+The European Green Party \[EGP\]

  • Who we are
    The European Greens Party proudly stands for the sustainable development of humanity on this Earth, a mode of development respectful of human rights and built upon the values of environmental responsibility, freedom, justice, diversity and non-violence.

    We stand for a free, democratic and social Europe in a peaceful, equitable and environmentally sustainable world. We defend values like justice, human and citizen's rights, solidarity, sustainability and the right of each individual to lead their own lives, free from fear and oppression.

    Guiding principles
    The guiding principles which provide the framework to the political actions of the European Green Party can be defined as follows :

    Environmental Responsibility
    Taking responsibility for our biosphere is a central tenet of Green values. Society depends on the ecological resources and the health and resilience of the the world in witch we inhabit, and we bear an over-riding obligation to future generations to protect this inheritance.

    The political challenge facing us is the task to restructure the political agenda so that economic and trade policies serve social and environmental objectives and not just economic interests. Our answer is sustainable development, which integrates environmental, social and economic objectives for the benefit of all.

    **Freedom through Self-Determination: **

    • Individual autonomyWe Greens believe all human beings - regardless of sex, age, sexual orientation or identity, ethnic origin or disability- have the right to make their own choices, to express themselves freely and to shape their own lives. This freedom is not exclusively about material possessions; it includes the social, cultural, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of human life. Where these rights are lacking, we Greens will fight for them, proposing solidarity, education, development cooperation and protection from violence, oppression, and discrimination.

    • Inclusive democracy
      Our belief in democracy is founded upon the mutual recognition of all individuals as equals. We are committed to strengthening democracy throughout the European Union, at national and inter-national levels.

    • Social justice ensures that everyone has access to vital societal resources: education, work and democratic participation. Fair access must be defended in the face of existing social imbalances, and needs to be institutionally safeguarded.

    • Gender equity. Justice is also gender equity. Women and men should enjoy the same power to define how society will develop.Non-Violence
      Non-violence forms a key part of the philosophical background of Green theories and conditions our approach to all problems. No lasting solution to any conflict between individuals, social groups or States can be imposed by force. A basic green principle is that the means used to achieve an objective must be compatible with the objective itself. So the political search for justice and peace cannot be achieved by violent means.

    Insofar as armed conflicts are concerned, we are convinced that the use of army or police forces as an isolated strategy cannot be successful in the long run. Greens want to see less military intervention and the implementation of the concept of a civil foreign and security policy. This requires the development of powerful tools for conflict prevention and civil conflict management.

    Nevertheless Greens recognise that military means may be called upon by the international community as a last resort. Where there is a threat of mass violence against civilians, deployment of peace-keeping military forces may be justified as a deterrent.

    To sum it up, Sustainable Development
    Greens recognize that the values of environmental responsibility, freedom, justice, diversity and non-violence can be ? and are to some extent ? shared by other political families. What defines Greens is that we consider these values as interdependent and inseparable. As a whole, they determine all our actions directed towards the sustainable social, cultural, environmental and economic development of our societies in this world. We apply them not only to our external policies but to our own political conduct as well as to the organization of our own party.

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    Eva Straus MEP, Party Leader,
    [European Green Party] - Real Progress

  • European Green Party Members:
    Meet the Green Members of the European Parliament (MEP). Our people have enormous calibre, talent, community credibility and a wide range of qualifications and life-experiences. They breathe a fresh life and vision into politics and government - positive, environmentally and socially aware, healthy and less cynical.

    **1. Eva Straus MEP - Green Party Leader (Askira)
    2. Galen Kennedy MEP - Green Party Member (Kobail)
    3. Felix Edmundovich Nevskyy - CPSU Observer (Soviet Union)
    4. Dr. Eva Whitney Warren - Green Party Member (Aleutia)
    5. Jim Harris - Green Party Member (Derbyshire and Fife)

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    Eva Straus MEP, Party Leader,
    [European Green Party] - Real Progress