BoTB / EGT Meeting

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    Esteemed colleagues,

    My name is Athene Sokes and I am here on behalf of member broadcaster Dominion Television (DTV). As I am sure you are aware, the recent poll concerning the future of Europe's Got Talent and the new proposal for Battle of the Bands has returned unclear results.

    DTV wishes to clear up this uncertainty by asking fellow broadcasters directly which directions you wish to take these two EUBC events in. Do you wish to continue Europe's Got Talent? Do you wish to try Battle of the Bands? Do you wish to pursue both events?

  • The Rhine Ruhr Broadcasting Station would like to see the EUBC attempt a Battle of the Bands competition. This past EV.... I've never seen Rhinians this depressed before and that was even before the results were read. The irony is that it is a former Rhinian entry that won which has us so disgusted.

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    Lets get BotB on the road bitches

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