. This also gives the power of the government to use the armed forces and also put into place civil defence measures. The government did also pass a motion stating that all other forms of diplomacy must take place as soon as possible.

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    The Government Withdraws Troops

    Sources within the Ministry of Defence have informed us that the government has withdrawn all forces from the Mediterranean and Marakkechia. It is believed that this has been done as a result of pressure bought about by the Duxburian Union.

    When asked for a statement the government refused to "confirm or deny" and also said "we will continue to refuse to comment on all operational military matters".

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    Government Announces Referendum

    The Government has today confirmed that it is still required to hold a referendum on Davishires membership of the European Union.

    The European Parliament and European Commission Act, which is a relic of the last Conservative Government, requires the government to hold an annual referendum on its regional membership. When the government came into power it revealed plans to do so after promises by the Conservatives last year were hampered by a general election.

    The Cabinet Office gave the following statement about the piece of legislation,

    "The act was passed when Davishire joined the European Union last year. It was put into place to protect the national sovereignty of the then Imperial Government. However not that Davishire is integrated into the union it is not really required. Governments have promised to repeal it but as yet that has not happened. This referendum is a legaa requirement and the government does not have time to repeal the act before a referendum must be held. However the positive is that the referendum is not legally binding."

    The Prime Minister has said that this will be the last referendum on EU membership as his government plans to repeal the act at the start of the Parliamentary Session in September.

    The referendum date is set for Thursday 3rd July with results soon after.

    In Other News...
    In other news the Prime Minister is facing pressure from parliament after allegations that his government is considering withdrawing from the Icholasen Treaty which was agreed with the government of the United Kingdom of Icholasen only a matter of weeks ago. Although the government has refused to comment it is believed that the military action of the Duxburian Union towards His Majesties Armed Forces has caused the government to consider such as move. Although nothing has been confirmed. The government is clearly concerned about the action of the Duxburian Union as destroyers and minesweepers alongside AWACS aircraft and fighter bombers are patrolling off the Davishire coast. It is going to be an interesting few weeks.

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    Troops to be removed after request from Icholasen

    The Ministry of Defence has stated that all 500 men currently stationed in the United Kingdom of Icholasen will be withdrawn from Icholasen by the end of the week.

    The Minister of State for Armed Forces Development has the following to say,

    "as yet we have not been informed officially by the government of Icholasen that our troops are required to leave however considering the situation after a highly publicised press conference we are ending all construction at those military bases. We are also ending all training agreements we had with the Government of Icholasen.

    All military construction in those areas shall be destroyed by Friday.

    I can also confirm that as a result of the termination of the agreement the government will be reconsidering all trade agreements with the United Kingdom of Icholasen in order to gain a better deal for Davishire."

    It is not known what the political fallout shall be from this deal as the trade agreements with the country are also under consideration. This is most certainly a turbulent time for the coalition.

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    Queen of Icholasen Visits Davishire

    The Queen of Icholasen is currently on a 2 day State Official Visit to the Commonwealth of Davishire. She and King Hubert are staying in the beautiful coastal town of Portland for both days where several official events have been organised. Today the king and queen will be attending a military parade and official state dinner before tomorrow the King and Queen will be having a private meeting and will be visiting sights along the coast of Davishire.

    The fact that this event is being held away from the capital is clearly a snub at the Prime Minister who is currently in Sandford as a result of his government duties. It is not known why this has happened however it is believed that His Majesty is not pleased with how Mr Mannion has handled recent political issues including the issue of Western Sahara and also Duxburian Union. The Prime Minister is under pressure to reveal the true level of the involvement that the armed forces have played but he has refused to confirm or deny.

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    By-Elections voting over

    Voting has finished in 2 by elections in the constituencies of Westby and Huntington Civitas. THe MPs were previously Independants who joined the Liberal Party in order to help form a government. Parties are still unsure who will win in the by election but the Prime Minister hopes it does not fall to the conservatives because that could lead to the loss of the governments current majority meaning an election may have to be called if a minority government cannot govern.

    Results will be called within the next hour from each constituency.

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    Conservatives Make Gains in By Elections

    The by election results for the constituencies of Westby and Huntington Civitas were announced yesterday afternoon after a slight delay. Both seats were won by the conservative party which means that they now have the same number of seats as the governing liberals. The majority of the Liberals is however still in place as a result of a coalition with the Labour Party and some independant MPs.

    The Prime Minister said today " this is not a major loss to the party. Our coalition government still has a majority"

    There are however rumours that other MPs from the Liberal Party are planning to stand down which if large enough in numbers could affect the governments majority.

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    Davishire to Elect European Councillor

    The government has confirmed that from the end of this month the Davishires representative to the European Council will be elected.

    This is the first time ever that Davishires representative to the European Council will be elected by the electorate. The government has also stated that the councillor will not be required to vote with government policy and will be truly independent. However the government can advise the councillor how they should vote on a proposal.

    The government issued a brief statement.

    "We have decided to improve the democratic accountability of our government. Therefore we will be making the position of Minister of State to the European Union, the person who represents our country in Europe an a position where the successful candidate has been elected by the people."

    It has been confirmed that the first election shall be held on the 3rd July alongside the annual non legally binging EU membership referendum. The successful candidate will then take up their position on Saturday 5th July.

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    Another 3 MPs resign

    It has been confirmed that an additional three Liberal MPs have resigned their position.

    This will put the coalitions small majority at risk and could see a return of the conservative party to power should those seats lose the liberal vote. However all 3 seats have voted Liberal for the past 3 decades so if the Liberals lose then who knows what will happen nationally

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    "In Other News..." to close

    It has been confirmed today that the Davishire regular news bulletin is set to close from the 24th June (today).

    It is not known why the bulletin is to close. A new news bulletin called "On the other hand..." is set to start publication from the evening of the 24th.

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