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    On The Other Hand...

    The NEW independent news source from Davishire. This is the first news bulletin from Davishire which is completely free from government ownership.

    Elections upcoming

    Yesterday the Election Commission confirmed that all of the by-elections and the European Union referendum and EU Councillor election will be held on the same day, 3rd July with results expected on the fourth.

    So far their has only been one opinion poll conducted for the EU referendum however although that gives us a percentage of the national vote prediction the voting will be done through each constituency.

    Opinion Poll of 10000 people in Davishire over a week from the 13th June
    Should the Commonwealth of Davishire remain a member of the European Union?
    Yes- 65%
    No- 30%

    Government Owned News Agency Closes

    Yesterday the government owned news agency "In Other News" closed after a long period of operation. Although the government has not said why it has closed the publication it is believed to be a part of the governments "A Better Davishire" policy.

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    Davishire Oil will not be extracted


    Sandford, Davishire, 18:00 hrs_

    The Secretary of State for Energy stated today that the oil which was found off the coast of Davishire earlier in the year will not be extracted. The large resource which has been found was originally due to be extracted by a private company however the government has since changed its response.

    "We will not be extracting oil from this environmentally sensitive region. It is important that we are careful about this. So just to clarify no oil will be extracted by this government"

    This has drawn praise from environmentalists.

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    Davishire Set to Head to the Polls

    Sandford, 12:00hrs , 5th July 2014

    Tomorrow the electorate of Davishire is set to vote on 3 different ballot papers. These ballot papers will consist of a vote on EU membership, the vote on Davishires new EU councillor and in 3 constituencies a by election to elect a new MP.

    It is widely believed that the vote on the countries EU membership is going to be a vote to stay, the region is currently at an all time high of popularity across the commonwealth. However the EU councillor vote is less predictable. Previous votes in many areas have shown swings from both liberal to conservative and conservative to liberal. After the vote the party who has the most constituencies on side has their candidate elected so it really could go either way. It is widely accepted that the labour workers party do not have much of a chance so it is a choice between Liberal or Conservative.

    Over the past months since the December elections both sides have almost reversed roles in regard to the European Union. The Liberal Party which in the past has been against the union is suddenly very much for the region whereas the conservative party has very much moved into the more pessimistic side of the argument. It is however the case that whoever is elected tomorrow will represent the country across the region so lets hope the electorate make the right decision. Below is information about the 3 major candidates.

    Liberal Party- Rt Hon Nicola Heaven MP
    -Has been European Councillor since January
    -A member of the current government
    -Pro-Europe, wants to work with the region in order to create a more stable world.

    Conservative Party- Rt Hon Steve Baker MP
    -Minister of State and European Councillor from March-May 2013
    -Former Leader of the Conservative Party
    -Believes in reform of the region in the interests of Davishire or that Davishire should leave the EU

    Labour Party-Mr Charles Kennedy
    -Is not and has never been a Member of Parliament

    • Believes that the European Union should be more centralised with more power held by the commission in Europolis. Believes the further international integration is necessary.

    It should also be noted that the electorate in 3 constituencies are voting on who to elect as their new MP after 3 previous MPs resigned last month. All were formally Liberal seats and if any are lost it will seriously affect the Liberal Parties ability to govern however if they are all lost then it is likely that the current Liberal/Labour coalition is likely to fail which will trigger another general election.

    The vote was originally due to be held on the 3rd but as a result of administrative delays an unprecedented Sunday vote will take place with results expected soon on Monday.

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    His Royal Highness Prince Harold of Chilterns Opens Sports & Learning Academy

    Sandford ,20:00hrs, 5th July 2014

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    [i]Their Royal Highness with staff and students[/b]

    Earlier today the first in line to the throne of Davishire, His Royal Highness Prince Harold, Prince of Chilterns and his wife Her Royal Highness, Amanda Princess of Chilterns opened the Davishire national sports acadamy just outside of Portland. The Adademy was originally proposed as part of the joint Davishire and NRE bid to hold the Eurocup football competition earlier in the year. The bid was not successful however the government has ,under the lead from the Minister of State for Sporting Events, Cheryl Harrison continued with the legacy plan to encourage more young people in Davishire to take up football and a range of other sports.

