Statement on the War between Rimroth and Inimicus

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    The Press Room was filled with journalists from different places. For the second time this weekend the Internal Commissioner took to the stage,

    "Thank you all for coming, it has been an interesting few days.

    I am currently aware of a situation developing between the states of Rimroth and Inimicus. Reports that I have seen tell me that the states are now at war.

    I believe that it is important for both states to talk in order to resolve the sitation in a peaceful manner as soon as possible. It is important that this is resolved as a matter of urgency.

    Once again can I reiterate that it is of vital importance that this conflict is ended soon and as Commissioner for Internal Affairs I pledge the support of my office to a peace process and I am sure that if this continues past the commission elections next month my successor shall do the same."

    After taking a sip of water Eric Pickles Continued,

    "I love this region, it is a mix of differences. We cannot see our great success descend into chaos as has been hanging over our heads over previous weeks."

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    Official Statement on the Relations Between Inimicus and Rimroth

    "Earlier this week I as Internal Commissioner met with representatives of Inimicus and Rimroth in order to bring to an end the recent conflict between them. Many issues were discussed during the discussions and at times everything appeared to be on a knife edge between agreement and failure.

    I can now however confirm that both sides have, with my assistance, come to an agreement in which peace is the result. Inimican forces will be withdrawn from Rimroth and both sides will resume normal diplomatic relations.

    I would like to say how pleased I am that this issue has been resolved and that I hope that peace will reign in the final weeks of this commission. "

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