Marriage Recognition Act

  • I proudly echo the message of my colleague Dr. Roebuck and shall too vote AGAINST the Marriage Recognition Act as it does not do enough for our friends in the homosexual community. The rights of the individual outweigh the rights of the state and to idly sit back and allow this sort of discrimination to continue is a disgrace to the Union and we Rhinians refuse to disregard our classic liberal views for the sake of bi-partisanship. This act is hollow and powerless and until it guarantees equal protection for all citizens, we refuse to support it.

  • I, Jadranka Kosor -councilor of The Absolutist Monarchy of Red Croatia and leader of the Rechroatian Conservative group- vote AGAINST this act.

  • For many of the reasons spoken above by my colleagues and by the request of our nations citizens, Saddigehowe votes AGAINST this bill

  • I, Malika Aymane, representative for the Kingdom of Marrakechia votes AGAINST this bill.

  • I, Nighel Faras, on behalf of the Free Constitutional Monarchy of Kryuland, ABSTAIN from voting. Due to the sensational debate that this Act has caused both in this Council and in our national Parliament, the King has decided to abstain from this vote.

    Either we vote in favour or against this act, we would unleash a harsh debate in our country and might happen even here.
    Moreover, we deem that this act in its final form is discriminating both the LGBT 's and each nation's righteous right to sovereignty.

  • On behalf of the Imperial Commonwealth of Davishire I William Hughs MP Minister of State for the European Union and Davishire's EU Councillor do formally vote AGAINST this bill and we encourage others to do so.

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    I, Acwellan Devoy, on behalf of the Duxburian Union, vote against the act, but noting that the country, like the rest of the ECL, has same-sex marriage and would not be opposed to future action.

  • I, Cuxi Anyas, on behalf of Nouvelle Picardie, ABSTAIN from voting. Our abstention is largely due to not having a strong preference one way or the other on the proposed legislation and the wide variety of national definitions of what a marriage is and who can be married.

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    This is quite a curious point to be in as we are in a situation where because of a right wing dominance in this house the full bill would never be passed and indeed I agree with Dr Roebuck that the full form of this act is the only true acceptable form. I do not think it however appropriate for certain members of the house to celebrate the defeat of this bill as a political victory as I am sure they will.

    After an advanced consultation with Corelian parliament we have decided to Abstain due to the complications we face in this vote. I hope we can take this bill back to the drawing board and rally support for the original idea.

    Councillor Orcello has articulated a great idea and should be commended for a move to champion human rights. It is a dark day that we see progression be halted by a right wing consortium who put political prowess and domination of the individual over the human rights we are all accorded. Some people are gay, get over it!

  • Though the Act is defeated in its current form, I would like to use this opportunity to thank my colleagues who supported me in the drafting and preparation process, and also say that I do understand those who decided to abstain from voting due to the reasons they themselves elaborated. I'm positively taken by the number of Councillors who decided to cast a vacant vote because the Act did too little for marriage equality in Europe, rather than the opposite. In this, I see a bright glimmer of hope that we, Europe united, do in fact have chances to finally guarantee a truly equal marriage for all people throughout our continent.

    I expect that this topic will be discussed again in this chamber.

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