    The centre which is due to open at the end of this month will allow young people to play sports that they love such as football, cricket, tennis and running whilst also working toward Advanced level qualifications in 5 subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Business Studies and the choice trade of which students choose from a variety including brickwork, plumbing and woodworking or geography and performing arts. Many of the students studying at the academy will be staying residentially with those from the poorest background being given funding by the government. The centre also provides weekend courses in sports such as football for those who want to play for fun.

    Cheryl Harrison has spoken to On the Other Hand and said,
    "This is a great opportunity for young sportspeople in Davishire to work toward not only skills in their chosen sport but also toward internationally recognised advanced qualifications. "

    The centre has cost the government ?50m to construct and fit out with students who are able to do so paying ?10,000 toward a 4 year course of a chosen sport and 5 A-level qualifications including residential accommodation and food. For those young people from families with income of less than ?50,000 per year the government pays a contribution toward the cost of between 75% and 30% dependant upon the final family post tax income.

    This is most certainly a great project and despite the fact that Davishire failed to be awarded the Eurocup bid it has been the only country after the event to follow up on a promise of promoting a sporting future.

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    Oil Tanker Grounded Off Davishire During Storm

    user posted image

    The Royal Navy has confirmed that the naval oil tanker HMDS Shar has grounded on the coast of Davishire after having mechanical problems during a fierce storm which has also claimed the lives of 5 fisherman. The tanker had left the oil refinary at Weymouth and was headed to the Overseas Territory of the Chilterns when the engines broke down midway between Portland and Weymouth. The ship was carrying the equivalent of 50,000 barrels of crude oil.

    It is not known as to whether the hull of the ship has indeed been punctured, however the coastline is a key environment for wildlife. The vessel itself is known to be a single hulled oil tanker which was due to be withdrawn from service as a result of the passage of the Ocean Protection Act earlier this year. An MOD source said "this tanker itself would only have been in service for another year, it is rather unlucky that this has happened." Government ministers have refused to comment however it is widely believed that the government will go against the amendment which it won when the bill went through the council some months ago and will campaign for single hulled tankers to be outlawed within 1 month.

    The Royal Navy has confirmed that it and civilian partners including the Fire and Rescue Service and the Maritime and Coastgurad agency are putting measures in place in case of a spillage, this includes putting booms around the ship. Starting on Monday afternoon the oil will begin to be pumped out, that is a process which will take several days and that is provided that the storms calms down. If the storm worsens as is possible it may be more days before additional action can be taken.

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    Results from the Election

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    Yesterday the population of Davishire went to the polls in an unprecedented Sunday polling day. The electorate were voting on who to appoint as the new European Councillor for Davishire, whether Davishire should remain a member of the EU and in 3 areas for a new member of parliament. Out of the 3 votes only 2 were conducted nationally and out of those two the only the vote for the European Councillor was legally binding.

    This election was very different from previous elections in Davishire, there were no opinion polls conducted by news agencies or the political parties themselves and as a result everybody including the analysts here at On The Other Hand were unsure of what way some of the voting might go. However that is enough of talk, lets get to the results.

    Result 1- EU Membership Referendum

    This year all of the voting was done by constituency. Out of 100 constituencies their must be 51 voting in the same way to get a majority. If however their is no clear majority then the option with the most number of votes wins. People were asked the question which has been asked on an annual basis since the commonwealth joined the region however the government has pledged to remove this annual referendum.


    The Results

    No- 20 Constituencies
    Yes- 80 Constituencies

    It can therefore be declared that the Commonwealth of Davishire votes to remain a member of the European Union.

    Result 2- European Councillor

    The next vote was for the position of European Councillor, this was the first time that this post has been made into a directly electable position. There was one candidate from each party and these can be seen in a previous edition of On The Other Hand. Again this vote was done by constituencies, therefore the largest number of constituencies per candidate will win.

    The results are as follows;

    Conservative- 40
    Liberal Party- 41
    Labour Workers Party- 18
    Communist Party- 2

    It can therefore be announced that the Liberal Party has won the largest number of constituencies and Nicola Heaven has been re-elected to her old post as European Councillor.

    Result 3- By Elections

    3 constituencies also had by elections after the standing Liberal MP resigned. It can be confirmed that all 3 constituencies remained in Liberal hands with increased party majorities.

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    HMDS Shar Leaks Oil and Begins to Sink

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    Yesterday it was reported that the Davishire naval tanker HMDS Shar hit rocks after drifting as a result of mechanical failure in the sea between the coastal cities of Weymouth and Portland whilst en-route to the Davishire territory of the Chilterns. It has since been confirmed by the Royal Navy that initial findings that the oil had not spewed out of the single hulled tanker were wrong and that as a result oil has been spilling from the tanker unchecked for at least 12 hours.

