Statement on the terrorist attacks

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    Statement on the terrorist attacks

    It is with a heavy heart that I speak before you today, the terrorist attacks that took place earlier today in Angleter, Poland-Lithuania, the Imperial Prussian State are absolutely repugnant and condemnation worthy.

    Before addressing this matter I wish to extend my condolences to all those affected by the attacks, however we will not be holding a moment of silence, it is not the time for silence, it is time for action.

    We will not stand still and bear witness while the people of the European Union are being slaughtered at the hands of these criminals. The European Union's motto is "united in diversity" today we must stand together united against terrorism. I must stress it is of the utmost importance that we work together to support the people and governments of Angleter, Poland-Lithuania, and the Imperial Prussian State in this time of crisis and to let them know that the European Union stands with them.

    Finally, I must say that violence in any capacity is a horrific thing, and I wish that no one experience it, an attack on one or in this case a group of nations is an attack on us all and therefore I pledge to do all that is within my capacity to see peace return to the EU and these criminals brought forth to justice.

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