• I would like, members of the European Union, to propose to you an idea that I have been working on over the last weeks whilst I have been away.

    Our region is a great one. We move forward with every step. We summount every problem. We are united but diverse. We have a lot going for our region without our perimeters and I feel we are well protected. There is little in the way of threats toward our region, both because of our peaceful nature as well as our lack of political bias. However, there are always those who are willing to attempt to use this against us to achieve their own ends. These people are a danger, but not the entire point of this speech.

    We also have relations with a number of other region, including some other powerful ones. These regions are similar in that they contain political and moral diversity, as well as being of a similar size. In my experience on NationStates, there have been a great number of Pacts or Treatys, acting as protectorates as well as stability for economic, political and social discussions. However, these treatys - similar to the real world EU - often concentrate power amongst the elite from each region and begun to become disillusioned with the needs and wills of their individual regions and peoples.

    The European Union has a number of great minds and talents. We have a great number of people who are more than willing to submit their intelligence towards the bettering of our region and our world. I believe that we could become the founders of a new treaty, aimed at diversity and protection. A treaty unlike any other; an attempt not at becoming well-known in the NS world, but instead a treaty for the peoples, whatever their wishes and needs.
    And so I propose we begin the Social, Economic and Political Alliance (SEPA).

    *Hands out following sheet*

    _To whom it may concern,
    We come before you today with a plan that may become a major part of life for you and your region, should you so wish.
    Our region has recently realised the lack of organisation amongst non-politically-bias regions, such as yourselves. At the European Union we encourage peoples of all political diversities to come and discuss their various beliefs, both in relation to the goings on of the NS World, as well as in general. We feel this gives our region a great chance to become more accepting of others beliefs, as well as maintain activity through the continual debating of current issues. We would like to spread this through other regions and so this will be just one of the topics discussed at our meeting on the *INSERT DATE HERE* in the *INSERT PLACE HERE*.

    We hope you will send 3 delegates to discuss the issues we hope to raise. Should you so wish an agenda will be sent to you via telegram and anything you wish to add may be done so with prior acknowledgement. We hope this meeting will be the beginning of something very special amongst our regions and that you will become a part of it.

    Comrades of the European Union._

    I hope that as a region we will think of beginning this and that we can better societies of the world through the creation of a non-politically-bias Treaty.

    Thank you Comrades.

  • I thank the Rt Hon. gentleman for his statement and proposed 'SEPA'. I can honestly say that I support this measure. I would point out, however, that if we advocate political neutrality, it would not be in our best interests to end with 'comrades'. I know this word is probably (highly likely, indeed) not offensive to you, but I doubt whether any body further right than the red-green centre would find this complementary. It is not my meaning to offend the Rt Hon. gentleman, rather, I find it slightly amusing. I concur with the sentiments expressed by the Rt Hon. gentleman. As American President Dwight Eisenhower believed, interaction and communication between cultures is the key to diversity and harmony. I agree that we should work together to form 'an ever closer union'. As was Eric Blair's (George Orwell's) interest in history, the most important history is not the history of pomp, written in purple rhapsodies, but the people's history, written in [Orwell's] English (*insert appropriate language here*). We cannot-and should not-delude ourselves into an inflated sense of self-worth as a particular facet in time, or organisation, group or otherwise. As we have seen, parties fail, dictators fall, good and evil things, both, come to an end. As Alfred Lord Tennyson said, "All Things Must Die." And so, we come to our take on history. It is important to remember that history is not written to revere the dead, but rather to inspire the living. We have thousands of years' experience and mistakes literally at our finger-tips. How you will be judged by history is whether or not you paid attention in history class. id est, did you learn from the misdeeds of others, or did you simply repeat them. I find this wonderfully applicable to most-if not all-situations.
    I second the Rt Hon. gentleman's proposal and hope that we can, ensemble, take a step toward that goal of Neville Chamberlain's: "Peace in our time."

  • Tracyenia is wary of interegional alliances, however, we do recognize the potential of cooperating with like-minded peaceful regions. We would like this treaty to emphasis economic and social unity, while resevering military intervention for defensive wars only.

  • The Arab League is very interested in strengthening the relations between the Arabs and the Europeans and also with other peoples .
    We already have considered creating an interegional Alliance between all the regions who share the same beliefs of Democracy and Tolerance, those who are politically open minded regions that have a national or a political idendity (like European Union, India, China, The Arab League,...) so we are strongly in favor of such an initiative.

  • I believe that we are still strongly in favour of this measure. How shall we carry this to the next level?

  • Indeed - perhaps the Commission could compile a list of region deemed appropriate for such an alliance? Including of course our already established allies, we could also think about looking at other nations who take a similar course of political non-alignment.

  • The Arab League shares diplomatic relations with the following regions:

    European Union
    Federalist Europe Alliance
    San Francisco Bay Area
    Nationstates Communist Party
    Islamic Republic Of Iran *
    0000000000Islamic Countries *

    * These regions are relatively small and inactive

    Maybe that if we coincide our list of relations, we'll have a first number of regions that could be contacted to discuss the formation of an Alliance?

  • QUOTE (Aesop Rocks @ Feb 8 2007, 01:20 AM)

    Indeed - perhaps the Commission could compile a list of region deemed appropriate for such an alliance? Including of course our already established allies, we could also think about looking at other nations who take a similar course of political non-alignment.

    The Federalist Europe Alliance would be interested in such as well.

    Here is a list of regions we communicate with diplomatically:

    The Arab League
    Central Europe
    European Union
    The Pub
    Atheist Empire
    Liberty Alliance
    North America
    The Pacific (NPO)
    Sovereign Nations of Quagmire*

    *= tiny region, and also not as close anymore

  • I think we should get at least a meeting underway between representatives from the afforementioned regions. Whilst it we are not under threat from invasion or the like, inter-regional relations create greater RP situations and could provide us with a much-needed activity boost.

  • The Arab league is considering joining the Confederacy of Free Regions (COFR). Federalist Europe Alliance leader Khannandor seemed to be interested in joining COFR too.
    Now the great question for us is: should we start our own defensive alliance or join an existing defender organization like COFR or the GGA?

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