    The storm has since died down and as a result efforts are being put into place to remove as much oil from the tanker before it leaks from the ship, however the ship is sinking quickly and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency as well as the Royal Navy face a tough battle to remove it. The Royal Navy has confirmed that it is putting in place emergency measures in order to reduce the impact. This has included the placing of booms and also the burning of oil out to sea.

    The government has not yet released an official statement on the issue. However it is expected at some point later today.

    user posted image

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    Oil Continuing to leak, Ship resting on the bottom

    user posted image

    HMDS Shar has sunk as far as is possible in the shallow coastal area where she grounded herself yesterday. As can be seen in the images we are showing you large amounts of oil is still leaking out of the ship. The Royal Navy has conceded that it is not currently possible to attach pumps to withdraw the oil because fittings on the ship itself have been damaged. It has also been concluded that over half of the oil has now leaked out and that what is left is likely to leak out within 24 hours. It would take almost 48 hours to get specialist pumps into the area to remove the oil.

    Large amounts of oil have spilt out of the ship, it is not the priority of organisations to work to mitigate the impacts on the local environment. Large areas of coastline are likely to be polluted by the oil. The Commonwealth Air Force is currently considering the use of detergant chemicals to attempt to break up the oil however the full effects of these are not known and the last thing that the government wants to do is to create further environmental damage.

    The HMDS Shar is a vessel which is owned by the Royal Commonwealth Navy and is a tanker with a single hull. As a result of this incident the Royal Commonwealth Navy has confirmed that all of its single hulled tankers have been ordered to return to Portland port in order to have the shipment of oil removed. It was originally planned to withdraw all single hull tankers from Royal Navy Service within 12-24 months however it has now been decided to withdraw them from service with immediate effect. This is likely to have a disastrous effect on the navy which out of a fleet of 40 tanker ships only 10 were double hulled tankers with replacements coming into service as ships were withdrawn. It is likely that much of the Navy will remain in port until sufficient amounts of fuel and oil can be transported.

    The government did today issue the following statement,

    "His Majesties Government is most concerned about the current problems regarding the tanker Shar on the Davishire coast. We understand that large amounts of oil has been spilled and that this will have a significant impact on the environment.

    In response to this we are withdrawing all single hulled tankers from naval service and we will also passing legislation to outlaw the use of single hulled tankers both in Davishire waters and the waters of The Chilterns. We shall also be campaigning to have ships of this type withdrawn immediately.

    We shall also be taking action to help mitigate the environmental impact. We shall be using controlled burning to try and burn off large amounts of oil, we shall be placing booms along the coastline in order to try and stop the oil hitting the coast in environmentally sensitive areas."

    The Deputy Prime Minister who issued the statement to the house of commons said was asked about the defence implications to which he replied.

    "The fact that we are withdrawing these tankers is proof that the government takes the environment seriously, regardless of the cost to our defence forces. It should also be noted that this shows the adaptability of our defence forces as they are able to defend Davishire with a reduced fuel tanking[sic] ability."

    He was also asked as to why this will affect the navy as the tanker was carrying crude oil not fuel, the DPM responded

    "The naval single hulled tankers are used both to transport diesel fuel and crude oil. In order to stop further leaks they shall all be withdrawn from service."

  • [align=center]On The Other Hand...

    Oil Spill Clearup Begins, Minister for Emergencies Appointed

    Today is the first major day where clearup operations are taking place in an effort to mitigate the effects of the oil spill caused by HMDS Shar. Alongside leaking over the past 48 hours at approximately 18:00hrs today the ship itself broke into two on the rocks. This has meant that the full shipment of crude oil and the ships fuel has now been released into the sea. This is one of the first times that Davishire has seen an environmental catastrophe such as this. It has been confirmed that a senior politician and a civil servant have been instructed to deal with the situation.

    user posted image
    left, Sir Bernerd Woolley, Centre, Mr Hacker, Right Sir Humprey Appleby

    The Davishire Oil Spill Emergency Response committee have been appointed by the Prime Minister, this is lead by the Secretary of State for Administrative Affairs Rt Hon James Hacker MP, the Cabinet Secretary Sir Humprey Appleby KCMG and a senior civil servant from the Office of the Environment Sir Bernerd Wooley CMG.
    The team will be responsible for managing the crisis and reporting afterwards why everything went wrong.

