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    Victor Crutchlow was arbitrating the EUBC Eurovoice Board hearing today, in which the board wanted to hear from Qvait's main tv broadcaster, QMC. The two parties clashed when QMC proposed themes for Eurovoice XXI. The board declared Qvait banned from the next edition, but invited QMC for a disciplinar hearing.
    And this is it.

    After Victor had been seated, he opened the hearing:
    "...Thank you all for attending this meeting. I hereby open this EUBC Eurovoice board hearing opened. First, I would like to hear from the EUBC board. Go ahead..."

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    Viante Stockseylius stood up and put on his glasses whilst sfuffling his papers in order. He then took to the stand

    'Esteemed colleague it is with somewhat a poignant sadness I feel that I have come to you today. To discuss disciplinary proceedings against a member broadcaster is never an easy conversation to have let alone an enquiry but whilst this occasion may be sad Myself, my deputy Mr Williams and my office feel that these proceedings are more than necessary to protect the integrity of not only our work but of the EuroVocie contest itself.

    To explain these proceedings I will now detail the greivances we have against the QMC. On the 6th of January 2014 the QMC released the following statement:


    Okay, so I created this page to allow the people of the European Union decide the next theme. Besides having the EuroVoice Committee choose, I believe that the people should decide. However, this is not an official vote, but a recommendation.

    My list:
    70s+80s music
    Adult contemporary
    National anthems
    What do you want?

    Upon this release there has been no consultation with my office about this invited poll that was publicised in a public domain not within these walls. Whilst it is no against any written regulations to make such a call we ask the hearing to recognise how this completely undermines our position as the office of production. What strikes our core is the comment that the QMC created this ideas to 'allow the people of the European Union to decide the next theme'. This followed by the statement 'I believe the people should decide' implies that we are not democratic and in effect slanders our office and how we operate. My office takes great offence to this.

    Secondly the call for all of Europe's citizens decides throws our entire framework into anarchic disrepute. We operate contest within strict time frames and think that holding a citizen wide mass vote on themes would take too long, hence why we have not done this before. We usually work with host nations to decide if there will be a theme or not, this is a privilege of the winner. We have this system in place and have for years. I find it more than arrogant for a broadcaster who has only participated in one edition of our event to try take the helm and direct Europe in deciding on the framework my office has worked hard to create. I am frankly appalled that the QMC wish to dictate to my office how things should be run. We were elected to do the job we do and trusted to produce a great show. Such statement like that of the QMC threatens this.

    This one contest ban we have sought to enact is a statement in reply. My office will not be bullied and be thrown into disrepute because a broadcaster thinks they know better than all the other member broadcasters. The QMC needs to be taught to follow our rules and frameworks and as they at no point contacted us to engage in a sensible action myself and Mr Williams have officiated this one contest ban to teach a valuable lesson.

    I have noted the support of the QMC such as EUBC Secretary Rolande Fabron who points out that there is no legislation to support our decision but equally there is no legislation to say we can't do this. This is a discretionary act needed to protect the integrity of EuroVoice. My office is offended greatly by the QMCs action and wish to see retribution through the upholding of our decision.

    Thank you.

  • When the esteemed EUBC spokesman had finished, Victor Crutchlow turned on his microphone and said:
    "...Thank you very much. I would now like to hear from Qvait and QMC..."

  • In an array of confusion, everyone looked around the hearing room. No one had stood up to defend the QMC's case.
    "...I repeat, I would now like to give the floor to a representative from the Qvatican Media Corporation ((if I'm correct in that abbreviation))...", Mr Cruthlow said.
    Again, no one took to the stand.
    "...Very well. I see the QMC has not represented themselves at this hearing. I would hereby like to prospose trying the QMC in absence..."
    Victor discussed and argued for a couple of minutes with his accountants and colleagues, before turning to the board and saying:
    "...Thank you for the short wait. I hereby declare QMC will be tried in absence. The EUBC Eurovoice Board may now consider their verdict..."

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    On behalf of OsCos TV I would like to vote in favour of banning the QMC from the next edition of EuroVoice. By not showing up they have shown contempt for our democratic systems and they have more than insulted an office who have been doing a stellar job of putting on Europe's most love Television show. We fully support Mr Stockseylius and his office.

    Dr Abrial Heilart
    Cheif Executive OsCos TV

  • On behalf of the Halsberg Broadcasting Initiative, I would like to join with OsCos TV in voting to ban the QMC from the next EuroVoice contest. The QMC have added insult to injury in not even turning up for their own disciplinary hearing. Never have I seen such blatant disrespect for the EUBC and its procedures. To be frank, the QMC are lucky we are not pushing for their expulsion from the EUBC. Fortunately for them, we do not feel that such action will be beneficial for anyone. We too fully support Mr. Stockseylius and commend his swift and democratic action.

    Athelrys de Mesniel
    Director-General of the HBI

  • After a relatively short deliberation of about two hours, the EUBC board announed they had reached a decision. Victor Crutchlow read through the report before reading it to the room:
    "The Eurovoice Board of the European Union Broadcast Committee hereby recognises the comments made in regard to a claim made by the Qvatican Media Corporation, in which it proposed various themes for the next Eurovoice competition, that will be hosted in Gun-Toting Animals. The Board has heard the remarks made by Dr Abrial Heilart, Cheif Executive of OsCos TV, and Athelrys de Mesniel, Director-General of the HBI on the issue, but has also considered arguments against a possible ban.

    All in all, having considered both sides of the conflict and having deliberated for a considerable time, the EUBC Eurovoice Board hereby announces the nation of Qvait is BANNED from entering the twenty-first edition of Eurovoice. This decision has been made with regard for the authority of the board and the feelings a number of broadcasters have expressed. One of the main reasons for reaching this verdict is that the QMC failed to defend themselves at this hearing, forcing the board to try the QMC in absence.

    I hereby conclude this EUBC Eurovoice Board disciplinary hearing, and thank all in attendance"

    The board stood up and left the hearing room.

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