Statement on the Groot Belgie Crisis

  • Commission for Internal Affairs

    "Admittedly I am in the last days of my term as the Commissioner for Internal Affairs. That does however not mean anything when I come here to discuss the issue with which the gravest of consequences could occur.

    The Emperor of Groot Belgie did recently overthrow and kill members of his own government in what can only be explained as a coup. This is a violation of the key principle of democracy and goes against all of the principles which we as a union hold dear.

    I feel that the Emperor should release his government from their current imprisonment and that the survivors from the former government are restored to their original positions. I also feel that as a result it would be necessary for the emperor to abdicate immediately so as to mitigate the international feeling against Groot Belgie.

    However despite this atrocity I am also concerned that so many nations including the Duxburian Union, Inimicus, Icholasen and Davishire are considering taking military action against Groot Belgie. Diplomatic attempts should be at the front of every-bodies minds. After all 2 wrongs does not make a right."

  • Could you arrange a meeting of goverments in europolis?

  • Commission for Internal Affairs

    "I would like to express concern at the news of the execution of the democratically elected government in Groot Belgie. The execution of a democtratically elected government by the sovereign of a state whose laws are evidentally draconian is wrong and against everything that we, as good Europeans stand for.

    I urge the new government and Emperor of Groot Belgie to restabalise the country so as to avoid further conflict. I also urge all other European Nations to work with the government of Groot Belgie so as to aid the countries development both socially and economically within the region. I also call upon the easing of sanctions once a new government is democratically elected. I also urge the government of Groot Belgie to allow international observers into the country during the upcoming elections so as to avoid claims of electoral fraud."

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