    It has already been noted that temporary booms have been put up to try and contain the oil spill. Aircraft from the Royal Commonwealth Air Force are spraying chemicals on the slick which is out to sea in an effort to break up the oil. It is feared that the slick itself could drift south which would have a huge impact on the lovely coastal town of Portland or even worse on the coastline of other EU countries.

    In the House of Commons today the Prime Minister was asked whether this meant that Davishire would not drill for oil in the future,
    "Although this government has already confirmed that it will not be drilling in the oil field found off Davishire we cannot rule out the extraction of oil elsewhere."
    The Prime Minister was also asked if the government would try to amend EU legislation sooner to which the reply was
    "every option is on the table at the moment, I cannot say more than that. "[/center]

  • On The Other Hand

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    Emergency Response in Full Swing

    Almost a week after the disaster of the sinking of HMDS Shar the response which has been put in place by the Secretary of State for Administrative Affairs, James Hacker MP. This has included the implementation of a maritime exclusion zone 20 miles around the site for non- emergency assets, the spraying of dispersive chemicals from aircraft and the monitoring of the slick. As yet very little of the slick has been pushed toward the coast as a result of currents moving out to sea, it is hoped that a storm predicted for Tuesday evening will begin to disperse the initial oil slick.

    The Secretary of State has also confirmed that assistance from foreign governments, as has been offered will not be needed as a result of the fast actions of the Davishire Emergency and Military Services. the Secretary of State has also confirmed that from the 1st August civillian single hulled tankers will no longer be permitted to carry fuel, oil or other dangerous materials within waters around the Commonwealth of Davishire and the Territory of the Chilterns, this will include military tankers from the 14th August. The government admits that this will require serious levels of enforcement and has confirmed that as a result the number of naval patrol vessels will increase. Any companies or countries found to be in breach of the legislation shall face court action.

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    Government Confirms Intentions to Retire 40 year old Fighter Jets

    The Minister for Armed Forces Procurement today confirmed that the Phantom fighter jets which have formed up nearly half of the Royal Navy Fighter Jets will be retired during the month of August. The Navy is due to received the STOVL veriant of the brand new F-35 Lightening II which has been under development over the past 11 years and are now ready to enter operational military service. The new F35s will enter service in the same numbers as the Phantoms so as to retain the operational numbers however increased technology means that the same numbers will provide additional military capability. Before their final flights the old Phantoms are expected to do a flypast and will attend the annual Davishire Air Tattoo.

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    Nuclear Weapons Act Set to Pass the House of Commons

    The House of Commons is set to pass the nuclear weapons act today after some months of secret debate. The Bill which has been subject to a media injuction up until today will make it illegal for the Government of Davishire to commence the process toward the ownership of nuclear weapons without a majority vote of 51% in a national referendum.

    The governing Liberal Party has very much changes its views on Davishire and nuclear weapons since coming to power in December of last year in a coalition with the Socialist Party and the Labour Workers Party and other independant MPs. It is widely believed that the deputy Prime Minister Gordon Brown was able to mellow the views of Mr Mannion in order to secure his place in government.

    However as with all laws any future government can pass an act in order to repeal this law, although this would be a controversial move for any party which attempted to do so. The Conservative Party is planning to vote against this bill whilst other parties are voting for the bill which will mean it will become law.

    The government is not however promising to disband all of the other infrastucture that has been constructed. Before the Commonwealth joined the EU the previous conservative government constructed the necessary infrastructure including the submarines, missiles, processing establishments and necessary docks at the Sandy Island Base. All of which has to be maintained at a high cost to the taxpayer.

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    Storm Fails to Materialise, Oil Starts to Hit Shore

    The huge storm which was predicted to wash away the oil slick this week failed to materialise and as a result the slick has started to drift toward the lovely coastal city of Portland the the surrounding environment.

    The Secretary of State for Administrative affairs who is responsible for dealing with the situation yesterday gave us this statement which informs us of how the government is dealing with this grave situation.

    "As I am sure you are aware booms are being put in place in an attempt to stop oil from reaching environtmentally sensitive areas. The RCAF is also spraying the slick with a chemical designed to disperse the oil which is having some success. We also have navy patrol boats conducting controlled burning of the oil. The government is doing all it can to try and reduce the threat."

