EU Post Disaster Relief Fund

  • Hello everyone,

    I have been brainstorming ideas with my team and I have been wondering about the possibility of working with my successor and a fellow European Councillor to develop legislation which will set up a European Recovery Fund. THis would be a fund where money is taken from the EU budget,which is already in surplus and has been for some time.

    The aim of the fund would be to assist nations within the EU which have suffered a disaster in order to help the local area recover and develop. What we really want to focus on in this is Stage 4 and 5 of the Parks Disaster relief model (below) to work over the weeks, months and years after the initial event to assist redevelopment.

    user posted image

    I really hope that councillors and fellow commissioners will be able to begin the discussion so that this can be considered. This discussion is open to governments and other organisations to get their views.

    Many thanks,

    Eric Pickles,
    Commissioner for Internal Affairs

  • Admin

    We already have the European Relief Force.


  • I am aware of the European Relief Force, and I remember the deployment of the ERF nearly a year ago. However I believe that the ERF is only truly effective during stage 3 which is the initial period of rescue and recovery. The aim of a Post Disaster Relief Fund would be to provide financial assistance from the EU to the an area which has suffered a disaster in the attempt to move and fully recover and improve.

  • Does anybody else have any views on this proposal?

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