    The Slick largely drifted out to sea during the week but now a change in currents and wind means that it is now headed toward the coast of Davishire around Portland. Another storm is predicted for Sunday evening and Monday morning, this is very much the last chance for the hopes of a natural dispersal of the oil. If the slick is not dispersed it will reach th environmentally sensitive areas east of Portland by Tuesday morning.

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    Eric Pickles Set to Publish Communication Records

    The Office of the Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Sir Eric Pickles , has confirmed that once the current term of office has expired records of the commissioners official communications will be published in an unprecedented move to dismiss the rumour of Sir Eric representing the views of the government. It is widely believed by others in the region that the commissioner who was elected in March has been representing the Government of Davishire rather than the people of Europe as he elected to do.

    Sir Eric has come under wide criticism of his term as Commissioner for Internal Affairs, especially over his handling of the Western Sahara issue. In the recent Commission Election Debate Sir Eric was blasted by the candidate from Halsberg for being a representative of Davishire and making the wrong decisions. In his introduction Sir Eric said that he did what he thought was right at the time and that his actions can best be analysed with the benefit of hindsight. He also said that not everything he did was perfect and that proves that he is human.

    The government of Davishire has issued a statement denying the allegations. The Minister of State for the European Union said today in the House of Commons,

    "The Commissioner for Internal Affairs has never been asked to represent the government of Davishire and on record the Government of Davishire has only recorded 4 official communications between the government of Davishire and the commissioner. Sir Eric has already agreed to publish these documents at the end of the current term to prove what has been said"

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    Government Expresses Concern over Groot Belgie Coup

    Today the Prime Minister recalled parliament which will now debate through the night as a result of the crisis that has occured in Groot Belgie.

    Sources from within Groot Belgie have stated that the emperor has taken over the government, imprisoned them and threatened them with the death penalty. The government issued a statement earlier today.

    "The Government of Davishire does not tolerate this action by the Emperor of Groot Belgie. It is wrong that the emperor has the ability to conduct such action against his own government.

    The Commonwealth of Davishire sides with the view of Inimicus that sanctions against the country are on the table and being considered and Davishire will talk with Inimicus about such a possibility. The government is also not ruling out military action should it be deemed necessary. The government does call upon the new commissioner for internal affairs who has yet to be appointed to take the lead and deal with this situation. "

    OOC- I have very limited internet connection at the moment. Therefore I will finish the RP with Os Corelia over the state visit soon.

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    Prime Minister Confirms Support

    Earlier today the Duxburian Union set a deadline for the restoration of democratic government in Groot-Belgie. This comes after the Emperor of Groot Belgie overthrew the government and imprisoned ministers and officials yesterday threatening to try them for treason which carries the death penalty. Last night parliament sat throughout the night with MPs condemning what has happened.

    Earlier today the government issued a brief statement setting out its position

    "The Government of the Commonwealth of Davishire does fully condemn the actions of the emperor of Groot Belgie. This view has been supported by an act of the parliament of Davishire. The government is considering all possible options including sanctions and military action. We encourage the Emperor of Groot Belgie to abdicate with immediate effect and the ministers taken prisoner must be released or further action will be taken"

    Later after the statement by the the government of the Duxburian Union Prime Minister Mannion issued a statement of support for the Duxburian Union confirming that contact will be made to offer the support of Davishire.

  • On The Other Hand

    Government Confirms Asset Freezes, Travel Bans and Trade Embargoes

    Just now the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs confirmed that the Commonwealth of Davishire is freezing the assets of all Groot Belgians in Davishire and the Chilterns and is banning senior business leaders from travelling to the commonwealth. The government has also confirmed that any Davishire business is no longer permitted to trade in Groot Belgie and business from Groot Belgie may not trade in Chilterns.

    Other nations including Inimicus and Rimroth are also implementing trade embargoes. The Government earlier stated that military action was not off the table.

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    Davishire AWACs Aircraft Missing

    Today the Ministry of Defence has confirmed that an Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft (AWACS) has gone missing, believed shot down near Groot Belgie yesterday evening.

    The aircraft was operating as part of Operation Bowleaze which is the official name for Davishires military operation in Groot Belgie which was cancelled at 13:00hrs this afternoon. The operation would have consisted of a variety of military assets working closely with other nations to restore democracy. The E3-A Sentry aircraft was being operated in a role where assets of the Groot Belgan military and key civillian targets were being tracked.

    It is not known as to whether the aircraft was shot down or has crashed as a result of a mishap. The MoD has confirmed that drones and satellites are searching the area in which it is operating but as yet nothing has been reported as found.

    The aircraft which is similar to the one pictured above had a crew of 7 including 2 pilots. The government confirmed that if the aircraft was shot down as is believed then it is likely military operations will take place within a matter of days. The Secretary of State did issue a statement.

    "It is with regret that we inform you of what has happened. Contact with the aircraft was lost at 22:00 hrs yesterday evening and we began a remote control search of Groot Belgie territory at first light. The aircraft was stationed with other Davishire forces in the north of Imperial Prussia and was operating very close to the border of Groot Belgie. If the aircraft is found to have been shot down then it is likely a military response will take place"

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    On The Other Hand...**

    Crash Site Found, Paratroops Secure Area for Wreckage Recovery

    This morning it has been confirmed by the Ministry of Defence that overnight unarmed unmanned drones have discovered the crash site of the RCAF E-3 Sentry AWACs aircraft. The aircraft is located within a more remote area of Groot Belgie in the northern area of the country.

    It has also been confirmed that a men of the 6th Airborne Division have been dropped to secure the area around the wreackage site so that later today crash site investigators can investigate the crash.

    The Secretary of State for Defence did earlier release the following press statement

    "At 01:00 hrs this morning unmanned drones from XX Squadron did discover the crash site of the E-3 which was reported missing yesterday. The aircraft was located in the north East of the country near the border with Imperial Prussia.

    The aircraft and surrounding has been secured by a battalion from the 6th Airborne Division whose home base is located in the south of Davishire. We shall be conducting further operations and reinforcing the current area defence team with a further battalion by 9am GMT.

    From 10am Military Investigators will be in place in order to recover the key parts of the aircraft wreckage alongside sensitive military electronics equipment. Once key wreckage and equipment has been removed all Davishire forces will leave Groot Belgie.

    We have not contacted the government of Groot Belgie to request permission to access the area because there is no government after everyone was ordered killed by that lunatic Emperor Jules."

  • On the Other Hand...

    Investigators Begin Investigation

    The Davishire military air crash investigators have begun their investigation into the crash of the E-3 sentry in Groot Belgie. The armed forces of Davishire and Inimicus have created as safe zone around the crash site and by 16:00 hrs 2500 troops and tanks will be situated there.

    The plane crashed during a period of tension after the Groot Belgian emperor took absolute power of the country but before his suicide before which he ordered the killing of the whole Groot Belgian government which he had removed from power days earlier.

    The governments official position is that they do not want a war with Groot Belgie and that all they want is to secure the crash site however Davishire troops did not ask permission off the Groot Belgian government to conduct operations.

    It has also been suggested that the government is planning on keeping hold of the small area of land which is 15 miles inland from the border with Imperial Prussia however it is likely that should the government do so it will receive international criticism. The government has not commented on the issue.

    It has been reported that discussion are ongoing between troops on the ground in Groot Belgie and that the Groot Belgian soldiers nearly started a skirmish by firing his weapon into the air however the Davishire forces kept there cool and avoided retaliatory fire.

    On the Other Hand shall keep everyone updated as more news comes through and a government statement is due to be released in a couple of hours time.

  • On The Other Hand...

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    Davishire Involved In No Fly Zone

    Yesterday the Government of Davishire whilst working with a coalition of allied declared a no fly zone over Groot Belgie. The no fly zone does restrict the use of all aircraft over Groot Belgie and will last until regional stability is restored.

    The Davishire Air Force has deployed 60 Typhoon fighter jets to the operation as well as air to air tankers and AWACs aircraft. The declaration of a no fly zone comes after an aircraft of the Commonwealth Air Force came down over Groot Belgie a couple of days ago. The government has confirmed that if the aircraft is found to have been shot down then it will be a declaration of war.

    Davishire Airborne Troops alongside colleagues from Inimicus have recently secured the crash site so that investigators can investigate the cause to detirmine if the aircraft was shot down or had a mechanical or electrical problem. The Government has confirmed that all troops aim to be out of Groot Belgie by the evening on the 3rd August.

    There is however no end in sight for the no fly zone, it is widely speculated by the press that the no fly zone will lead to a ground invasion of the country by a coalition of nations however requests for comments over that issue have been refused by the government.

    more to follow...

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